Ultimate Pack 2

I heard aganos being said with the monsters pack

Coming May 2nd.


Did they say the Shinsako builds at the world cup had ultimates from ultimate pack 3 in it for people to find? Anyone find one yet?

Guess I was right about the dates and @rukizzel’s trolling.

Next pack won’t be out for two months, then the third probably sometime in July.

“Through summer” indeed.

How’s that trolling? I purposefully worded my statement in such a way that you’d understand that throughout summer meant…throughout summer.


You tell me!

[quote=“rukizzel, post:25, topic:18802, full:true”]

When someone reads what I say and begins to understand just how deep the troll rabbit hole goes

[/quote]You wrought this on yourself, half the time I don’t know what the hell you’re saying! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is easy! In this case I’m laughing about you understanding the ambiguity of a release of next character - because we implicitly said Ultimates through summer.


Is it true they said no more ultimates after the monsters I haven’t seen it yet.

What’s going on at Microsoft :speak_no_evil:

True true, I guess I’m so on edge that I’m seeing trolls everywhere.

The plan of record is that 15 characters will get Ultimates.

Its so funny seeing everyone on here jumping to conclsuions and seeing the story grow so far from what really was revealed/ said ect…LOL


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Always, but I understand text is tough. Expressing emotion or trolling (beyond Kappa) isn’t always easy to do.

You keep making me want a Kappa character.

Make it happen.


But how bout them Omen Colors EVERYONE !!!??? Omen Color pack YEAH! Next week if I recall???



Don’t you put that voodoo on me!

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LOL… ahhhh…I cant remember the date> Seriously! Is it May 2nd or just this summer?

Gold Pack 3 is the 21st – Gold Pack 4 is April 11th – Omen Color Pack is later (summer)

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OK… cool, thanks man. NO voodoo in play now. :smiling_imp:

Some sort of a Blastoise. Well thought!

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I don’t know what’s more exciting

Shin Hisako

The Ultimates

Omen colors

Or this