Ultimate Pack 2

If you go to Store>Extras you can see the next 5 Characters that will be receiving Ultimates.


I’m excited to see Fulgore and Riptor (my two mains) getting one. Be nice if Cinder can ge tone. What I am salty about is that I can’t get it yet.

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Aria ?? Holy ■■■■ I’m Hype !!


SADIRA!!! Yeah!


Wow I’m surprised Kilgore is getting one.


Anyone, but KILGORE? Damn that is surprising…

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Just gfoes to show we cannot truley predict who’s getting an Ultimate.

I still have to say @rukizzel Is the ultimate pack 2 appearing on the store an over site? or will we get our hands on this delicious fun pack sooner then we think?

Kilgore? Interesting that the brand new remix is included in the 15 “confirmed” ultimates.

Guess that means that they do in fact intend to give one to every character.

Also did anyone else notice a theme? Those are all Ultratech agents.

First pack: Night guard members
Second pack: Ultratech
Third pack: monsters(Gargos, Sabrewulf, Kan-Ra, Hisako, Spinal)

My guess


yeah though Cinder is missing :<

We still can’t assume everyone’s getting Ultimates with the first 15, but we can say safely that if we keep pushing we can get the other cast to.

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thanks for a heads up on this

in before the lock?

i came across this today in the morning, but didnt know if it counted as a “leak” either way…kilgore aria =)

Kilgore: Guns, Guns and Guns

Fulgore: Ima Fireing mah Lazor BAHH!!!


The fact that they gave one to a remix and not even an old remix pretty much spells it out for me, there’s no way a fan favorite would be left out in favor of Kilgore. They can’t admit it yet but I’m sure the plan is to give one to every character.

I hope Kilgore gets Fulgore’s turret head finisher from KI 1 & 2.


Someone give Dayv0 a cookie :slight_smile:

nice theory :slight_smile:


I know this is off-topic, but since we know about pack 2, when are we going to see the new character tease?
They hinted that a tease would show after the online tourney the other night, but nothing came of it.

I never said that.

And there have been 3 character teases in the past 8 days…

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Honestly Sadira getting an ultimate turned my ■■■■ day around. Thanks IG :slight_smile:


Im angry, i mean come on, Kilgore over Cinder (or any character that wont get 1 ultimate). I believe thats unfair.

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