REALISTIC ideas for future Ultimates

I’ve learned from the best watching @rukizzel and @TempusChaoti lol

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As the new person here I really have no clue how things have been released in the past but I’d make a pretty good guess that the remaining ultimates and characters will take the rest of 2017 to be distributed. After all, they need to keep people playing this year. This is where I say… Duh Duh Duh. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well I say, welcome to the forms.

and interesting idea

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we’ll see if you manage to guess one. I managed to guess Tusk

When someone reads what I say and begins to understand just how deep the troll rabbit hole goes


I hope my idea is taken because in the case that a guardian controlling character is new, i’ll be happy

Ah I love these forums :smiley:

In regards to @VerminatorX original post, some really cool ideas


Aganos runs out of flowers


aganos should freaking dual wield his rock clubs and just go crazy on the poor dude ending in the home run swing into like 6 walls or something

Haven’t seen you in awhile. where ya been?

You know…life and all

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I like the idea of Sabrewulf using his throw, slamming his opponent repeatedly like Kan-Ra’s shadow clutch, maybe doing a few dash-through surprise attacks before launching them into the air to hit them with a Ryu style Super Shoryuken Eclipse. With an ending roar similar to his intro but extended, with a smug chuff and a little shake at the end

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Totally missed this line. and think it deserves some appreciation because it’s beautiful

Back on topic, I have a fun idea for an Aganos Ultimate:
Aganos raises a giant wall (much bigger than usual) between him and the opponent. After a moment of reprieve, he walks over and flicks it, tipping the wall over on top of the opponent and crushing them.

Holy sheet the dragon has returned! welcome back : D what are you up to these days?

@Fwufikins OOH OOOH OOOH! I know I know! I have an idea!

What if Aganos jusr grabs the whole damn thing and just slams the ■■■■ out of his opponent with it with that giant slab of rock?

To be fair, it was my mistake. I made that post without reading the OP, thinking they were talking about ideas for ultimates that are not reachable by the development team. I’m owning up to my mistake and hey, at least I don’t claim to have inside information of the game and then threaten the devs with giving it away like others have.

It’s good that you’ve seen where you made your mistake and you’re owning up to it, and no you don’t seem to be like others that seem to be pulling opinionated “facts” out of their ■■■ to prove their point.

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