Rash is Broken please Nerf


So yeah, I guess I was wrong on this. There’s no gap to fit a jab in S3, and I asked some Riptor players and they said it was true of S2 as well. So I’m not entirely sure what I was remembering, since I was like 95% sure I tested it way back when.

Still feels considerably harsher for Rash though, probably because of the way he plays during the rest of the fight (ie, can’t zone him, hard to stop his approach). If I was designing the game I probably wouldn’t give him even frames on light boot run cancel (and, obviously, not on medium boot). But I’m not designing the game so we’ll see what they do!


Let’s not say things we can’t take back.

(Apart from a few bugs, most I imagine will be fixed in 3.1, I don’t think S3 is anywhere close to launch MKX. I imagine “final” S3 balance will look a lot like current S3 balance with a small number of changes)


Yes you can with the right distance lol this is a fact I have done it in practice.

No ■■■■ because god forbid it is hard to for anyone to get out of corner pressure.

Doesn’t need to be horribly timed to work many characters can easilu use it or a dp to knock him out most notably Maya she destroys Rash whether it is tongue or wrecking ball with c.hp

No, what is shows is your inability to properly read and understand english because was I said was wrecking ball into overhead as in the follow up not the wrecking ball itself was an overhead.


Worst character to try that with even if you tried it incorrectly. First I want to point out the fact I said it had to be a airborne wrecking ball not a grounded one, airborne depending on the character if they are not super slow like aganos, glacius etc can always be dashing under, teleport, whiff a special move like windkick, light dragon kick, cold shoulder etc to get under it faster if you don’t react fast enough.

Just because you don’t understand how to do it or what I was saying doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

But you know, what do I know I got almost the whole cast and Rash to lv 50 was top 10 in the Rash leaderboards even beat Charlieboy, Hecrob and others with Rash but I guess the things that happened in my matches and subsequent practice were all just imaginary.

I am done here Mr ImaPro you keep working those finger muscles.


I can see why games turn into a zombie land where only the people active on the forums play… All this senseless complaining…

Nothing is wrong with rash…

Take this mess over to the tusk thread or something.


Oh sure nerf Wulf!


You literally said that it works with Kim so I tested it with Kim, now you’re saying she’s the worst character to do it with. Lmfao. It’s not that I don’t understand it, it’s that if you had any understanding of how crossups work then you would know dashing under it would be pointless because you would still get hit. If it completely misses then it was poorly spaced, again, like I said. [quote=“GodtierMacho, post:72, topic:9273”]
Yes you can if its not a grounded wrecking ball which doesn’t go overhead at fullscreen or close to fullscreen. I have done it with all my characters except Arby.

Had nothing to do with my inability to read. Please reread what YOU posted. Thanks.

Also no, you cannot dragon kick after wrecking ball unless the wrecking ball/button is poorly spaced/timed as Dragon Kick has NO invincibility, it will not stuff it, like I said.

I know that DP’s beat Wrecking Ball’s follow ups, don’t see how that has anything to do with what I said. I never even mentioned DP’s, I clearly said “crouch fierce” and I was referring to Aganos, as we were talking about Aganos. Again not sure why you keep bringing up other characters when in the beginning you were only referring to one. Maya is not Aganos. Aganos does not have a DP.

Nobody cares where you are in the leaderboard, how many characters you have to level 50, or what level your Rash is. That has literally no relevance.


You know, as I said before I don’t care anymore I have done these things. You can call it poorly timed or whatever you want if I can do it, it is because I anticipated it and have played the character and MU enough to be able to pull it off. If you think Rash is OP you are entitled to your opinion that doesn’t really mean anything to me.

I could post videos of all these things but having started boxing again and playing any games at all a lot less really I don’t find it worth my time.


Well, I shouldn’t have gotten into sweeping statements, but things that are discussed here remind me of character-specific f12 Raiden loops and similar things we had there back then :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure that your opponent executed everything correctly? Because that seems to be the point you’re replying to.


Just to reiterate for the 3rd and last time.


Never said Rash was OP, not sure where you got that from. Again anticipating something and beating it simply because they spaced it incorrectly does not mean it’s an option to always beat it. Just decided to respond because you seemed very keen on degrading the original poster without actually knowing what you’re talking about. But what works for you works. Not a big deal to me. Not to mention that you tried to degrade me as well for disproving one of your points, and when I quoted what you actually said and showed that it literally made no sense, you have nothing to say and now “no longer care”. Not surprising tbh.


So has anyone noticed how ridiculously large the hitboxes are on rash’s standing light? What’s the reason for this, to make the auto combo consistent? It feels a little goofy stuffing upper body invincible things like Maya and thunders DPs with a punch that’s clearly whiffing over them.


Dude, if you keep replying how much you don’t care, no one’s going to believe that you “don’t care anymore”.

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This is degenerating into back and forth argument for no real purpose.

If this does not return to actual discussion about the original topic, I will be closing the thread.


The hitboxes are so big to aid Rash in actually juggling/recapturing off of it. Normally it’s not super noticeable unless he’s juggling, but I guess some high invincible moves get caught by it too. That kind of sucks :-p

@BHSeaDragon - Kim’s dragon kick can blow through the start up of wrecking ball. This has to be done almost completely on a read though - if you try to react you’re not even going to come close to stuffing it most times. On a Rash who spaces his wrecking balls well you’re unlikely to see this exchange, but it’s definitely possible.

@xSkeletalx I don’t think it’s necessary to close the thread because of ad hominems - if nothing else the thread has delved into strategies for dealing with some of Rash’s perceived overwhelming options, as well as a productive discussion on some of the properties of things like Rash’s boot cancels. Mod the offending posts if you have to, but I think closing the thread entirely is probably overkill. Most of us are playing nicely :slight_smile:

But there’s no reason to sound so angry @GodtierMacho - Seadragon is actually a very talented player, and very knowledgeable about the game in his own right. I’m sure you two could have a productive exchange here without implicit or explicit insults. My $.02.


We were talking about the period after wrecking ball where you hit a button, that is not startup. Appreciate the kind words btw.

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It’s always tough to have a discussion with people who just assert that they know everything already, are better than you, better than everyone, and aren’t interested in what you have to say. It may well be true, but then there is nothing left to discuss.

I have to say, though, that although this thread started out doofy, there’s a lot of very good and interesting discussion in here - and I have learned a lot about Rash. I would like to see it get back on track and keep going. I don’t play Rash, and actually I think Tusk doesn’t have too much trouble dealing with these things - but I’m learning a lot (as always) from people who have a good understanding of how the characters work.


Yeah I know @BHSeaDragon is a good player I actually liked watching him play but I am always honest sometimes in not so positive ways to everyone. My irritation came from someone, anyone, telling me I don’t know what I am talking about or I don’t know how to play with things I KNOW I have done so really need no validation from anyone.

That is what you are talking about I never mentioned after wrecking ball in fact I said before armor kicks in which would imply start up frames.

You know, I said I was done with this not because I am admitting defeat (not the that anyone wins) or that I was wrong but that the issue really doesn’t bother me all that much to out effort into justifying Rash as not “OP” which the thread is about.

I could argue this to death, take time out to post videos, go into paragrahs per post long breakdowns but that is too much effort for me for a character and issue I just don’t give any blank about you know?

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and the devs will adjust as they see accordingly so I see no point in continuing.

Will man up and apologize for any antagonizing or degrading to any forum members, I am just blunt but mean no ill will.


Just ftr, insofar as this means “everyone is entitled to have their input regarded as a legitimate candidate for the truth”, this is false.


Thank you I appreciate it. Btw I dont think Rash is OP out all either, I think he’s a bit silly but not OP.