Rash is Broken please Nerf

As the title says. This is getting out of hand even pros have commented on how OP he is.

Please nerf as soon as possible.



What pros have said this?

Can you specify more on why please?

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I will say that it seems like Rash being plus frames on dash cancel medium and hard boot is a bug. Also there are a couple of characters who can be heavily abused by wrecking ball especially Aganos. But I think he could probably keep wrecking ball if the big boot was fixed.


^ Well put. I have played against him and I can tell OP he is indeed broken a couple pros even said this on their twitch stream last week aswell. I trust that IG will address this issue.

Rash is not OP people are just bad and he is easy to exploit against fundamentally bad players.

You can counter hit his tongue with a DP or other stuff if you test things.

You can just ground heavy antiair his wrecking ball once you get the timing and also antiair him after blocking wrecking ball with proper timing depending on the angle and distance as well.

He is easy to break as P and K AAs are all the same animation and his shadow is easy to break, his recapture is extremely easy to break, his follow up after wrecking ball which most people use MK or HP is super easy to break not strict timing, I could go on and on.

His juggles are kind of slow and also super easy to break if you are not guessing and use patience to not get Countered.

Rash is pretty solid but I wouldn’t say OP. I have lost maybe 2 matches to Rash and both of those were early on to Killer level players having played Rash myself all the way to lv 50 I can easily beat him with my Tusk, Shago, Arbiter, Maya and even my own Rash lol.


Wow its that cool guy making those edgy threads again.


Site your sources, explain how he’s broken. You’re not being specific, at all.

Just out of curiosity, how often do you take a character to the training room before you say he’s “broken?”

Also, this is in the wrong category.


I don’t think Rash is OP either. I just think he is a tough character to fight right now. His Instinct though I think is his STRONGEST option right now, he can really turn things around especially since the bike recaptures, an makes things really confusing when it blows up an rash is doing many things at once. But I think that is me personally an that I just need more experience in that matchup on how to handle it.

The more I play against rash the more I learn about what I can do to stop him. I haven’t hit the lab with him like I should have yet, but from asking questions from rash players ive learned quite a bit. He excels at mixing you up an keeping you in the corner is my impression of him thus far, but if you know how to stop him he doesn’t have much. He is SUPER easy to read so he can’t lock you down for days.

Rash is fine. He’s just one of those characters that you have to spend five minutes in the lab to figure out how to punish his shenanigans.
I will say run canceling to be plus of medium boot is probably the only thing that could maybe be “nerfed”. Run cancelling light boot is fine since if that boot hits Rash gets no combo, meaning that the Rash player has to actually react and hit confirm, otherwise they’re sacrificing a potential combo opening to remain plus on block. But since medium boot can also be run cancelled to stay plus on block and it actually does lead to combo if it hits then the Rash player just does the same button input and it’s a win win on block or on hit.

^ Is the medium boot run cancel a bug or intentional?


Go to the lab and learn how to punish it/check it on block.

interesting I thought it may have been a bug, some people seem to believe aswell.

Guess I will have to learn to get around it. Shouldn’t be too hard I suppose but I am pretty sure there is a reason the vast majority are playing only Rash and why he seems to be number 1 top tier. I won’t be too surprised if in a month or 2 we hear he is nerfed this is usually how it goes in most cases.

Just pointing out that at the right ranges Rash can beat almost all heavy anti airs after wrecking ball. I know for a fact that medium wrecking ball to j.HP beats Kim Wu’s anti-air clean and her only option becomes doing a counter on read which an empty jump after wrecking ball gives a full combo punish. Aganos has no answer at all and cannot escape cr. MK Wrecking Ball j.MK repeat except with meter.

Additionally as for easy to break juggles in the corner there is absolutely no animation difference between heavy boot and medium boot and so you can do a combo that your opponent must guess break that can go as high as 41% damage with one meter. Heavy/medium boot x 6 into shadow boot.

Finally as of right now if you do Mediumboot dash cancel you will be at plus frames and can loop jab jab medium boot dash jab jab. This is only escapable with meter or an invincible reversal. Considering that other characters with dash cancels have to spend resources (skulls/dragons) or are at hugely negative frames (Jago/Orchid) this seems unintentional.

Again, explain how he’s top tier. You’re making bold claims with no information to back it up.

He is plus after run cancelling medium. You cannot punish or check it. If you hit a non invincible button or jump or dash you will be counter hit. I’ll post a video tomorrow when I’m done with work.

The video I’ve posted above has Keits saying it’s punishable on block (heavy boot).

That said, that alone does not make him #1 in the game.

Thanks dookie I figured as much, its almost impossible to break Rash combo unless he is using light attack I cannot tell the difference when he is using heavy or medium boot. He just locks you into a 40% combo and nothing you can seem to do about it unless you guess which one to break.

This hero does not feel right at all there is something wrong with him I am happy you are much better able to point it out than I am.

Heavy boot can be punished. It’s the medium one that keeps him plus, even more plus than light boot it feels like judging by how much tighter the frame trap feels.

^ Are you able to tell the difference between his Heavy and Medium boot?