Random Character Tournament Vol. 4: Halloween Edition 🎃 (CONCLUDED)

When is the torunament taking place? I would like to join for this one :smiley:

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I’ll make this one for sure. I couldnt do V3 cause there was some type of maintenance going on a street over from me which somehow knocked my internet out so i went back to sleep.


It’s very nice to see new players join this tournament. :slight_smile:

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Since @Marbledecker and @Crainiak24 surely will be in, only one spot left?


Tournament is taking place on the 30th of October 2016 at 4pm Greenwich Mean Time.

#Bye, bye, KI Logo!

#Hello, Random Character Tournament Logo!


I’m not competing, just commentating this time around. I’m doing it so we always have at least 1 commentator present for any given match.

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Aw, I’m glad you like it :grin: . I can do it in a different color pretty quickly if you would like.

Whaaaaaaat? Bro I wanted you to compete…:cry::sob:

Well… OK. Just for you, buddy. I’m all signed up now.



Marbledecker needs last spot

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Also, did you want me to do any more logos? I can change the color, make the shading less complicated, whatever you want.

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Don’t worry bro. It’s fine with the three. My friend PJ is doing an A3 canvas poster drawn on computer with all the characters on it for this series. I have to pay him a £20 after that LOOOL

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You like to sleep hippie xD

@Crainiak24 @DulXboxOne

I’m sorry :joy::joy::joy:@Marbledecker


This dude is a looming shadow. Ever elusive.

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I could make a meme with f3sleep and hippie after that…


LMAO DAYVO PLEASE :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

@Dayv0 has no chill

ahahahahah this is quite fun

Well, OK… Psych!

I couldn’t help myself :blush:

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