Random Character Tournament Vol. 4: Halloween Edition 🎃 (CONCLUDED)

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Is a wait list possible?

it says that the web site is none existing

Follow my instructions EXACTLY. at the bottom of this forum post, click the numbers indicating the post number. I want you to click on “top”. Then read the post at the top and find the link that is titled “sign up page”.

@SlenderCashew50 http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/R66QGH6VdX

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22 with Slender. A month away from the date.

Hype is real

Also, could I ask you about NOT giving us the characters once we are full? There are always people who have to left, and if they leave only one spot with all the characters assigned, it’s easy to get in if you like the character who is left.


i have to create an account?

A better way to do it I think would be to tell people privately, so the people playing know in advance who they’re getting but it’s not public info. That way, even if someone has to leave a person thinking to sign up doesn’t know who they’re going to get.


A challonge account?

Yes, and it’s a real nice tool for tournaments, you will enjoy it :slight_smile:

nice i joined

Yeah, this was the course of action in vol 2. Since vol.3 was not full until the end, we knew all characters at the same time.

Dunno why I forgot that, good point!


and @Dayv0 I won’t do character assignment so early. Don’t worry.



anyone wanna play KI or talk on discord?

I can hop on in a sec, just need to reconnect my ethernet cable.

if anyone wanna play or talk just hit me up

I don’t know if you know about the GGs thread, but it basically will grant you an endless matchmaking with many people here

If you are up to a fight, post there and probably someone will appear!

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I don’t want to DL Discord. Seems awfully redundant…

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