Random Character Tournament Vol. 4: Halloween Edition 🎃 (CONCLUDED)

Everyone wanted the series to keep going!
Well, why not!

Pre-Show: October 25th, 5pm BST
Tournament Launch: October 30th, 4pm BST

QUICK RUNDOWN: The tournament is consisted of 26 players, each and every one of them will receive a character, at random, assigned to them for the entire event, and since this is the Halloween edition, the commentators will put scary music in the background, So if you don’t like any particular sort of theme like that, please do not watch the Twitch stream when it premieres.

Signup Page: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/R66QGH6VdX
Challonge Bracket: www.challonge.com/KIRNDMCHARTOUR_V4

Twitch Channels:
Pre-Show (CONCLUDED): www.twitch.tv/cruzefix
Tournament: www.twitch.tv/stormsasuke180

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Z4SFrC8

Twitch Stream Chat Prize: Hisako Colour 10 Code
Third Place: Colour 10 Code of their choice.
Second Place: Colour 10 Code of their choice.
First Place: A figurine (Colour 10 Code of the character chosen included) of their choice.

Standing Character assignment:

Jago-- Sasuke99I
Sabrewulf-- Galactic Geek
Glacius-- Somea2V
Thunder-- JdoubleC
Sadira-- xRM4MxMattram
Orchid-- FallofSeraphs76
Spinal-- PV SlenderCashew50
Fulgore-- Dayv0
Shadow Jago-- SonicDolphin117
TJ Combo-- TG CoopStar
Maya-- T1AORyanBay
Kan-Ra-- BigBadAndy
Riptor-- DEClimax
Omen-- SC AlbeFreak
Aganos-- MBA CYMRU
Hisako-- Vlad Kravich
Cinder-- PV Xenoraptor
ARIA-- [HAIS] blandestjohn
Kim Wu-- Chr0n0s312
Tusk-- FAF mrbevis01
Arbiter-- IND Ixion
Rash-- Crainiak24
Mira-- FeverAyeAye
Gargos-- Draigh
General RAAM-- Marbledecker
Eyedol-- BiyemAssi237



I’m in (very small chance I might not make it, but will know soon for sure)

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I would like to be in, but I don’t know yet if I’m going to be able. Lets be optimistic


Oh you better be in. I need my dignity back!


We can play later if you want!


Hopefully I get a better character this time round!

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@Draigh @T1AORyanBay Are both of you guys from Europe?

Yeah, from Holland myself

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I’m in, especially if we can ban the top 2 players from the last random tournament from participating in this 1 to give the rest of us a fighting chance. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m fae Scotland.

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Once again, I cannot participate or even commentate. I won’t have my Xbox with me and I would likely be at work all day during the tournament. Is there any chance at all it could be moved to a Sunday? If this is inconvenient for most people then that’s OK, but I would love to commentate again for this volume. Also, I’m working on a little surprise for @PVXenoraptor and the other fans of the random character tourney :kissing_heart:

…stay tuned…

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Hey, I won volume two and I never even had to fight @BHswordsman09 , @KevBones10 took care of him for me :wink:


I don’t want to leave you out bro…

Check the OP.

OMG, you shouldn’t have :kissing_heart:

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@Crainiak24 I don’t like leaving people out again :heart::heart::heart:

@Marbledecker @DulXboxOne

I need all my boys.


If its sunday, then I’m definitely in :sunglasses:

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I’ve got a little something @PVXenoraptor LOGOS FOR TOURNEY!

I am thinking of doing more stuff (maybe a big ol’ picture). See how it forms an “R” for random, but it also has a “?” in it? very nice…


I didn’t even see the question mark until you mentioned it. Very nice!

What the hey, if it’s on a Sunday then I’ll participate. :slight_smile:

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