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Dude are you okay? I don’t see anyone here saying any of the things you are talking about. Maybe take a few deep breaths and don’t read so much into everything. And don’t believe everything you hear binge watching angry gamer nerds on YouTube.

I think Anita is right on some things and wrong on some things. I think she’s trying to make a gaming landscape that’s friendlier to women and I think there are men that either adamantly oppose that, oppose her methods, oppose her specifically as a person, oppose change to what they know and love and feel that any efforts to improve things or change things for some results in censorship, hamstrings developers, and makes games in to more PC battles and takes away some of what guys like about games.

Personally, I think that gaming is a big tent and I’d like it to be even bigger. I think that AO rated games shouldn’t be the kiss of death, and that they should be sold from behind the counter at Gamestop and other places with a strict 18 and older policy. If video stores could handle this, I don’t see why gaming can’t.

However, I don’t think that means we have to be stuck in the 90’s in terms of how women are portrayed in video games and I like that we’re starting to evolve beyond that in some cases, even if it results in players crying censorship or assuming the PC libs got to the developers and cowed them in to decisions the developers repeatedly state they made on their own.

I think that there’s enough of a world for both styles, plus many more styles. I think that there can be games and series that harken back to the past in this regard and games that press forward. I personally enjoy the latter, and the former feels a bit dated in a negative way more often than not, and I don’t blame Anita for speaking out against them at all. It’s her right. Just as it’s the right of others to disagree with her.

I agree 100%. It has it’s place, no doubt. But there’s also a time and place. Exactly.

No kidding? Nice. I’ve actually been looking for new shows to watch lately, so I’ll give this a look. Thanks, man!

Where did you get the impression that I thought this was the case? Of course bad things happen to men. Can I just ask you this: Why can’t we talk about bad things happening to some people without having to acknowledge that they happen to others as well when we’re specifically talking about certain people?

Dude, WHAT are you talking about? Who said ANY of this? I’m a guy, you know that, right? It’s okay to want good things for women and also men, but specifically talk about women in the context of a specific conversation. It doesn’t mean I hate men. Why would I hate myself?

I think that male dominated industries could stand to have more women in them, especially those that want to break in, but have a hard time doing so, or advancing once they do for doing things that earn men praise. There is an equality gap in certain industries.

Having said that, I’m not saying all men are evil or complicit because of it, but you have to realize that some men are complicit, and some men do treat women poorly. The whole “not all men” thing is implied. If you don’t treat women that way, good for you. You’re not the one being talked about. But there are issues that should be talked about even if you think they don’t apply to you, right?

Why do you feel this way? We can take this to PM if you’d prefer. I’m just curious.

Dude… She wasn’t offended by a guy telling her she played like a guy. I’m the one that jumped on it after reading the Riot Games piece about their workplace culture.

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It’s hard for me to tell because I never make it through one of her boring videos. I think lots of the things she observes are real. Some of the stuff she talks about is whackadoodle. I don’t really understand why anyone pays attention to her - which means both her fans and her detractors. I don’t see any evidence that she’s having any significant impact on gaming and (as is obvious by my posts on this forum) I think there are significant issues with the way women are presented in many games that I could certainly live without.

On the subject of “gallows humor” - when I am in the locker room with my good friends I talk to them in a certain way. When I’m in a public place with strangers I talk in a certain way. People who can’t understand the difference and that there is a time and place for everything are always the source of problems.


I’ve read some of the tropes on her site and most of what I see makes sense. When I hear her talk, a lot of what she says seems logical when you’re not trying to find a way to push back against every word (general “you” I mean, of course).

I try to imagine what it’d be like if I had young daughters and what messages or ideals they might take from certain games, even the ones that seem the most benign. Of course, one doesn’t need to imagine that in order to know that there are some issues with how women are depicted in some games. I also think a lot of progress has been made and I hope to see a lot more, but I also think that there should be a wide array of games geared at a variety of different audiences. A game doesn’t necessarily have to be “for you” and it’s okay if you don’t like it or like how the women look or are depicted.

However, with games, the problem is that many of these depictions are the rule, as opposed to the exception. I think once we’re in that kind of territory, I don’t think it’s entirely illogical for some women (and men) to bristle at the notion that this should stay the way it is because it’s always been that way or that nothing about these depictions are problematic.

thing is shes a radical on her side of the fence, people view those of her alignment as toxic, ridiculous, hallway monitors pushing PC bs upon ppl who dont care (including women as collateral damage). at the same time ppl who do care, wont even play because theyre mad already. 3rd wave feminists like her think theyre doing good, but they arent. i will say that i do understand where you are coming from and i get you. i can go more into detail in pm, this aint the place for the discourse i see this leading to lol

anyway, yeah you can find the expanse on there. its so good, with each season getting better. thomas jane is in it, wonderful actor and the rest of the cast are really good. cas anvar, voice of altair in assasin creed 1 is in it too and elias toufexis aka adam jensen lol.

its based on a novel series also, ppl like to say its a mix of GOT, firefly. its gritty sci-fi, and theres even some science thrown in too. youll have to buy season 3 since it just finished this summer.

also syfy cancelled it, but a huge push from the fan base with support from the cast would culminate into amazon saving the show from death and jobs to boot with 90% of production crew staying on board. my bday came early, good thing too because that 3rd season finale wouldve been brutal as a permanent cut off point. absolutely brutal lolol

No, I won’t do that :I
But we could play a set if that’s ok with you.

Hey Guys! not double posting because this is general I can’t edit the answer before.

Didn’t mean this to go so far. Everythings good! The comment was dumb but I’m pretty sure that it’s not malintentioned. I’m cool with that guy.

Actually @s0undy44 got the idea pretty quick and had a good answer for it :rofl:

I apreciatte your comments but I don’t feel we need to expand this issue any longer .I read you were talking about Anita, we could make another thread about that issue if you like, but honestly I would leave this one as it is.

I’m sad that KIFanatic felt offended because that wasn’t my intention. But I’m not in anybody’s mind or experiences so I wouldn’t know how each would feel about different matters.

Lets keep on with other stuff and if you want hit me for a set. I’ll be playing tonight =)


Nice! I haven’t played in a while, but I might try to jump on tonight if I can. The wife’s family is coming over for a while, but not sure how long that’ll be. Either way, it’d be cool to see your Wulf in action (and definitely lose a whole bunch :joy:)

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All because I am a GUY/MALE here hence I should be punish for it most especially because I represent the ENTIRE gender :slightly_frowning_face: :pensive:

Well that is what we constantly see AND hear as well as bombarded with in the media most especially including in the news and movies as well as books and video games for that particular matter anyway.

i WANT TO PLAY YOU GUYS! Ill be on from 5pm-8pm central time. Pick me pick me! lol

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Oh yes, forgot to add these:
Man/Male=Criminal and offender.

If you are born a boy and overall born a male, then that means you are going to grow up to be a bad and guilty person in daily life. Now if you are born a girl and overall born a female, then that means you are going to grow up to be a good and innocent person in daily life. Overall it is what we CONSTANTLY see AND hear in the media anyway including in the news as well as on YouTube for that particular matter.

@Iago407 @BigBadAndy Based on your past discussions as well as explanations on the male and female genders, overall you ARE saying bad unfortunate things happen ONLY to women and overall to the female gender and, in turn, bad unfortunate things are ALL caused by men and overall by the male gender, right?

Truth to be and to be honest the MORE I see and hear men/males do bad awful things, the MORE I think that there is NOTHING really good about the male gender.

Men and the overall male gender=They ALWAYS do something wrong, offensive, and bad as well as ALWAYS mess/■■■■■ up for that matter.
Women and the overall female gender=They NEVER do anything wrong, offensive, and bad as well as NEVER mess/■■■■■-up for that matter.

@Iago407 Now for female-dominated fields/industries we do not seem to see AND hear very much, if at all, negative things about them which must mean NOTHING bad happens and at the same time NOTHING can go wrong in female-dominated environments overall, right?

You are seriously overreacting on this.Nobody in here has claimed any of the things you have said in your mini volcano meltdowns.Take a chill pill,friend.

But it is ALL true, you know?

Wait, what was this thread all about? Cause I believe you folks really went into a weird direction.

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Bro, I think you might be over reacting a lil. There’ nothing bad about a male dominated community or a female dominated one. They just have some stereotypes in those communities like when they said that MaruMDQ played like a guy.

I don’t get where this frustration is coming from really. I don’t think this is the right place to vent out about that stuff

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Alright, answer me this: Then how come we keep hearing AND seeing a female basically receiving poor, negative treatment in a male-dominated community/environment and NOT the other way around? How exactly do you explain THAT?

To tell you the truth and to the honest with you, I hold/harbor REALLY deep anti-male sentiments and feelings and have been for a good while now and I happen to be a GUY/MALE here in my particular case.

Guys can be given ■■■■ for being in female communities. Look at MLP fans or guys who wear makeup for a quick example. There are things associated with females but some men like them. They can be called a number of nasty names.

I’m not gonna go into this a lot, since I don’t think this is the right time and place, but I recommend you talk with someone you trust about this.


None of what you are saying is true. I don’t know where you get ANY of that out of ANY of the things I have ever said. You would have to be deranged to find anything in any post I’ve ever made that implies all men are bad and all women are victims. I’m sorry you have a chip on your shoulder but don’t dump all of your garbage on me. I don’t know why I’m even responding because what you are saying is clearly insane. Please take your meds.

Find me a quote that supports any of the trash you are claiming I have said or supported. Frankly, I thought I had long ago heard the stupidest thing anybody could say on these forums but congratulations, you are the new leader.

EDIT: this kind of ridiculous overreaction is why we can’t have mature discussions about things. You can’t say that women are harassed online and at live events for video games (even though they clearly are) without some nutcase running up to say “men can be harassed too” and bringing up a whole mess of irrelevant nonsense just to muddy the waters and keep people from having fact based conversations about real things.


Guys please, drop this. I would prefer the thread is deleted before it keeps on derailing. I couldn’t imagine it was going to develop like this, it was a dumb comment to make fun of it, that’s all.