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Still a classic though

Is it a combination of flatter and insult, right? it’s kinda confusing :joy::joy:



Wow. Yeah I wouldn’t know what to do with that; a back-handed compliment with a healthy dash of sexism. I wonder if that person knows they sound like an idiot lol.


We will never truly know how it feels like, we can only imagine, try to grasp it.

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I’ve been told this in my face too, that’s the funniest part LOL.

When someone used this to talk about, for instance, a Gears of War player “oh, that girl plays like a man”, what they meant is “she is more agreesive”. Most girls I saw tend to specialize in support with rifle, or power weapons. Still, is misleading. The way you play has nothing to do with gender. I would beat most current players in KI1 with my low tier character. I’ve done it before =)

PS: I don’t consider myself very agreesive in this KI. It depends on how the other person plays.


WAT. Seriously, WHO thinks that’s a good thing to say to someone? It’s soooo back-handed. Replace the gender modifier with a race modifier and no one would even question that’s it’d be racist AF. Can’t they just say “wow, you play like a pro” or just “wow, you’re really good at this game” without any of the qualifiers? I’ve seen Pink Diamond play enough to know that she’d wipe the floor with me. I played Nitric Zenith and she crushed my poor Sadira in to a million tiny pieces. Never did it even remotely cross my mind to think “wow, she’s pretty good for a girl.” No, she’s just a good player and being good at a video game doesn’t have any correlation with the number of Y chromosomes you have. It’s sounds about as intuitive as telling someone “wow, you’re really good at this game for someone with hair.” WTF??

Okay, sorry. Don’t mean to rant (well okay, maybe a little lol). If it doesn’t bother you and you take it in the spirit that it was meant or whatever, that’s totally your call. It just kinda dumbfounds me that in 2018, some people still can’t square with the idea that certain people can be good at a game.

Aren’t you a Wulf main though? I can’t imagine many good wulf players (of which I’m sure you are one) that don’t make their opponent feel the heat, at least a little bit. If that’s the case though, I think that’d make for an interesting fight!



I believe comments like those will be less in the future (ppl will get smarter or less…sexist?)

Yeah, but doesn’t mean I have to go slide/overhead everytime. Just try to check my buttons and use them the best I can depending on the situation. Random ppl out with dashes is great online but it’s dangerous offline. I used to play more agressive in S2 because it was quite rewarding, but I think I got better in S3.
My biggest problem right now is that I’m triying to play footsies and I just can’t online (unless there’s none to little lag). Wulf was a charge character back in the days, I had to adjust. My spacing also needs work, this KI is kinda nuts. But that’s because “we, women, aren’t good at spacing, right?” :rofl:

Joking aside, it’s kinda true in my case. I also have bad aiming but I do pretty well in Gears :thinking: I must be doing something right tho.

This remind me how happy I feel playing KI 1, don’t know why. Good memories maybe

(of which I’m sure you are one)

Nah,just average :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

How does one PLAY like a dude?


From your keyboard to god’s ears lol!

Yeah I’m curious how a good Wulf plays in season 3, especially with the dive kick they put in. I haven’t touched him much since they changed his instinct in season 2 (which I’m STILL terrible with). I just tend to get those slide overhead types whenever I’ve played online, which admittedly hasn’t been much, so it’s kinda interesting to see someone playing a footsie game with him as opposed to rush rush rush.

ROFL, ah yes, that well known fact of female gamers. I play my wife at Soul Calibur and I’m constantly telling her about her spacing. Of course, I’m a guy, so my overheads are terrible and she has to warn me of that because that also makes sense. :joy:

I have TERRIBLE aim. I don’t know when that happened. I used to love playing the original Halo, yet I’ve been garbage at FPS ever since. I’d really love to buy Overwatch and try and get in to it, as I love the character designs and the game looks fun, but I know I’d be awful at it and given that it’s a team game, I know I’d be the weak link (by far). Plus I have no idea which character I’d even use. Is there a character that runs in to a walls constantly and misses opponents’ heads by a mile?

I actually played a buddy of mine at the original KI in the arcade last weekend. I have to admit, I still love hearing that booming voice and that music in an arcade. Wulf is still a blast to use in that one!

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you take things too seriously lol. if things like that bug you, you gonna have grey hairs and become a blue heeler in hair color real quick haha

anyway here is my quote of the day

“whatamigonnadowithacaravanwithnofohkinwheels???” -Mickey

I hear ya, but seeing this on the heels of reading that rather long expose on the culture at Riot Games, it just sucks, ya know? I’m not saying the person that said that did something awful and unforgivable, but it’s all part of a larger culture in gaming that has more than a passing tendency to look at women a certain way and I kinda wish that culture would change and evolve a bit.

I mean, imagine if you were race X, and someone said “man, you’re really good for an X.” Wouldn’t that kinda drop your jaw a bit? Now imagine you’re a woman and you’re good at a game and someone says “you play like a guy.” Again, not the worst or most sexist thing anyone’s ever said to a woman before, but it still implies overcoming something negative to play like something positive.

I’m sure I’m probably reading in to it too much and you’re right, I’m going to have grey hairs if I take everything so seriously, but I just try to look at it from her perspective and I don’t think I’d like that if it were me.

“Dags? Oh you mean DOGS.”


Such a great movie!

Yea, I wonder the same

I can watch different Sabrewulf players and tell what aspect of their gameplay I like the most. Still, I prefer to develop my own style. It’s fun

Still, just as a reminder, I don’t feel offended because it’s kinda of a bad expressed comment (like my
English -___- ) . I don’t think the intention was to make me feel bad.

No I don’t think that person had negative intent either. I shouldn’t be all outraged and what not. Like I told R1, I read that piece on Riot Games yesterday and I think that might’ve been stuck in my head while I was reading your original post. I won’t keep harping on it. :slight_smile:

Yeah I think I just need to watch more good Wulfs and see what they do, because I went away from him and he’s probably changed a lot since then, or at least enough to have a lot more going on than the weak stuff I was able to do in S1 lol.

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One of the things to keep in mind, at the risk of adding in an additional stereotype, is that the people who say these things are mostly young guys who play a lot of video games. They are generally not very experienced talking to women, but they think it’s cool that a woman is playing games. So they get brain lock and want to say something nice but it comes out like this. I would chock it up to a moment of social awkwardness rather than deeply ingrained sexism.


well let me give you a personal experience of mine and how i reacted. i was in a small town up north from where i live several hours away. i was buying supplies for the weekend at a wal-mart. it was my turn to pay, and the black cashier chic stereotyped me as your typical latino who works the fields picking up the crops. was i offended? naw, but i did throw a barb right back laughing at her and gesturing to the random person next to me “you hearing this ■■■■?” and continued with my day. shes an idiot, and will always be an idiot, big deal man.

i challenge younger people who blow ■■■■ outta proportion, or throw outrage online, to work a manual labor intensive job that has 8 to 12hr days where everyone talks mad ■■■■ with gallows humor. thats all there is to do, you’re stuck there. the job sucks, and thats how guys are gonna pass the time to make it go quicker or turn a frustrating project into something more manageable. they get upset over the littlest of things, i can only imagine how fast they would quit if they heard half the stuff i have at work lol

and now another quote:

“why are you on the roci?”

“because you can only buy so much booze and fuhckkin” -Amos Burton, from The Expanse (WATCH THIS SHOW)

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It’s mostly just the stereotype of gamers. You know it is pretty male dominated, and sometimes people just let their toungues slip. Some people when they think of good gamers immediately think of males and forget that there are women who can compete with males. The comment probably wasn’t of bad intention. It isn’t a good thing to say, but nonetheless you can understand why. Some people just don’t think there are girls who legit play seriously.

Either way @MaruMDQ you play much better than most guys I know personally soooo :laughing:. The comment reminds me of the phrase “You throw like a girl” when I was younger. Funny thing is there were girls that could throw better than the guys. I thought those kind of comments stopped at grade school lol.

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Yeah I’m not saying that what this person said, or the person in your story said for that matter, is the most offensive thing ever and they should be shamed in to oblivion. I mean jaw-dropping in terms of an out of left-field surprise, like “wait, what did you just say?”

I know the world is full of people that say offensive stuff all the time and some don’t mind it and some do and some may need to loosen up and some just need to learn how to treat others better. It’s not everyone, obviously, but there are people that fall in to those categories and when it comes to the FGC, video games, the tech industry etc, there can be a bit of a treehouse mentality when it comes to women and I’d like to see that lessen over time, if not end outright at some point. You get what I’m saying, right?

No I totally agree that rage culture has gone too far on both sides of the political spectrum. It’s not even about being a decent person or treating others the way you’d want to be treated for some, it’s about getting people and aggressively trying to ruin them and that’s unfortunate. I think we’ve gone from figuratively defenestrating people that have shown time and time again that they’re terrible people to actively seeking out ways that people can be destroyed and pouncing on them and to me, that just leads to a society that’s in a constant state of fear and that sucks.

I also think that living this way could have an effect on future generations. Sure, every kid could stand to learn the lesson of not saying things in an open forum like Twitter or FB or whatever that you wouldn’t want everyone seeing or possibly hitting you with later or something along those lines, but there’s that; there’s actively trying to be a good person because it’s the right thing to do, and then there’s being cowed by a society that seems hell-bent on wrecking anyone and everyone that has the audacity to make an off-color joke or asks a question that they’re not aware might make someone uncomfortable and so on and so forth.

All that said, saying there are places where people talk ■■■■ with gallows humor doesn’t mean that the rest of society should totally relax their own standards in all situations to the point where everyone should say whatever comes to their minds and no one should ever be put off or offended by those words. If I don’t think one end of the spectrum is a great idea for a society to behave, I don’t think the other end of the spectrum is either.

Not saying you’re advocating for the far end of the spectrum where everyone talks ■■■■ with gallows humor in all situations, but I’m just saying that there should be lines that people cross and actually get some push back from people. Not the crazy outrage we see constantly, but still. At some point, it becomes less of a matter of someone needing to toughen up and learn to take a joke and more a matter of the people that are being asshats to people needing to try a bit harder at not being asshats. It’s a give and take, yeah?

What channel is this on? I’ve heard good things about it. I’ll have to see if it’s on Netflix, Hulu or Prime. Haven’t seen it yet.

Yeah, I think you’re probably right, Andy. Plus, if they’re used to playing these types of games with guys and the best players they know are guys, they might just think of that as a high standard and maybe when a girl or woman comes along and plays really well, they just think of that as a genuine compliment without the intent of being sexist. Like “you play so well, I never would’ve guessed that you’re not one of the people I’m used to seeing.” I could see the intent there, even if full consideration might not be given to how someone might hear it.

Personally, had I been there, I still might’ve corrected that person, not to humiliate them, but just to give them a little perspective, even if (presumably) what they said wasn’t meant maliciously.

Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I really let that Riot Games article color my reaction to the original post. I just hate that some people in the industry, and some gamers are treated in a negative way or even differently for that matter. So yeah, I definitely had that in mind and likely jumped the gun here with my original rant. My bad. :slightly_smiling_face:


whole lot of ground to cover, i have been so busy today im finally able to respond. matter of fact, im in my room blasting the hell out of my AC in bed completely blown out. but you know, im happy. it was a very productive day and i put smiles on faces.

now moving on, its no secret that anything gaming or tech related is male dominated. it was just yesterday that it was extremely rare to see gamer girls or girls working in the industry. at least generally speaking anyway. in my experience, i grew up with girls who played NES on up to ps4/pc. they just dont play FPS games or fighting games much, they tend to gravitate to RPGs, platformers, things like that. i did know one though, she was an italian babe who played a really mean ivy in SC3.

the tree house mentality is there for many reasons, but i also think morons like sarkeesian help perpetuate it by going to war to change games. it breeds distrust, and division. bioware devs were real ■■■■■■ off she was brought in to “tour” the offices during anthems development. nobody knows what came of that.

as for gallows humor, theres a time and place for it. we engage in it because we are the only guys in the room. if we were at a gig or meeting with big shots, we are all professional. also of course there lines to draw and i agree some things are better left unsaid or comments kept. it all depends man, but its also a sign of respect to engage in such things because it means youre part of the crew and its understood without saying not to go too far. thick skin is important, not everyone has it but they should to make life easier and itll build character. good convo, im passing out i am beat lol

btw expanse is on prime seasons 1 - 3

So overall now:
Bad, unfortunate, negative things happen ONLY to women/females.
ALL bad, unfortunate, negative things are caused by men/males.
Male/Man=Bad guy, subhuman, defective, idiot, shameful, harmful, worthless, lousy, and offensive as well as guilty by association AND default, ■■■■■-ups, and negative influence.
Female/Woman=Victim, shameless, harmless, faultless, flawless, perfect, genius, awesome, excellent, amazing, incredible, and good girl as well as innocent by association AND default and positive influence.
ANYTHING male-dominated/ANY male-dominated environments=Bad, negative, destructive, and harmful as well as give off negative vibes and overall breed negativity.
ANYTHING female-dominated/ANY female-dominated environments=Good, positive, wholesome, and harmless as well as give off positive vibes and overall breed positivity.

That is what you are ALL saying for this particular thread/discussion anyway.

@MaruMDQ Maru, if we ever meet each other I request that you punch me in the face, slap me upside the head, kick me in the legs, splash water or any beverages in my face, tell me to sleep outside your apartment, put duct tape on my mouth, pull my ears, pinch my nose really hard, squeeze my cheeks really hard, etc.