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These kind of things are a very tricky subject to talk about. Please do not let this get out of hand guys.

@MaruMDQ, if you truly feel that the thread has run its course, then I can close it.


do what @Iago407 and i did, take it to PMs. we are having ourselves a nice civil discussion without bothering anyone of controversial topics. its been really good, i wuld recommend it

@TheNinjaOstrich dude how you been? i hope you have been well


Yes, please. Thanks!

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Didn’t seem that all that controversial to begin with. Not entirely sure what happened to this thread. And I am not looking for an answer to that either. Not trying to bait anyone.

I liked what you said about working long days. Made me miss my job and working in general. I grew up on a farm. The rule was, you lived there, you worked there. When harvest came, I was up before the sun and didn’t leave until the last worker left for the day. Child labor laws do not apply to those born into it. Lol. Anyways, I left the farm, got into law enforcement and soon realized I didn’t mesh with them. Before long, I fell in with a crew of laborers and groundskeepers, they were a bunch of rough, crass, and good guys and never looked back. Even with that crippling me, I wouldn’t have changed it. Would’ve had better protective gear, but that’s a different story.

Closing this thread at the request of MaruMDQ.

Like I said. These are always kind of tricky topics to talk about. I do not know how it derailed this bad, but please be sure to read and understand the topic at hand fully.