Primal Rage Remake

How do we all picture Primal Rage coming back? If it was bought by Iron Galaxy or Netherrealm Studios?

That includes the characters as well.

Plus what new characters do you all picture in the new one?


Actually, I think Warner Bros Games owns the IP, so netherrealm would be making it. Honestly, I could see it being something like Mortal Kombat from the perspective of the Elder Gods. I would love to see characters from the unreleased sequel in it too.

I want to see all the gods from the original game come back and the only characters that should be added from PRII is Slashfang and Necrosan.

the only ones I’d leave out are the avatars, because while Primal Rage had a roster full of beasts that is waht set it apart from most fighting games.

The new characters should also be prehistoric beasts as well but you can make one some of them a hybrid if necessary.
This is Necrosan

And this is Slashfang


Maybe they could use the avatars as some sort of assist character. Like, in the original you could get extra health by eating tribesmen below you, so what if your avatar could kill tribesmen in your name and give you more health, but at the cost of extra attack power that you would have if you went in without one.

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Here is more videos that demonstrates the gods in Primal rage II









I picture a primal rage remake as a game with all seven gods plus several new godly beasts. The avatars would take a back seat as, in my opinion they don’t embody the spirit I think Primal Rage should be about.

Basically: instead of adding 8 giant humans I’d much prefer 8 more uniqe beastly designs. The less involved the avatars are, the better. The game should be about prehistoric beastly gods, not giant people. I’d like Primal Rage to stand out by being one of, if not the only game that has a cast with no humans as the playable cast. We already have KI that can fill that niche and it fills it well.

Gameplay wise though they can take from Primal Rage II and add the gameplay onto that.

Deisgn wise I can see some slight changes and adjustments made to make the beastly gods stick out from other dinosaurian beasts in media some to further seperate:

For examples:

Sauron: he’d be a t-rex but with more defined musculature and the tail and lower back slowly shapes like that of a gator or croc of some sort. I’d add boney osteoderms to his back as well.

Diablo: Mkae him an actual allo or acrocanthosaurus take a bit of the horn structure from ceratosaurus and mix a little bit of dragon in there. He’s supposedly the “devil” so his apperance should reflect that.

Talon: I don’t think there’s anyway to do this character’s design without pissing off either camp of feather lovers and people who are not into that sort of thing. So add some feathers to Talon’s arms and legs with a nice transition between skin and feathers. The default new talon would be able to go mid-way between camps and persoanlly I think this would be a good way to embody both. However I wouldn’t expect everyone to like this, so what would be next?

The classic costume can address the people who prefer Talon with just the crest, and an alternate costume for a fully feathered talon can please the feather lovers. This way everyone can be happy. You cna appeal to feather lovers without alienating those who don’t prefer feathers. It’s a fictional dino fighting game, not a documentary so there’s nothing wrong with taking creative liberties.

Armadon doesn’t really need any changes to be honst, maybe make his colors more contrasting and less messy?

Vertigo: I’d make the spikes on her hood a little longer, the head of a viper, her design is pretty uniqe already. I’d probably add some flowing or biolumnescants when she uses her magic and make her tail segmented to the point where it ends in a scorpion Stinger.

Chaos: because Chaos basiclaly looks like a smaller Bliizard, I’d probablty change this up a bit. He use to be “human” right? why not use a chimp or even some pre-modern human evolutions to mix in with the ape look to an extant? this is about as close to a human as I’d personally put in the game.

SlashFang and Necrosan don’t really need any changes in my opinion.

After that I’d add at least 4 more off the top of my head;

One is an amalgation or hybrid of different sea beasts like Dunkleosteus (or however you spell it) a shark and mosasaur, the design would ahve to make the creature be able to walk on land.

Another is a spinosaurus that can maybe switch stances as bipedal or quadrapedal (and this would be one of the few dinos I’d put in to keep things fresh)

A creature that be a mix of various ancient insects and or spiders.

And to keep things evened a large bear like monster maybe mix in with some other stuff to to make the design interesting.

Those are some examples of things I came up with.


I would add
a Dire wolf
a Pterodactyl mixed in with a few ancient reptile traits to that roster

Game play, mix in Primal Rage II with some other features.


Wonder if the beasts can speak telepathically?

They need to add an Ultraman character into the roster.

I wonder that myself, if not I can imagine the avatars actually narrating the story of the god you’re playing as. As if speaking highly about your legendary victories over each opponnet.

As for an ultra man?..ehhh…IDK…I think Ultraman would be way to big and even for a guest the idea sounds pretty odd to me. Much as I like Ultraman I dunno. That’s my opinion though.

I think that would fit more in with a kaiju based fighting game. the primal rage story does put thes eogds ina large size, bigger than some of the more real life counter parts, but I think an ultraman type character would fit well in a fighting game revolving around city crushing monsters

a nice idea, just not sure if it can work for Primal Rage.

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Maybe they can add a main human protagonist who’ll record the events of the fighters. It has to be a special human that some of the kaijus can trust. Kaijus that can be good-hearted to him/her and not feed on him/her.

As for new kaijus:

  • Mammoth/Mastodon: Using its trunk and tusks

  • Glyptodon: A giant armadillo that can roll

  • Prehistoric insect/arachnid: A spider with scorpion tail maybe?

I’m glad you like the Ultraman idea. Question is how it’ll fit in. Perhaps someone who wants to bring back Earth’s old self before the post-apocalyptic future. Someone sent by the true God of Heaven & Earth to bring back peace. Will some of the good kaiju agree to this?

No no I think what my bro is saying that Ultraman would fi better in a kaiju game. Even though we do have large prehistoric beasts fighting eachother, I honestly see a differene between Primal Rage and well, Godzilla. I don’t think we’re on the same case here.

Still I can get behind the idea of including a monstrous mastodon creature as part of the roster.

A glyptodon, IDK, we already have Armadon who can roll already.

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Well I did think the avatars could take the place as narrators of the god you chose to play in the story.

though each god has a motivation in the lore itself

Good guys
Blizzard: wants to restore order of the post apocalyptic earth

Armadon: wants to end the fighting so the planet can heal and then return to it’s natural state

Talon: wants to protect his family

Sauron: wants to retain his immortality by eating humans (Not evil…just trying to survive)

Slashfang: from what I remember from his action figure bio, he is looking for worthy foes

Chaos: Wants to break the spell that made him into an abomination

Vertigo: wants to strip humanity of free will and have them build a palace in several dimensions

Diablo: wants to turn the urth (spelled in the game) into a bruning inferno where he and all evil can thrive

Necrosan: wants to destroy earth and all life on it (this put shim at odds with everyone, even diablo and vertigo)

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We don’t have a bird, insect & aquatic kaijus yet. Vertigo is the only female kaiju. We need more!

  • Terrapin: How about a turtle kaiju?
  • Canine: A canine like a dire wolf or a hyaenodon
  • Rhino: ? Oh wait… Armadon’s a triceratops/styracosaurus so a rhino is out.
  • Bird: Maybe a pterodactyl or an eagle? Condor? Crow?
  • Bovine: A minotaur?

Anyway, about the humans. Can we have at least one main human who can record the events taking place. Someone who the good kaijus like Armadon & Blizzard can trust?

The good main human would have a connection to Chaos who used to be human back then.

Who’s the main antagonist though?

Slashfang could come back as a mix of Smilodon & a lion/cheetah/jaguar/leopard?

Yes x1,000,000

One of the first video games I ever played along with MK. It is long overdue for a reboot/remake.

I think h in a way he is. He’s a smilodon, but if you look, his tail is something like a tigers.

Technically I would of wanted to emphasize on the hybrid stuff. Thats why I think Sauron should be a mix between a T-rex and a crocodile. Especially sinc ehe is often associated with the sea as well.

I’d much prefer Slashgang gets that as colors or something or even as a skin.

@JEFFRON27 and @kamenriderzer02

Why not add a custom character slot where you can amke and add accessories for characters. You could give him something like a lion tail and mane

Old characters:

  • Virtuous Beasts
    Blizzard (yeti)
    Slashfang (smilodon/sabertoothed tiger)
    Talon (velociraptor)
    Armadon (chasmosaurus)

  • Destructive Beasts
    Chaos (ape)
    Diablo (tarbosaurus)
    Necrosan (skeletal dragon)
    Vertigo (sellosaurus/cobra)

  • Neutral Beasts
    Sauron (tyrannosaurus)

New characters:

  • vampire bat
  • were-canine (wolf/hyena)
  • plant
  • sea creature (shark? trilobite? ammonite? kraken? electric eel? whale?)
  • minotaur (from any bovine - ram or bull/buffalo/bison)
  • equid (moose/gazelle/deer/ibex)
  • raptor bird (pterodactyl/eagle/phoenix)
  • mammoth
  • arachnid (spider/scorpion)
  • insect (wasp/mantis/beetle)
  • crustacean (crab/lobster/crayfish)
  • plant

Found this article:

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I think it’d be cool if each character and their corresponding god were like an inseparable tag team, and you could tag your partner in or call in your partner for assists, super moves, double teams, combo extensions or finishes etc.

Maybe that sounds a bit too MvC, but I’m not talking about super jumps and combos that take you 50 feet in the air, etc. But if balanced, right, I think that could be a cool take on Primal Rage. Add to that a cool story, various character factions of good, evil and neutral and that could make for some fun stuff. I’d play the crap out of that. :slight_smile:

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