Practical? Who cares!

While it is 99% unbreakable, the odds of pulling this off in a match are near impossible for max damage.

1 wall, 4 chunks, 2 bars of meter, and a hit confirm



My god, You are a genuis Csytles. and it is completely unbreakable . woow

I should really spend more time in the lab. If I ever land this in an actual match, I’ll call it the “CStyles Special.”

PURE EVIL!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I wounder how this would work in Season 3, would it just be considered opener ender rule? Reminds me of Jago’s throw into Shadow Endo > Endo > Shadow DP, that will now be breakable as a Opener > Ender rule.

Does that apply here too? If so, at one point is it likely to be broken?


You’d break it on the Shadow Ruin, though you’d still be down 60% health even if he doesn’t land the ender, which is scary.
Good tech, @CStyles45
Hope it really is as impractical to land as you say it is. I mean having that many chunks in the area at a time is certainly a chore in it self. Don’t usually stay at 4 chunks for long

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Nooooo! This is my nightmare! D:

That is just pure evil! :imp:

You can’t break shadow enders

Unless you are referring to what s3 would be like in this situation

I am referring to the Season 3 situation.
Though I break Shadow Enders frequently when it’s an opener ender situation, as well as having my own Shadow Enders broken in the same situations. Obviously when it’s used as a proper cache out though you are correct that a Shadow that acts as an ender in the air will not be broken if you’ve done some juggles.

I don’t recall them saying shadow enders would be breakable in S3… Where did it say that? Link please.

During the world cup stream, they showed jago do a fireball juggle and then tried to cash it out with shadow dp but it was breakable.

Again, I ask - link?

Go to 9:50.

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I believe, correct me if I’m wrong, it’s because the throw is now considered an Opener, thus now following the opener/ender rule properly

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Anything that follows the Opener>Ender rule is breakable, even Shadow Enders. This is in the game right now.

In Season 3, this rule is being expanded to include combos that go Opener>Unbreakable/Projectile>Ender so you need to use a physical attack in order to make the Ender function normally.

What you don’t see is that in my specific combo there isn’t any opener.

HK normal > proj > proj > shadow proj > proj > proj > shadow ruin

So it follows the current normal into shadow move.

Correct me if I’m wrong please @TheKeits

In the current build, THAT is currently unbreakable. In Season 3 however, if there’s nothing breakable in your combo, the ender will be breakable.