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I do know this; I just forgot. Now that it has been worded more clearly, I have remembered. Thanks for the clarification! :slight_smile:

The first Payload Assault is a special move, so it should count as an opener, where everything else is an unbreakable projectile manual like Jago’s Season 2 unbreakable.

This should suffer the same fate as Jago’s unbreakable in Season 3. However, I’m reeaaaaally curious about how that’s going to work. The Shadow Ruin should be breakable since there’s no breakable attack in the combo, but there’s some weird stuff that goes on in between the Ruin and the wall crash. Even with the changes that made Ruin breakable, he would still kinda get a free counterbreaker attempt since the opponent’s momentum from the Ruin still sent them through the wall (which cashed out damage).

In any case, hitting your opponent with 2 free heavy Payload Assaults is nothing to scoff at, whether you get the cashout or not.


This actually doesn’t look that unreasonable to hit in a real match (some variation of this that doesn’t use 4 chunks). You really just need to hit them with st.HK against a wall and have some chunks and some meter.

You might not get 99% but I bet you can get 65-70% pretty easily, just by throwing one less MP payload and using regular ruin instead of shadow ruin to cash out (if the timing allows this)?

And yeah, this combo will be breakable in Season 3 on the shadow ender part. All special moves are openers in KI (including projectiles), except some of them let you cancel into autos/linkers and some force a manual on you. So this combo is really opener -> a bunch of unbreakable stuff -> ender, which is exactly the problem they are fixing.

But I bet you have to break the shadow Ruin as opener->ender BEFORE you hit the wall, which … well, you might miss that if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. And I bet if you use regular Ruin, you can force a guess on the break strength here and still cash out (because ruin -> wall crash cashes out even if not shadow ruin). The regular ruin will act as a breakable special move manual anyway, making the combo not opener->ender.

The real key to this damage is hitting with HP payload while the damage scaling is low, and keeping the damage scaling suitably low for the wall crash to do a billion damage. This seems pretty reasonable to hit in real matches, especially if you use a chunk on st.HK to go through a poke.


Oh yea, for sure. I land hit confirms of anywhere from 50-85% regularly all depending on walls, chunks, meter, and spacing. You can get a hit confirms one of two ways pretty easily. Use a meaty stand HK and blow through any normal attack at the cost of one chunk or you can can condition them that you’ll throw them in the corner then neutral jump HK into shadow payload.

It’s SOOOO good!

You’re combo is definitely an evolution from my video from a few months ago. You found a place to put a second H.Rock which I couldn’t even see. You win lol

Actually your combo is a combination of 3 different combos of mine. I never combined them before…I might have discovered peanuts and grain but @CStyles45 discovered PB&J.

One issue is that at 3 or 4 chunks, standing HK on block is a fairly easy 5-hit punish by any Shadow Windkick-like move. In Season 3, it’s going to be an easy heavy punish across the cast, meterless.

Even when I get the correct spacing, I usually prefer to not go for something like this at 1-2 chunks because I’d rather not be armorless after being returned to neutral.

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Looks similar to my 97% damage combo. but mine require less resources