That Feeling when you give up in a KI Ranked Match

Some people just know they can’t escape their fate…


I’m afraid your path ends here.

Quick addendum: Holy CRAP! 98% damage, you may as well have bludgeoned him to death with his own lifebar as if it were a peacemaker.


So you finally got to do that combo in a real match? Nice!
(Even though he completely let you do that :joy:)

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LOL CStyles installing the fear into people so bad, where they are just like:

End me now…

Nice! LOL I wish I could do that, but I play Jago, so…

(Even though I have a Lvl 42 Aganos :confused: )

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That combo looks familiar @CStyles45:wink:

And you thought you’d never land it in a match. :smile:
Well you finally got it, albeit they obviously kinda let you.

Oh merciful CStyles, finishing your opponent quickly when they beg to let the doomed conflict come to in end.
Oh woe is Jago!

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One moment, Jago has a full red life bar. Start watching the pretty combo, less than 5 seconds later, zip. :scream: :fearful:

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Never! I always go down swinging if I lose :grimacing:

That dude just got REKT!

And people worry about Tusk’s damage potential…

Way to give him what he deserves.

Why do I have the sudden overwhelming desire to pick up Aganos?