Post-reveal Kim Wu feedback (spoilers)

Thoughts on the fantastic reveal!

Kim Wu’s body: I’m fine with it. Short, but not too skinny and not too broad.

Hair: Perfect.

Face: She looks half Caucasian. Not as purely Asian as I expected, but a lot more Asian than her previous iteration. I’m fine with her face.

Outfit: Tight shorts and belly shirt under her magenta long coat. Very long, exaggerated karate belt. I love the new look. For some reason, I was really hoping she’d be showing off her belly, and she is! Her colors are spot on.

Nunchucks: I’m ecstatic that they worked nunchuck twirling into not just her intro and sign off, but also her fighting. However, this is the extent of her Bruce Lee emulation. Overall, Well done. I just wish they wouldn’t glow so much. It would be nice to see what they look like.

Fighting style: Not as Bruce Lee as I expected (which leaves me with hope that we might get a pure Kung-Fu Bruce Lee clone.) Her fighting didn’t look as graceful as I had pictured. Lots of jump in with burst attacks and short clunky combos. This may change as people get better with her.

Stage: No cherry blossom orchard or petals. It’s Chun Li’s stage with neon lights instead of people on bicycles. I’m excited to see the new lighting effects for all stages though! I’m not sure a lighting change was warranted, but whatever.

Personality: She has the female version of Cinder’s personality. I was hoping for a more serious, reverent Kim Wu. Oh well.

Dragons: The dragon spirit implementation is perfect. She feels like a dragon spirit host. I love how she generates and uses dragon spirits. I love the dragon cannon projectile punish. It’s all just so Kim Wu.

Overall, we have a new, unique, fun and interesting character. She’ll never be my main, but that was never my intention anyway. I just love the added variety!


Well I liked it. Omen voice is like you think you can beat gargos? Beats up Kan-Ra. Kan-Ra confirmed as Gargos ally. Also Kim fought Sadira. Sadira confirmed for Gargos ally?

Her hair is 1 of her accessory slots as well.
Her tattoo rocks

Love how Kim Wu turned out. Her look is perfect. A great modernization of what she had previously. The hair is good; a nice call back to her original. It’s slightly stiff looking, but that’s more or less in line with most hair in this game. Her face is good. Could use a little more detail and texture, but much better than some seem to think. Also, her outfit is great overall. Very impressed.

Her move list seems really fun, especially the ability to flip over to the other side of her opponent in-combo. Also love each move and the variations on her kick. She’s got a lot going on, but it never seems like too much. She’s definitely not a kitchen sink character.

She’s built around speed, deception, and the use of her nunchuks and feet. She could be KI’s Bruce Lee, only I don’t think she holds quite so firmly to that fighting game trope, and that’s a good thing.

Only two things I’d like to see altered are:

  1. Getting hit by the upswing only on that upward kick takes off WAY too much power. I’m not sure why they thought that was needed, but they could knock that damage down by half.

  2. The dragons. I don’t quite see the pay off of building those up. You get some long projectiles, which is nice… But it’s not like they stop someone’s instinct/shadow meter like Spinals, they don’t have all of these unique properties around them like Mayas. It just seems as though you have to do things to earn them and they’re just regular projectiles. Am I wrong on that? I feel like there should be something else to do with them like being able to throw multiple dragons at once for more damage or something along those lines. Maybe throwing three dragons at once and connecting with it does the damage that the air part of her upward kick does?

Either way, she looks like a great character that’s fun to use. I love deflecting projectiles, I love that she has a counter, I love that she flips over opponents in combo and her katas are great. She was my most anticipated character for this season and IG delivered in spades.


Yup, I am gonna grind with Kim when she comes out XD. She looks amazing!

I really hope people who are at the tournament are recording some Kim gameplay :smile:

Wonder if we’ll get a bio on her story.

Her trailer says she’s a college student.

I like her stage, not for the relevance to the character but how visually distinct it looks in the game. A temple stage would’ve been great though, but I get the sense they wanted to add an air of subtely to the character and not overtly display her being a guardian with the Dragon spirit (aside from her moveset). That’s basically Jago’s thing.

Her playstyle looks dynamic but the uncessary glow on her nunchucks feels like it’s there to mask animations. As well as the blue glow effect, it’s too prominent and really seems like it’s there to mask something. Her kicking animations look stiff, so perhaps that’s what they’re trying to cover up.

Also either the texture or the lighting on her face is off. It makes her face appear very flat. But overall I’d say she’s pretty much what I expected.

Grind with Kim? Umm ok then.

Kim is one sassy chick, that’s for certain. Once again they nailed a style that is unique to the cast. She seems pretty accessible too. The outfit is a nice update and of course we will see what they do with accessories and colors. She has a beefy projectile that she has to work for which is good. Great mixups, costly punishes, and her mobility will make her pretty tough for some matchups.

And her dragon tattoo is too saturated. It looks like someone stitched cloth into her skin.

Keits mentioned it was tough to see the direction and flow of her chucks. I think that’s why they lit them up. Plus, dragon power and stuff…

I think we should reserve hard judgement on textures and appearance until the final build. Remember what TJ went through at first? Rash looks pretty polished up with that main skin.

Oh my god.

I hate her.

I hate her SO much.

Please just kill her. For god’s sake. I don’t want to hear her stupid braindead voice anymore.

I never imagined I would feel this way about them bringing her back. It’s just supremely awful in every way. In the entirety of my life I’ve never heard anything more cringe inducing than her horrible dialogue.

Now I want Ultimates in the game more than ever, just so I can do them all on her. The stuff I said against gory fatalities a while back? ■■■■ that talk. Give me gory fatalities in the game, and make it so you can ONLY perform them on Kim Wu. I hate this iteration of her more than I’ve ever hated anything. God, she sickens me.

Ugggh. I need a drink after watching that trailer. Where’d I put that bleach.

She is like a mix of Cassie Cage (mortal kombat) and Ibuki (street fighter) for personality (Its cool but I thought she would be a bit more serious)

Her face…yeesh…looks almost a bad as injustice Wonder woman or Maskless MK9 Kitana XD

Design was alright…nothing spectaular

Animations could do some work (Probs not done)

Overall…Meh its alright

Drink some water. You need to lower your salt levels a bit. You can disable voices in the options. What else do you now like about the new kim?


I guess, but as far as the vfx, I’d rather they look more like Mayas light spirit streaks on her daggers then looking like Cinders clip art fire pillars. That’s what Kim Wu’s energy glows look like. In her trailer we saw purple energy coming from her too. I’d rather that than the uneccesary blue blurs. It would look amazing if the vfx were more sleek and actually looked like streaks of light.

As far as her face, I’m sure it might change. The fact that they kept her skin tone slightly tanned is appreciated though.

We will just have to see, but I hope they refine her kick animations.


I didn’t think she would invoke such a reaction.

It’s not that bad, she (I hope) won’t speak like that during gameplay.

I was a little put off when I saw her face and I can’t quite say why, but yeah, her voice and character are annoying. I wasn’t expecting her to be serious or sombre, but never expected the arrogance and blasé attitude to be quite so dominant in her.

I’m not so overly affected as to want to virtually tear her apart with ultimates.

I do hope her hair is one of her customising slots and she gets some really great styles.

Her costume is a cool adaptation of KI2’s, but the dragons… Oh man, the dragons are super sick looking. Such smooth and silky motion while they circle her is amazing.

Sadira was thinking about it, according to her plot.

Not leaning one way or the other, but she was offered.

Anywho, Kim is almost exactly what I expected in terms of personality, and I’m happy with that!

Her design reminds me a lot of that one awesome person who drew Kim designs, and that also looks solid!

While I’m not really a “fast and speedy” type of player, she looks incredibly fun to play and easy to get into. Her damage potential looks insane.

The stage isn’t want I expected, but it’s not really bad. I feel it contrasts a lot to Kim’s look, but the new lighting looks great and it’s not like it’s horribly unfitting to her redesign. The birds that get upset as you play the match is a nice touch!

All in all, she’s sweet and was worth the wait!

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I like her. Interesting counterplay, nice damage, cool stage (nice to see another more urban stage), love the music, and she’s just so freakin’ smug. Keeping her more modern in appearance and attitude seems to be the most sensible way to bring her story into the modern age.
Can’t wait to try her out and see all the cool goodies she’s got.

Best Animation, Meaty Ultra, Beautiful visuals,Awsome stage( the music is cool and i love the new lighting)…WELCOME BACK KIM!!!


Reminded me of her (strong personality young fighter)