Poll: What do you guess who's last character in S3?

I’m sure they’ll reveal last character’s trailer at EVO. But we still can’t stop think who’s last character in Season 3? What does your gut feeling tell you? I hope it’s Eyedol, but my gut tell me it’s Eagle…

  • Eyedol
  • Eagle
  • New character
  • Another guest character
  • New shadow character

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Signs point to Eagle.



Of course. But I’ve been wrong before. But…evidence suggests so. That or eagle but that’s a big maybe. As for eyedol at this point…whose eyedol?

Evidence points Eagle for me

Gonna vote Eyedol because loyality xD

Eyedol & Eagle were on the survey, they’re not going to be the final character. Odds are it’ll be a guest or an original character.

At this point, I hope its a new character. We need another awesome original character that brings something completely new. We need another Breakthrough like Aganos, Kan-ra, or Aria. Not to say that characters in season 3 don’t have anything special, but the most unique characters so far are the guests. I’m not saying that its a bad thing, Arbiter and RAAM have amazing mechanics and gimmicks, but aside really from Arbiter, RAAM, Gargos and maybe Mira, the characters this season have been pretty standard.

So here’s hoping they saved the best for last!


With “Halo Brute” on the survey a small part of me thinks its a Halo Spartan. If it is I hope there is a Doom Guy inspired retro accessory.

I’m expecting eyedol or eagle.

Why would they put Eagle in? Isn’t he just a plot device for Thunder’s story? After all, he was used to create Fulgore.

Eyedol would make an excellent choice to end season three on a high note like Fulgore and Cinder (ARIA doesn’t count as she was mentioned at the end of season one.)

It would be a HUGE disservice to us fans who would really like Eyedol to come back, especially if season three is indeed the last (and I hope it isn’t).

And if any of you tell me that Eyedol doesn’t need to be the last character, you can all buzz off.

You don’t know that.

Where’s Dirk the Daring? Come on…



They can’t put Dirk in KI Season 3 because he’s too OP. XD

A lot of people think it’s eagle because he’s mentioned and hinted at in one of the recent KI novellas.

I agree.

Erh, yes I do. Just by reading the KI novellas, it’s very likely that it will be Eagle. I’m not saying it IS him, just saying that there are signs pointing towards it being him.

I voted new character but that was wishful thinking more than anything.

I am expecting Eyedol, but I will receive Eagle.

Just because of the novella? It could be a diversion. There has to be another reason why it might be eagle.

Why? I think the novellas paint a pretty good picture of what happened to Eagle, and I think it is a good indication of him possibly joining the roster. Not to mention Eagle is one of the most requested characters since him being mentioned in the very first game. Even more than all the Eyedol requests.

Again, I’m not saying it WILL be Eagle. It’s just my guess, based on the knowledge we have.