Why do you think it might be eagle?

Is there any other reason why people think number 8 might be eagle?

I wish I knew. Eyedol would make more sense to close out the season on a high note.


Because the Novella not only stated he is still alive, but that he was rescued/freed by Glacius. There would be no point in telling us he is alive and is being freed if they didn’t have something in mind for him. Not to mention I believe @TempusChaoti said that when they were working on Thunder with the Nez Perce tribe they put some serious consideration into also making Eagle a character one day in the future.

I want Eyedol too, but Eagle is looking like a serious contender for character 8 IMO.


I guess this would be the second reason why eagle might be in.

I hope he does not mind me quoting him here but I want to post it as a source just so people don’t think I am making things up lol

" To be candid, Eagle was also not a character we were interested in bringing into the game throughout S1 and S2, so we were happy to let the “is he or is he not and to what degree” debate ride along, knowing that fans would just go to the old fiction as the answer. Then we had a great meeting with the Nez Perce tribe, and it inspired us to reconsider Eagle as a possible unique character for KI. This season? Later? Ever? You’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out! "

It’s post 99 from this thread… Am I the only one that thinks Fulgore is Eagle?


That could be possible but the question is, if he will be in condition to fight after being held so many long years.

That’s a good point. He might have to do some physical therapy or something before jumping back into fighting lol

On a serious note, that is a good question. It could take him a while to get into good condition depending on how long he has been out in that stasis chamber or w.e it was.

Yup. Now I’m not saying he won’t get back into fighting for a long time. But I maybe with Glacius’s help he will be up in no time. Heck even with thunders help it can work.

I just hope that Glacius and Thunder don’t have a misunderstanding with eachother.

Oh yeah that could be bad. I didn’t even think about that hahaha if Thunder sees Eagle in the hands of some Alien he might freak out and attack lol

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His anger for this would be misguilded (even if it was understandable)

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Yeah it would. Glacius is likley just trying to help, and Eagle could have been in there forever if not for him saving him

Hopefully Eagle will be able to defuse the situation.

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