Poll: What do you guess who's last character in S3?

I am seriously hoping for Eyedol, but like you @KevBones10 I am kind of thinking it might be Eagle.


Same here.

If we have to get a Brute it had better be Tartarus.

new character my guess


I’m not going to contaminate the poll with a more-or-less random guess on my part. Seems like the devs have gotten on top of the leaks, somehow, since we’re getting pretty close to the point where the final character needs to be revealed and it feels like there’s been deathly silence over who that character might be.

I still haven’t gotten around to reading the Novellas yet. It’s interesting to hear that Eagle is being hinted at. I don’t think Eagle or Eyedol appearing in the poll is any indication that either is out of the running for the final spot this season, as throwing invalid options into the poll wouldn’t contaminate the data.

I guess I can speak to my hopes for the future, since that factors in here to some extent. I’d like to see a new season so that certain wishlist items (training/dojo improvements, Shadows integration, etc) can be seen to, if not a sequel where such things can be done justice from the outset. I think a sequel probably needs new core mechanics (particularly combo mechanics) to justify its existence, and whilst I’m sure some exploratory design* has gone into that, I’d have to see a really compelling fully-formed combat system to feel like a sequel is well-founded. I think a new season, maybe with a reduced roster centered around a revamped Eyedol (Lovecraftian? I still think Eldritch Abomination Eyedol is the most promising direction for Eyedol) and a roundup of the devs’ more oddball original concepts (the poll had some pretty cool ideas) and maybe another guest would be a great way to send this game off. I think there’s a fair bit of evidence floating around that the PC port was a pretty big burden on this season’s production, so I’d like to hope that season 4 sees some things actually get done before things wrap up. With that in mind, if there’s a season 4 then I don’t think there’s a lot of pressure on the final character being anyone in particular.

*I could imagine a combo system that’s more akin to frame trap pressure, i.e. encourages a default low-risk check option with occasional high-risk mixups, as opposed to the current system that consists of repeated low-risk mixups on strengths and occasionally going for a high-risk high-damage reactable. The flavor of the mechanic could be something like partial hitstun, where the defending character has access to some of their natural moveset, and certain kinds of player would find the “intentionality” of using their character’s actual moveset to disrupt combos less heretical to the purity of the genre.

but thats the point of the poll, it is a random guess for what you think

so you mean that definitive edition is not definitive. if eydol lacks i hope so, in the end the game won’t be complete till he doesn’t come back. but the description says “complete remastered roster” and “26 chars”, while quotes one by one the 3 guests, so i don’t think about a guest, more probably eyedol, or less, a new one.
bad surprise => the 2 things together, meaning eyedol would be extremely strongly redesigned to not being eyedol anymore, but the name (poll said this too in eyedol section i remember: “what of these COMPLETELY new chars…”, probably just to advice the players that yeah, eyedol could be, but without nothing to do with the original one, maybe neither to be a 2 headed cyclops i suppose).

in conclusion, from the point of view of the plot (if this means something), every new char instead of eyedol would be forced to enter in the story at this point, without have a past in the franchise or being quoted neither one single time, except eagle.