Poll - Are You Purchasing Shin Hisako?

  • I will be buying the character Shin Hisako!
  • I will not be buying the character Shin Hisako!

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So after reading some very entertaining threads I want to know… are you buying the character Shin Hasako?

I most likely will.

  1. I like Hisako and I’m curious of what new direction they took for her
  2. Just for the sake of getting everything.


I’m not just saying that because my girlfriend has a knife to my back. I really do wanna play them, but I should also state that she’d kill me if I didn’t. :sweat_smile:


Yes I will.

Meh what the hell I can spare $5.00.

I will. Im interested in seeing how she plays in contrast to hisako. Plus I want to support KI!

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I will just to see if she is good.

Iron Galaxy is welcome to ALL my money!


I can’t not have a complete setup for local tournaments, so yes.


I’m just floating in KI space kind of bored at this moment with things to do so yes the short answer is yes I will get all up on that.

Don’t see why not, it’s a new character despite being “remixed.” I don’t really care either way, the more characters with different play styles the more interesting it gets.

[Insert Hype explanation about buying Shin Hisako]


Absolutely yes! I am more than excited to support “real” content for the game.

Now if it were stages or more skins… depends on what they are. But characters… heck yes.

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Nah. I didn’t buy Kilgore, won’t be buying Shin Hisako.


I’ll buy even if they don’t have skull accessories. I want to have a complete set of characters.

I will but not now, unfortenly im having some issues with my credit card so i ll buy the character (and Killgore/3rd character) in some months

I will, but only because I got cheap Xbox credit recently. That was the only reason I got Kilgore.

If I was being asked to pay face value it’d be a more difficult decision and I wouldn’t have had enough information to go off of yet.

I might do, but I’m currently on the fence right now. I want to see how she acts and her move set before I commit.
I’m not really all that bothered by her looking like she REALLY needs a bathroom break, but I’m also not going to blindly jump in and buy her without some knowledge about her moves and gameplay.

I am purchasing her.

I highly doubt I will main her, but I am doing it for support.