Poll - Are You Purchasing Shin Hisako?

Depends on how i like her, hopefully like what they did with Kilgore they let us use her in Shadow Lords before her release

Yes, because:-

She’s another female cast member.

She’s not a guest from another franchise.

She’s an alternate version of one of my favourite cast members.

She’s a Japanese, Katana wielding female character.

I would’ve been more likely to pick up season 3 if it contained her rather than guest characters (though I kind of have a new found appreciation of RAAM in particular) I understand why they’re there, but I’d still rather a remixed original character rather than a guest, considering KI is the first and only game I currently have on the Xbox app and I’m not big into their other franchises as a general rule.:slight_smile:

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I’ll will not be playing her.

But I will buy her.

Ah yes, I should amend my previous statement with one other important thing:
Shin Hisako is also an important step towards my goal of having every character to Lvl50. After all, can’t say I have all the characters to 50 if I don’t have all the characters. :wink:

I’m waiting on it. I’m hoping they will release a bundle that includes all 3 characters. I also haven’t played in awhile thanks to Halo Wars 2 and BOTW, so I’m in no rush to get them at release.


Can you make in-game purchases with stuff like those Xbox gift cards?

I can’t imagine why you couldn’t, but I haven’t ever tried.

Shut up and take my money!!!


I’m only buying her to support the game, not because i agree with her design.

No. I respect dev hard word,but this character was shame, a Hisako clone? Could you guys bring new character please?
I think if you buy you are agree with this kind of character, I mean, nothing new just clones.

I need it for completeness sake. Don’t want to buy but simply need to.

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This,I have OCD so if i don’t have everything in a game in which is obtainable it bothers the hell outta me,this is why I hate/love blizzard,so yeah i’m buying but I buy everything.

Don’t get Gears…

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Most likely not. There are things about her I don’t like. I’ll get her eventually down the road but that’ll most likely be when the final character releases.

I just hope the MUSICAL ultra sounds like something instead the horror that was Kilgore’s.

I need to see her gameplay first and see what people make of it.

Actually, it is still possible without buying a character. Just wait till she is free for a week or two and grind her like crazy.

Exactly…still want that lucha long shot,that’s all I needed for that whole set :frowning:

Where’s the fun in that though? :stuck_out_tongue:
Besides, when I owned the free version in Season 1 it wouldn’t even let me earn achievements, much less in game unlocks. I think I’ll go ahead and buy it. Besides, I know I’ll use her, and my girlfriend will use her even more.

Yes. Because given our history of characters, she will be a blast to play with and against, and if she is as “straightforward” as I think she might be, then she’s definitely going to be a pocket character of mine.
General Raam, Shin Hisako and Sabrewulf.
Stabby, Slashy and Scratchy. :hugging:


I won’t be purchasing her for the following reasons:

1: I actually don’t mind remix/alternate/variation characters so long as they don’t take up an extra slot. I just feel that the slot could be freed up for a completely new unique character. By definition remix characters are not new since they have existing assets from other characters in some form and/or don’t differ enough aesthetically.

2: I’m really not keen on her look which is not helped by the fact I’m not a huge fan or vanilla Sako.

3: I love KI of course and I want to support it, but I can’t support something I don’t like or agree with.

Hope everyone that does purchase her enjoys in any case