Disappointment in shin hisako

I understand your point, and unfortunately I am one of those people who doesn’t play a certain character for such reason. For example, Eliot, Leifang, Zack in DoA, Mai Shiranui, Lion Rafale. Their stances or walking animations bother me :slight_smile: Also, the reason I am struggling to level up Kan Ra. I love playing him but his idle stance and movement is something I dislike.


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Yeah, I was hoping for something cool and unique looking, but as soon as I heard the word “remix,” I realigned my expectations a bit. Shin Hisako’s clothes look cool, though it would’ve been nice if they’d done a bit more with her face and hair, but whatever.

I think that I was most thrown by the art picture, where she had human looking skin, which made me think that they did something really cool with her story, but now I find that she’s still only just a ghost girl. Of course, as Keits said, we still don’t know anything about her, so I’ll wait to see.

Well, these statements might be a tad contradictory. If IG’s underfunded by MS, wouldn’t that in turn effect their ability to put out the best product possible?

Also, we really have no idea how much the game is getting from a funding standpoint, especially in this post-seasonal content stream. For all we know, they had the money in the budget to do exactly this, so that’s what they’re doing.

Again, MS is the one funding the game. They wouldn’t just hand the IP off to Namco and say “hey, make this game and pay for everything, but only put it out on our system.” That’s not how it works.

I feel like you’re trying to say that if Namco developed the game, that we wouldn’t be having this discussion, but the problem is that there’s no way they could be the ones developing it unless MS entered in to a 2nd party agreement of some sort, which would mean that MS would be likely be paying for it ala Sony and Street Fighter V, which would mean that Namco would be beholden to MS’ budgetary restrictions, just like Iron Galaxy presumably is.

So no, you have no idea whether Namco would have this kind of issue or not. For all we know, MS could say “keep pumping out content” and Namco could say “but you haven’t given us enough money to do three more full characters,” to which MS could say “oh well, figure it out,” and this would be their solution.

If that seems unlikely to you, one only needs to look at Namco’s two big fighters, Tekken and Soul Calibur to see just how willing they are to do create characters that go far beyond IG’s remixing and in to straight up clone territory:

Soul Calibur: Sigfreid / Nightmare, Rock / Astaroth, Li Long / Maxi, Taki / Natsu, Sophitia and like five other characters. Inferno, the final boss of the original Soul Calibur was just a Dural style “use everyone else’s moves” clone. Can you imagine Gargos being like that in this game?

Tekken: Eddie / Christie, Baek / Hwoarang, Kuma / Panda, Yoshimitsu / Kunimitsu, Nina / Anna, King, Armor King, Ogre / True Ogre, Michelle / Julia, Bob / Skinny Bob, Jack / P Jack, etc.

Look, I’ll be honest, when I saw the picture of Shin Hisako, and then saw her in-game, I was disappointed. I got over the stance thing, especially when I found out that she’s still what she was before, but knowing that makes me feel like they did even less with her from a visual / lore standpoint, but we’ll have to wait and see.

What I do know, before I even see it, is that they’ll make her fun to play. This is the part that I think you’re leaving out. You say “many will come to contradict me saying that IG did it well,” but for me, they’ve been a revelation for this game.

I liked Season 1 a lot. I thought it was really fun and I enjoyed the mechanics they put together for the game as well as the character designs. But I really do feel like IG took that ball and ran with it. I feel like they’ve taken this game to another level. I play characters like Kan Ra, Aganos, Gargos, Eyedol, etc and I feel like I’m playing something fun and unique.

Every character feels well defined and comes packed with tons of tech to discover. Not to mention the fact that they’ve added a ton to existing characters and have continually evolved their own formula. For me, season one Sadira was pretty cool. I dug the concept for what she could do in a KI game. Season 3 Sadira is an absolute blast to play though, and I can’t wait to see what IG will do with her next.

Sure, not every character design they’ve come up with has connected with me, but I see the care and craftsmanship that goes in to characters regardless, and they all seem to build up their own following. Without IG, you don’t have Hisako, who you say is your favorite character in the game. Without IG, I don’t have the best version of Sadira or my second favorite character, Kan Ra. We don’t have these amazing, unique character designs or some of these really cool, unique modes.

So yeah, would it be nice if MS gave them more money, which may or may not even help them achieve 100% of their vision for the game? Sure. I want them to be able to do everything they want without any type of restrictions, real or imagined by us. But I do think they’ve done a great job so far and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

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Dude,are you me?

I’m happy that KI is still updating and all of that, BUT… this thread is the proof that sometimes it’s better not to do something instead of “kinda doing it”.

I’m not trying to bash IG, they continue to bring new content cuz they are as passionate about KI as we are, and that’s a great thing! I’m just saying that this sort of backlash sometimes is not worth the effort.

The third post S3 char is a brand new one (hopefully it comes out on the polished end), and I would have much preferred to get 2 brand new instead of the 2 remixes + 1 new, that’s if we assume that 2 remix characters cost as much as a single brand new one.

This game has already hit and miss with the presentation quality of the characters, if it was me I wouldn’t have risked other “omen situations” with the whole lazy dev argument that comes along with those.

I don’t pretend to know how game’s economics go, but I think is safe to say that KI has been more successful than SFV has, so I’m kinda wondering if that money will go back into KI development (hopefully a full sequel). This IP has so much traction potential it blows my mind how little MS is investing on it:(

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Take a look to this thread:

At this moment, 120 people voted here
14 people are not going to buy Shinsako
106 are going to buy her

In this small sample, 89% of the people are getting her, and 11% aren’t.

Dunno man, but thats a pretty big number to me. Not to believe that 89% of the total game population is going to buy her, but her reception is very good.

Some people dislike her, ok, each can have preferences. But just because a minority(because it’s a minority) is very vocal, doesn’t mean they have the numbers in their favor

Shin Hisako is, as far as it looks, well recieved, even before her gameplay reveal. The numbers may be bigger afther that. Or not. Who knows!

But saying something like

It’s something that is not right man.

Also, assuming that a remix is half of the price of a full character is too much. I have no clue about how much a remix char costs, but I would guess that they cost a lot of less than half a new character


I don’t know about costs either ofc, it’s just guessing.

I’m not saying IG half assed the character, but Keits just said that they don’t put the same amount of work on remixes. They did the best with what they had, and I’m sure keits came up with some sick gameplay mechanics!

As far as the vocal minority goes, I think they are important. If we spend our time here arguing about these things is because we care more than anybody else, and since we are vocal we influence the perception of the game more than the vast majority of players who just play and keep quiet:)

All we want is KI to be up to par with other major titles, cuz we know the potential is there, the game is super fun and has the best netcode on the marketXD I’m convinced that if KI had MK level of presentation it would be a major contender for the FG Throne! It already has the competitive gameplay chops to be there, it just has presentation issues.

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I like Hisako, but this is just lazy.

I’ll buy her to not feel my game “incomplete”, and i dont want to see a missing slot.

That’s it.

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yeah my OCD will make me get here no matter what

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Everyone writing off the character before shes even shown , ggs everyone


I want a new design.
Its hard to understand?


Everyone was expecting some kind of samurai new character… that’s where the disappointment comes from. She will probably be a nice char… still, a little disappointment is to be expected. I felt the same about kilgore

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Ig is releasing a “omega” version of ki and charging for every char.

There remixed characters , why would you expect a completely new design ?

I didn’t want remixesXD that’s all

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What do you expect from a non triple A developer ? Its understandable to hate clone characters when a company like capcom does it as they have the man power and the funds to make a new character. You guys are the most fussy buch of lads , you want new characters , ig make new characters , but OOOO NO ITS GOT THE SAME LOOK AS ANOTHER CHARACTER GOSH IG SO LAZY . ■■■■ off


I have to say I wasn’t sure if anything could stop the crying over TJs ultimate but it appears an upcoming character release has done it! Thank you Shin Hisako! :slight_smile:

I still have to say I’m not disappointed. Why? Grant it, I’m pretty much new here but I really don’t expect anything from a game that’s 3 years old. If I’m still getting stuff from the game, well, that’s pretty cool as far as I’m concerned.

For those who want to play a Samurai… go play For Honor. It’s fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


They’re usually double the price of a regular character,unless they changed shago’s price to 5$ and got rid of that lame upsale,and I think most of the people that got Kilgore got him for 10$ rather than waiting for his price to drop.

It’s not in my budget right now

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Tis ashame. It’s quite fun. :slight_smile: