Disappointment in shin hisako

Anybody else severely disappointed in this reskin of hisako?Sure she’ll have different moves and all that jazz but I mean come on man.I got so excited for a katana character I thought it’d be so cool to have a relative of Jago/Orchid or Hisako’s father but instead we got this.After seeing her reveal I really do think this is the end of killer instinct (2013) besides the other character coming out,I mean the last character was basically a fulgore clone(as far as models & animations) and honestly wasn’t worth the 10$ price tag most of us paid for.


People have been saying for a long time “oh this must really be the end of KI.” Just be cause they didn’t get their way or what they got wasn’t what they expected. But much like Armageddon people keep saying the time is near yet the sun still rises the next day. Also do you really want KI to end? No? Then shut up and enjoy the ride dude. It’s still a hella fun game.


I realize that but I don’t feel as though everything released is gospel,I feel strongly about this one because this is the main reason I play KI is because there really aren’t any clone characters like shotos in Street fighter it’s laziness or it’s a lack of funding which is odd because iirc they made lots of fulgore

Also I’m honestly not that hard to please I just wanted a new model with a name on it and a voice actor/voice.

I’m sure she will be fun but I don’t know why it had to be a preexisting character,it honestly does make me fear for the games lifetime which troubles me because KI is the fighting game I spend the most money on because it’s so unique and fun.

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How many times must it be said why Kilgore was that price! Believe me I wasn’t happy at £10 but half that was for the tournament fund.
I paid it be cause of the Devs, not the pros.
Shinsako will hopefully/probably be the usual price point.


I could make a compilation of the complaints I’ve thrown around this forum the past day, but… I think people got the idea.

I’m actually severely satisfied with the character selection. Watching those who are crying about it in the forums makes for great laughs and makes what could be a boring thread very entertaining. IMO. :slight_smile:


Personally, I would’ve liked to have seen new stages instead of the three fighters. Not that I don’t like them, but I still feel a little sad that we only got three new stages. Well, four counting Astral Plane.


I see no reason to be disappointed about Shin Hisako. It’s becoming the same old knee-jerk reaction that’s coming from a handful of idiots like the last several times when KI introduces something new.


Why be disappointed that we’re getting a new character that they didn’t have to give us?


If it make you feel any better, the next character is not a remix

I’ll admit that I was disappointed that the Katana character wasn’t something more interesting, something original and awesome but it is what it is. I’m sure she’ll be great when she comes out, it would have just been nice to have a badass Samurai character or something new instead of a Hisako doppelganger.

I wasn’t happy about Kilgore being a clone at first but I like him a lot, more than Fulgore so I’ll reserve judgement until I play Shin Hisako but thematically, yeah something original would have been much better.


Reason I don’t have a problem with Kilgore is because he’s still an original character and not the exact same character as Fulgore just “different” which I feel is the case with Shin Hisako. I haven’t been dissapointed with anyone as far as gameplay is concerned however so hopefully she brings her A game when KIWC rolls around, otherwise :cry:


The sky is falling!




It’s odd to see multiple posts about something so trivial when there’s so many things in the world to worry about. Enjoy the game, enjoy the devs for giving the game love to a game nearly four years old. If you don’t enjoy an aspect of KI, then speak with your wallet, dude.

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Well, to be fair, this IS the official Killer Instinct forum! It’s sole function is to discuss and talk about all things Killer Instinct, though if you feel the need to speak of something else, there’s always the off-topic section… or Facebook.


Understood. I’m applying my thought process behind my post, so I figured it was necessary.

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Giving her new moves, animation, shows effort.
The thing about marketing, is if it worked, then don’t change it too much. Also, try not to hold one game, too much in compare, to another’s, it is a different game with its own direction.

And, not you, don’t tell people to shut up.

Paying customers have a voice.

As far as it being the end, well, the games been around for a long time, because it rocks, be optimistic, and be heard, don’t let this get you down.

Saying it’s the end will bring harsh words against you.


i am only disappointed by the name. it is really stupid. i am losing my faith on the developers by details like this.


I don’t like to believe this is the direction the developers are going with: shotos, clones, remixes or guest characters for the future of Killer Instinct.

There was some reason why they brought up Shin Hisako which has something to do with the storyline which that’s ok imo. But I’m hoping that doesn’t exclude bringing in another set of potential fresh new characters that are hinted in SL dossiers or waiting to be introduced in the KI universe. We’ll have to ‘Stay Tuned!’ and see who/what will be our 3rd character.

This is exactly what I fear will happen. Because it already happening with this game, and has done so since Season 3. Even before that, starting with Shadow Jago. But it got out of hand and blown up in Season 3 and beyond.

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