(Poll) Are you interested in getting to know the Japanese KI scene?

A KI tournament is coming up soon in Tokyo, Japan and I would like to know your interest in the Japanese KI scene. I am thinking of checking out this tournament and doing some type of report about it (with pictures).

  • yes, I am interested to know about the Japanese KI scene
  • thanks but no need to bother with introducing the Japanese KI scene

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If you have any request then feel free to let me know!

Currently, I happen to be in Tokyo. So I was thinking to first check out the upcoming “Kombo Klash Japan” and its Japanese KI players. I am not affiliated with this tournament, but in case you missed this post about “Kombo Klash Japan”:


While I’m happy that there are even more KI players across the pond, it makes little difference to me personally, since all it really means for me in the long run is a few more players that I can play against that will lag even more than usual…

Fair enough.
Also, not interested in perhaps hearing their opinions about the game?

Interested, yes. But not really hyped. I do give my “good lucks” to them as it must be harder to support a seemingly dark horse that is KI within the FGC in the land of FG’s.

I hope their tech is assimilated, not copied.

Yeah! Go take pictures, get some interviews, ask them what they think about the game, why they like it and why they are playing it (when it’s not a popular FG in Japan). Ask them who they think the top/bottom 5 characters are. Ask them what they think the game’s future is in Japan (will the PC version help them get more players to try it? will they continue to play the game after SF5 or other anticipated fighting games get released?)

Basically, I’d read/look at anything you write about the Japanese players, their history, their scene, and their thoughts on the game. That’s really interesting stuff to me.


I am not hugely interested in the Japanese tournament scene, but I clicked “yes” because I would absolutely click through a thread or an article on it. Why not? Would be interesting to see what those guys are doing.

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Thanks for the comments/questions. Besides having a good time by watching my favorite FG game atm, the main reasons I am going there are:

  • to show some support to the Japanese players, and
  • to get a sense of how they experience the game and the rest of the FG / KI community.

Yes please! I’d love to learn more about KI players from all over the world!


Highly interested. I’ll be watching this post! :grin:

Sounds interesting, go for it dude.

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I would very much like to get to know the Japanese scene for this game. I want to know their opinions on the game in general, the characters, the music, their styles of play, their uses of tech, what they think of the US scene, etc.

Just wanna show my support for this idea! That would be really fun and interesting to see! I’d really like to know if they think about the future of KI. Like, do they see the scene growing? What changes or features are they hoping for in S3? And considering the XBone didn’t really do well over there, how did they get into the game itself? Fans of the original perhaps? Yea. I look forward to seeing whatever you make! Good luck, and have fun!

I have a friend from Japan who plays Killer Instinct! He plays a Mean Omen.

of course is good they have potential to, and with them we can learn the way they see KI and how they play and why they like it … go for it

Okay thanks everybody! Definitely enough votes to go out and create a report.
At the upcoming Kombo Klash I will try to get some impressions from Japanese players on how they play KI and their perspective on the current season and the future S3.

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a Mean Omen? That sounds like the “Evil Ryu” of KI. I approve such a character for S3 :slight_smile:


If it’s in English or translated, then absolutely; otherwise, no.

Certainly! I’d love to see what the Japanese are up to with KI!

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this is not going to end up well : [

Why would that be?

What makes you say that? :confused: