Maybe if we collect all of the pieces we can build an ancient!


Maybe that’s a character!

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So is the Eye of the Ancients and the Mask of the Ancients related??

Awesome story. I always thought that he was more of an enchanted object, but he has a soul, and it’s tied to the Astral world. I thought that was really interesting.

It makes me wonder what that means as far as Gargos is concerned. Is Aganos from the Astral world if that’s where he wanted his soul to go? If so, is he against Gargos or would he be fighting his own… I dunno… People? I guess? Presumably, he’s a good guy, but it makes me wonder if they’ll take such an easy route with him or if his loyalties might be divided.

Also… Wow. What a tragic hero. Man. He loses his brethren as the civilization that made him declines, he’s traded around and used by evil person after evil person, finally gets a good master, who gives him this epic quest, which he kind of completes, only to find that he can’t move on to the next world and then finds himself being used by Ultratech.

I mean dayum… I feel bad for broccoli buddy. Glad he’s got a good ally now. Really curious what Aganos will do next. Loved this story. Absolute home run and quite possibly my favorite so far. Really hope these backgrounds make it in to the game somehow.

Can’t wait for Hisako’s next week!


Interesting story! It leaves me in a bit of confusion about his stage though. What’s going on there, and why does the other golem in the back have three faces too if it’s apparently unique to Aganos? Interested to see how his character develops in S3, and really looking forward to Hisako’s next week!

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Hope when Hisako’s bio comes up next week, we’ll find out her real name.

But wait, the backstory didn’t explain why he cant be thrown.

0/10 too much peace


Embedded in his forehead was a crystal called the Eye of the Ancients: a relic that connected the war-golem to a power that stood outside the boundaries of this world—an invisible tether to the Astral plane.

Why do i get the feeling that Aganos is going to sacrifice himself to close the portal between our world and the astral plan after we defeat Gargos?:fearful:

Aside from that this was another well detailed story.


Due by how important they seem to be, that smells more a final boss for a future game or season.

Nice story, bit quick to end. Connected to the Astral Plane? interesting, thought he was an Earth creation. Also quite sad that he gets controlled by the wrong people more often.
Now looking forward to Hisako’s story, wonder what retcons are in store.

Good story. Short, to the point, clear, direct and teasing :slightly_smiling:
About the “cyclopean walls”… this is a clear reference to the Eyedol race. If it’s just an homage, or it hints to Eyedol being in S3, we’ll see.

Eye of the ancients may be the key to defeat Gargos. Aganos soul seems trapped as long as the eye is with him. Destroy Gargos source of power and he may be vanished to the Astral plane again.

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I’m afraid not

Also, Aganos walls are already called “Cyclopean wall” ingame. I’m afraid it’s not a hit about Eyedol :confounded:


I like how all the stories before the World Cup reveal had teases of their new mechanics…why do all the stories post world cup not have these new mechanic teases? Riptor, Omen, and Aganos don’t have them.
I understand we that watched the stream know the new mechanics…but its still cool to write it into their story…it gives them some substance as to what they are currently working on in their personal lives as they gear up for the ultimate battle of S3!

Because they were covered in the S3 patchnotes

I understand that… which i stated above… Im saying it adds to the story. Why not continue to add to there story.

I like the way you ended this paragraph. I didn’t even think to put it that way. But I read the “decline” of that civilization as civil wars, with the Golem fighting each other. Aganos literally was the strongest, and was forced to kill his brothers.

Tragic story indeed.

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Someone needs to post the Exodia card in here again. I bet when you assemble all Ancient items you summon Gargos.

Interesting read. Still don’t like the in game story where he is controlled by a robotic control or whatever it was.

I get the feeling that the relics of the ancients are going to be the key that lead us to Eyedol. :smiley:


He IG, who writes these? Who are the story directors?

The Exodia theory is nice.
Or the items could combine to this effect.