PCK Season 3, 2K Finale pot Thanks to KI Ultra Tour & Kilgore Fund

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I’m tempted to play, but I’m not good, my character is trash tier and I might have lag :disappointed_relieved: :sweat: :disappointed:


who cares what character yu play or how good you are. Come join! Test out that connection beforehand & we will do our best


You’ll do fine maru. Would love to see you play again.


#PCK Season 3 Week 8 KI Tournament Series Starts soon!
If you have not checked in you need to do so now! If you have not signed up you can still do so to join the wait list!

#PlayKI #KiUltraTour


I had great matches, very enjoyable. Will watch how it ends now, great online tourney Pharroh and team =)


Thanks for finally joining us :slight_smile: had to get you on stream for your first pck :slight_smile:


Have you ever considered streaming via YouTube? I tried to watch it yesterday but didn’t have much luck. Lots of loading and I don’t believe it’s my connection. Anyway, great job on the tournament. Keep up the good work.


if I did that I would lose the only revenue im currently getting due to the changes on YT. if you have noticed even GameAttack has moved to twitch cause YT is not affected overall for us, I Stream at 720 60fps. if your watching on a device like an older phone or pc you might have issues with the 60 fps. example my phone cant hang with 60fps so I always have to change it to 480p.


Sorry, man. I had no idea. I was watching on an old tablet. That might be it.


no worries. yea just go into the settings & mess with it so you can find the right quality for your system. When im watching my own stream on phone @ 60fps its not stop loading lol


Full info @ https://www.facebook.com/PharrohComboKillersandMoreKi/posts/525666237877727
#PCK Season 3 Week 9 sign ups are live!


Full info @ https://www.facebook.com/PharrohComboKillersandMoreKi/posts/533788143732203
Sign ups for #PCK Season 3 Week 10 are live.


One of these days, I’ll sign up for this. I’ll see how far I can go :slight_smile:


#PCK Season 3 Week 10 Starts now! We have alot of great KI Players signed up. You are not going to want to

miss this one! #PlayKI https://www.twitch.tv/pharroh_yami

You can still sign up on wait list! Closes @ 6pm cst!



https://www.facebook.com/PharrohComboKillersandMoreKi/posts/537124040065280 Sign ups are live!


Check in is now underway for #PCK Season 3 Week 11!

There is only one more tournament after this before our finale on Oct 6th

Two more qualifying spots up for grabs & then 4 people with highest points without qualifying will join our 12 for a 16 man Finale with a 2k pot! Get those points before its too late!

You can Check in at link below or sign up on the wait list in case someone does not check in / show up


#PlayKI #KillerInstinct #KiUltraTour


Sign ups for #PCK Week 12 LCQ are now #Live!

This is your last chance to Auto Qualify or build more points to get in those last 4 point spots!

Sign up here @ www.challonge.com/PCKS3W12LCQ

We have a Mystery Controller on the line this weekend!


When will this huge announcement going to be announced


um, what announcement? @DaMikeyWhite21


Check in for #PCK Season 3 Week 12 LCQ is underway.

This is your LAST Chance to get into the finale by auto qualifying or building some more points to secure one of the 4 point spots to join our 12 Qualifiers to make a 16 man bracket to fight for 2 THOUSAND Dollars Next Saturday Oct 6th.

To see where you stack up point wise in the rankings then please go to our pinned post where you can find how many points you need to get into the finale.

Check in here @ www.challonge.com/PCKS3W12LCQ

You Must check in to secure your spot to be able to compete. If you do not someone on the wait list will replace you.

Good Luck to all Competitors tonight. Its going to be a Blast! Stream will start at 5:45pm cst @ www.twitch.tv/pharroh_yami