PCK Season 3, 2K Finale pot Thanks to KI Ultra Tour & Kilgore Fund

PCK Season 3 Dates Online Series for KI.
12 Weeks Plus a 16 man Invitational Finale Oct 6th.
1st Place will Auto Qualify for PCK Season 3 Finale from each week.
Only 1 Player can Qualify per week, Already Qualified? Great now Stack those points for higher Seed #.

1st = Automatic Qualification for Finale + 20 points. 2nd = 15 points.
3rd = 10 points. 4th = 5 points. 5th = 3 points for Season Rankings
Last 4 spots will go to people with highest points without Auto Qualifying.
Seed #s will be determind by your overall Point total from the Season.

Prize info, $35 Cash prize to 1st as well WEEKLY!
Week 1 April 14th,1st XBL Gold 1 Yr, 2nd Shago buff,3rd KI Bracelet
Week 2 April 28th,1st Figure,2nd Shago buff,3rd KI Bracelet
Week 3 July 7th,1st Shago & Omen Mix Bead art,2nd Shago buff,3rd KI Bracelet
Week 4 July 14th,1st KI DE Code Steam,2nd Shago buff,3rd KI Bracelet
Week 5 July 21st,1st XBL Gold 1 Yr,2nd Shago buff,3rd KI Bracelet
Week 6 WEDNESDAY July 25th,1st Figure,2nd Shago buff,3rd KI Bracelet
Week 7 August 4th,1st Glay & Cinder Mix Bead Art, 2nd Shago buff,3rd KI Bracelet
Week 8 August 11th,1st KI DE Code XB,2nd Shago buff,3rd KI Bracelet
Week 9 August 25th,1st XBL Gold 1 Yr,2nd Shago buff,3rd KI Bracelet
Week 10 September 8th, 1st Figure, 2nd Shago buff, 3rd KI Bracelet
Week 11 Setember 15th, 1st Figure, 2nd Shago buff, 3rd KI Bracelet
Week 12 LCQ September 29th,1st Mystery Controller,2nd Shago buff,3rd KI Bracelet
Season Finale Top 16 Invitational Online Oct 6th @ 6pm cst.

links to our FB, Twitch channel & Youtube is below where all info will be / streamed then exported to Youtube.

We use challonge.com over smash.gg because of the check in system. it overall works better for onlines instead of chasing people down if they are not there or forgot.
links for sign ups will be like this below. They will go live for people to sign up a week before the next one.
We noramlly cap out at 32 & have a wait list of at least 10 more ppl over last 10 tournaments we have done,

Sign ups for Week 1 will be live April 7th!


@TheNinjaOstrich @EctopicILLusion @SneerfulWater57 @FallibleJoker14 @FallofSeraphs76 @NitricZenith @anon39655210 @MnTLetalis @Undeadgamer2434 @STLemonHunter

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@BrrDub @Yperdaimonios @VerminatorX @CyberRoseKnight @xFAxDRAGONKING @ZTRAINOVER9000 @Zcythe @LeoFerreis @LaughingElefant @HailFireSpawn

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Don’t mind me. Just spreading the good word. This is a fun KI online tournament series and if you ever want to watch high level gameplay or interact LIVE with the KI COMMUNITY, THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!!

I didn’t tag you to ask you to sign up to compete but just to make the forums aware that this is taking place. I know I’m not much around these parts and i hardly comment but give Pharrohs Combo Killers a Try.

It personally has given people like me hope that this game has succeeded because such dormant players you wouldn’t know play still engage in this game.




Open to all platforms?

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No thanks, but have fun. ^^

Cool beans, trying to wrap my head around this (Have never done a tournament before) but it seems like fun!


PCK IS BACK! GET HYPE EVERYONE! Thanks for the tag @ItzTymeToDul


I wanna compete but my hours suck lol


That is sadly the way it works most of the time for me. :frowning:

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This looks like fun. Hopefully my time schedule will allow me. I’m always willing to take on a challenge. Can’t wait


Read my comment plz.

I did, and that was my response.
I’m just not interested.

I’d be happy to spread the word and support the effort. I’m glad you are doing this and continuing to keep the competitive side of KI alive, good on you!



And again… not interested.


I’ll definitely tell people who I know like KI about these as these tourneys are always fun, but it seems like I will have to sit this PCK Season out due to my work schedule. Will be watching happily from the sidelines and cheering everybody on.

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