PCK Season 3, 2K Finale pot Thanks to KI Ultra Tour & Kilgore Fund


Always enjoy watching these. Will try to catch them when I can! :slight_smile:



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if you have any questions lmk

If yall have not followed us on FB you can do so here @ https://www.facebook.com/PharrohComboKillersandMoreKi/
All info will be posted there 1st before it moves to other locations

Thanks @STORM179 appreciate what you do from so far away! Hope yall’s local scene is going good

Gonna join in on this one. To knock my rust off.

Might need more info though.


what info you need? dates are 100% confirmed now. any other info we will have will be announced later


Just tournament stuff. Dates look fine by the hours I need will vary.

I just got a job you see.

I’m still sure I’ll make it but meh.

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Excellent! I’m looking to play in a couple of these! But for my catering business, I could go from a open weekend to booked off one phone call.

hours will be our standard 6pm cst time

#PCK greatly appreciate all the hard work & support that Ultimate Source has done! We love our good friends & are thrilled to have Ultimate Source Sponsor #PCK @KillerInstinct 3rd Online Season starting April 14th. More details coming soon. If you have not been following Ultimate Source please do so now as it takes all of us to support each other to reach all of our goals!


More info has been provided above to the original post, I am going to keep this post for everything this season instead of a bunch of separate ones, Prize details coming soon!


Original post has edited info. Check it out!
#PCK Season 3 sign ups are #LIVE
Reminder for those of yall new or returning PCK Competitors that we are a FREE Online Tournament Series dedicated to the KI Community, We are so happy to be finally back to bring more great KI action to the FGC.

1st Place Wins $35, 1 Yr XBL Gold Membership & Auto Qualifies for our Finale.
2nd Place wins a Shago Buff, 3rd Place wins a KI Bracelet

Top 5 will receive points for our Season 3 Rankings!
1st = Auto Qualification for our Season Finale + 20 points, 2nd = 15 points, 3rd = 10 points,4th place = 5 points
& 5th place tie = 3 points

All rankings & PCK Info @ https://www.facebook.com/PharrohComboKillersandMoreKi/
Full Prize info & all Challonge links are in our pinned post!

This is a 32 man MAX Tournament. Is it highly likely we will have a wait list very quick so be sure to sign up early then if you cant make it then un reg before the tournament or do not check in.

Sign up Link is https://challonge.com/PCKS3W1

Also we would like to ask if you know new KI players looking to get more involved to please share this with them!
Thanks. #PlayKI


I signed up.

And hopefully I won’t go 0-2.

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just keep at it & practice




We are happy to announce that #PCK Season 3 Finale is Sponsored by the KI Ultra Tour & will have a TWO THOUSAND dollar pot made possible from the Kilgore Community Fund!

This is such thrilling news for us & for everyone that competes here with us every tournament we have. Its our honor to be able to make this season our best one yet with the help of the KI Ultra Tour, The Kilgore Fund, Ultimate Source, Street NS Productions, TFC Beads & many more of yall that have helped us out along the way & to keep this awesome series going.

Weekly prizes, Huge Season Finale pot, Great KI Competitors & A great Community. PCK Season 3 is not something you want to miss!

What are you waiting for? Its FREE to enter! Come join us & lets have an awesome Season 3 Series!
Sign ups for Week 1 are here @ www.challonge.com/PCKS3W1

Want to stay updated with PCK? Follow us on our Facebook page to get the latest information first.

All sign up links, Prize info, Rankings & more is kept in the pinned post.

See you all April 14th 6pm CST! #PlayKI


I like the Orchid nod in the ad. On a serious note, thank you for your hard work, Yami.


Thanks, That’s from the stage ultra pose on Kan’s stage