PCK Season 3, 2K Finale pot Thanks to KI Ultra Tour & Kilgore Fund

Today is the day that #PCK Season 3 starts!
Reminder that you must check in to secure your spot, Check in starts at 4pm CST to 6pm CST. If you do not check in during those times you will be removed from bracket.

Tournament starts a 6pm cst.

1st 5 subs after the 1st match of PCK starts to end will receive KI bracelets!


#PCK Week 2 & Rankings Info. Week 1 Recap & Link to vid on youtube. Check it out here @

We want to thank the #KiUltraTour , @ultimatetoy , #KiEpics / @TheDean02 , @tfcbeads & @FightSessions for everything. #KillerInstinct #PlayKI #FGC

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https://www.facebook.com/PharrohComboKillersandMoreKi/posts/438585086585843 W2

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Hey everyone,
Reminder that tomorrow is #PCK Season 3 Week 2.
During the Tournament we will have 2 copies of #KillerInstinct DE (1 Steam & 1 Xb/Win10) & a Kilgore Character Code to be given away in our chat room!
All you need to do is come watch the tournament, Be Active in chat & keep an eye out for NotUrMomma in chat running the giveaways.

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#Live on @Twitch for #PCK Season 3 Week 2!
Don’t Miss out on all this great @KillerInstinct action & #Giveaways
If you have not checked in you need to do so here @ www.challonge.com/PCKS3W2
We look forward to seeing yall there!
#PlayKI #KillerInstinct


Sorry everyone on delay of #PCK sign ups. Got real busy & had to focus on #TXS18 btw Thanks everyone who supported me.
PCK Season 3 Week 3 Sign ups are #Live!

We will have these great prizes on the line this week,
1st Place Wins $35, A Shago & Omen mixed bead art & Auto Qualifies for our Finale.
2nd Plance wins a Shago Buff, 3rd Place wins a KI Bracelet

Virus916 Has Contacted me & will be giving 1st place a Choice of TJ or Cinder color 10.
2nd Place will have their choice from any wave 1 colors EXCEPT Shadow Jago, Spinal & Jago Camo.
You will have to Contact Virus on twitter @ShadowVirus916

Remember we cap it at 32 so you will want to sign up early to avoid the wait list. Check in will start 2 hours before the tournament starts @ 6pm cst. If you do not check in before hand you will be scratched from the bracket & someone on the wait list will replace you.

Sign up here @ www.challonge.com/PCKS3W3


Awww. I was too slow for this one. Oh well :yum:

Good luck to everyone participating in these tourneys. They are really fun


wait list.

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Unfortunately #PCK Week 3 is delayed till May 19th.
We have come to a decision with James Goddard to delay because of the weird issues with KI right now.

As they continue to work on things to get this fixed its in the best interest of PCK & the community to delay.
We hope everyone understands.


Please read regarding week 3, We hope Y’all understand & thank Y’all for the continued support of PCK https://www.facebook.com/PharrohComboKillersandMoreKi/posts/449493645494987


Hi everyone. Fully support the news and agree it’s better to wait. We are closing in on fixing this issues, had great progress this week. Working on testing changes, but have to hold off releasing any fixes that require an game update until after Combo Breaker (Memorial Day Weekend). We are working with PCK to keep them informed (we even have done direct testing of fixes together!) so we can be sure when a fix goes out it’s confirmed.

Thanks for understanding and continuing to support us while this is fixed.


Full info @ https://www.facebook.com/PharrohComboKillersandMoreKi/posts/456463554797996

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#PCK Season 3 Week 3 starts now! Come join us with our guest commentator of the week ItzTymeToDul!
#KillerInstinct #PlayKI


We are baaaaaaaaack!
OG post updated with dates.


Hey everyone! So happy to finally get this back going & we hope you are excited too.

#PCK Season 3 Week 3 will be this Saturday July 7th 6pm cst
Reminder that this is a FREE to enter Online Tournament series, It doesnt matter your skill level as long as you have fun & want to compete your always more then welcome to join us.

Prizes for this week is $35 & Shago / Omen Mixed bead art + Auto Qualify. 2nd Shago Bandana, 3rd KI Bracelet.

Sign ups are here @ www.challonge.com/PCKS3W3

We also ask if you know anyone that wants to compete in Onlines but not aware of PCK to share this with them.
Thanks everyone.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Also major shout outs to @KRAKENJIMMYfor all his hard work to get us back on track & much more. Thank you :slight_smile:


Check in is now underway for #PCK Season 3 Week 3!
You must check in to secure your spot. You have 2 hrs to check in till 6pm cst.
If you do not someone on the wait list will take that spot.
Check in here at the bracket @ www.challonge.com/PCKS3W3

Reminder as well that we have Chat Room Giveaways!
All you need to do is pay attention for when we call it out thats its happening. Every week of PCK we will give out a Kilgore Code Xb1 / Win10 & 2 Copies of KI Definitive Edition, 1 Steam & 1 Xb1 / Win10 copy Thanks to the #KiUltraTour

Stream Starts at 5:45pm cst right before we close check in’s.

Link is www.twitch.tv/pharroh_yami

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#PCK Season 3 Week 3 is now #Live on #Twitch. Come join us for all the great @KillerInstinct action @ www.twitch.tv/pharroh_yami #PlayKI #KiUltraTour

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Sign ups for #PCK Season 3 Week 4 on Saturday July 14th is now Live!

Sign up here @ www.challonge.com/PCKS3W4

Reminder that #PCK is a free online tournament series for everyone. No matter your skill level as long as you have fun then come join us!

Sign up fast to avoid the wait list!

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