PCK Season 3, 2K Finale pot Thanks to KI Ultra Tour & Kilgore Fund

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Check In is underway for #PCK Season 3 Week 4!
You must check in to secure your spot. If you do not someone on the wait list will take your place.

Check in here @ www.challonge.com/PCKS3W4
If your having issues checking in for whatever reason please reach out to us. Thanks & see yall at 5:45 when the stream starts!


#PCK Season 3 Week 4 Starts now!
Come join us for all the great Killer Instinct action we have tonight with our Co-Host of the night @StreetNS

#PlayKI #KillerInstinct


Good stuff guys! :+1:


Sorry about the delay but sign ups for #PCK Season 3 Week 5 is up!

Sign up here @ www.challonge.com/PCKS3W5
Reminder that this is a free online tournament series for anyone to come together & #PlayKI


#PCK Season 3 Week 5 starts now! #live on #Twitch
Check in now if you have not
Stream @ www.twitch.tv/pharroh_yami


Sign ups for #PCK Season 3 Week 6 are #Live!
Reminder that PCK is a family friendly Free to enter Online Tournament Series for all to enjoy!

Week 6 is on a Wednesday Folks! Its our catch up week!
Sign up @ www.challonge.com/PCKS3W6


Check in is now underway for Week 6 of #PCK Season 3.
You must check in to secure your spot! If you do not check in you will be removed from bracket & someone on wait list will replace you.

If you having issues checking in Feel free to reach out to us & we can help you out or check you in ourselves,
Check in here @ www.challonge.com/PCKS3W6
You can still sign up on wait list & hope someone doesnt show / Check in.

We will see yall at 6pm cst!


ign ups for #PCK Season 3 Week 7 are #Live!
We are officially HALF WAY through the season so far.
Only 6 more to go! If you have not joined us yet now is the time to do so!
This is a free to enter online tournament series for all to join & have some fun.
sign up here @ www.challonge.com/PCKS3W7
#KillerInstinct #PlayKI #KiUltraTour


If it starts at 6pm, what time would be in New York? (I use that as reference)
Sorry, I don’t get that US timezone thing.
I’m pretty much same timezone as Brazil.


That’d be 7pm in New York.


Great! That would be 8pm here. Thanks!


This is the last one I can participate most likely…


why? whats up?


It just depends on how busy I will be in the next few weeks. Nothing bad dw.


Lets go! =D


Is that the final bracket or it’s going to be changed before it starts?
And I was curious about the rules if we get disconnected or can’t connect because incompatibilities.



bracket is not final till after check ins close. you must check in at 4pm cst - 6pm cst to secure your spot.
as far as DC goes. If it was at the beginning of the match, only couple hits thrown. id restart it. 0-0. if it was decent way through the person with the DC issues will lose round 1.
If match can not be played at all we will resort to coin flip. (we do not want to go that route so we will do whatever we can to solve it)


check in is now underway for pck season 3 week 7 https://www.facebook.com/PharrohComboKillersandMoreKi/posts/508355562942128


#PCK Season 3 Week 7 Starts SOON! If you have not checked in you need to do so now!
Lets have some fun tonight #PlayKI #KiUltraTour


Sign ups for #PCK Season 3 Week 8 are #Live!

Be sure to sign up early to avoid the hassle of the wait list!
We cap it out at 32 then a wait list starts!

Sign up here @ www.challonge.com/PCKS3W8