PCK Season 3, 2K Finale pot Thanks to KI Ultra Tour & Kilgore Fund

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#PCK Season 3 Week 12 LCQ Starts Now! If you have not checked in you need to do so now @ www.challonge.com/PCKS3W12LCQ
Stream @ www.twitch.tv/pharroh_yami


Today is the day we have all been waiting for, #PCK Season 3 Finale!

Will we have one of our previous champions be able to claim it again? Find out tonight at 6pm cst!
Dont miss it, www.twitch.tv/pharroh_yami


#PCK Season 3 Finale Starts Soon! ETA about 20 mins. we will be starting off with a β€œPre” Show. Dont miss out of all the hype & who is going to walk away with a good chunk of that #Kilgore Fund Money!