PC version set up for failure? (Hope not :-( )

Already made most of this exact post in a different topic, but realized there was more to my thoughts on this post than what the topic is about… so sorry for “repost”, but hope you’ll forgive me and read on :slight_smile:

I’ve thought all along that they would make a complete season 1-3 edition for like 50-60$ for PC… seems by now like that won’t be the case though…
That was also my thought when I expected season 3 Ultra to be 30$ and we all know by now, how that went.

REALLY hope for all of our sakes and mostly KI’s success on PC that people don’t have to throw 120$ for all three seasons with Ultra content… that would scare most people away…

And you can’t tell PC gamers that they can just get Combo Breaker editions for half that, because we’re already by default angry at free to play games being more expensive than normal games, AND about games being sold at full price in not complete editions

PC gamers won’t care about it being 3 different seasons… they’re just getting it now, hence it’s ONE game for double the price of other complete games

REALLY hope MS have something up their sleeve, but considering the uproar that would be from people who’ll now give 40$ for season 3 Ultra, I’m VERY afraid this is not gonna happen, and that it’s only gonna be as big a PC success, as we’ve all hoped it would become.

PC gamers are FAR less forgiving than console gamers, and have a way bigger library for a smaller price… we don’t like something and we’re of to the next thing.

Sorry if all those we/they came out confusing… I’m mainly a PC gamer, but has plenty consoles on the side… if I wanna play a game, the platform isn’t gonna stop me

What do you guys feel about this? Is it only me who concerned about this?
I REALLY want KI to become more successful, even bigger than SF and MK (although it’s wishful thinking), so all this scares the ■■■■ out of me.

Did Microsoft set PC KI up for failure, before it even released?

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If a new player ask me about price I’ll give them the price of the Combo Breaker pack and then tell them there is a version that comes with a season pass.

$120 seems outrageous for a complete game but it’s very well within reason for full game + season pass. To play with all characters and nothing more it actually costs $60 (minus any sales like the one they’re having for gold subscribers).

You’re judging before they have announced it… Don’t think they’re going to just give you an Ultra pack. There is going to be a Combo Breaker Pack much like the other versions. Why would not give you this option when they do it for the other two versions?

You will not have to pay $120 for this. That’s just ridiculous. They already offer both Combo Breaker packs separate for purchase.

Speak for yourself - never assume you speak for everyone. For example, I’m happy with most free-to-play games because they’re, well, free. Sure you can spend more money on it if you want for in-game content, but in most cases, it’s completely optional and can still be achieved through a good bit of play-time/grinding. I like to play KI, World of Tanks, Magic the Gathering, and so on… All of which are free to play. It’s a good model too, because it works - it gets people to play their games and decide if they like them, while still giving the developers and publishers a source of income in order to make a profit and continue adding content (which continues the lifeblood of the game itself) and/or working on sequels (which continues the lifeblood of the franchise). Even bigger games are starting to use microtransactions because people know they will buy into it (Halo, CoD, etc.)

That being said, I do kind of agree with you on the 2nd half of your statement - mostly. It’s unfortunate that (some) developers think they can get away with releasing a game that’s, well, not really a full game (for me, EA’s Star Wars Battlefront comes to mind), but not every developer does this, and as long as it doesn’t become a trend (I think it’s more of a fad now that, hopefully, won’t last long due to numerous complaints regarding it, like yours!), I think it’s not something we should really worry about, as most games are still released with a fair bit of good content and many of those that don’t come with a lot of content down the road, usually within 3 months or so (Titanfall and Halo 5 are just 2 examples of this). I also think that a lot of the complaints come from the generation of millenials, who have a faulty sense of entitlement too, in that they want everything now, now, now!

At the risk of sounding old, have you ever seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original, not that ridiculous Charlie and the Chocolate Factory pseudo-sequel/remake starring Johnny Depp)? In it, there’s a girl that sings a song about how she wants a golden egg “now, now, now!” Here’s a spoiler for you - she doesn’t make it. :wink:

At the risk of sounding old yet again, if you’ve ever played games from, say, the 80’s, you’d know that games back then didn’t offer much at all, since arcades were actually a thing back then. Most of the time, you’d waste an entire quarter for about 30 seconds of gameplay, since most games back then were incredibly difficult, but simple, and designed to devour your money until it was all gone - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles, The Avengers, and X-Men all come to mind from when I was growing up (and yes, those franchises have been around for a long time too), as well as Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Galaga, and so on… There’s thousands of titles. So, in other words, be happy with what you are getting, because it’s still a heck of a lot more than we used to get. :wink:

You didn’t read my post properly then…
I know there’s gonna be a Combo Breaker pack.

My point also still stands about the 120$ comment… PC gamers are TIRED AS HELL of paying 60$ for a game then still don’t have everything for…

For some games like Battlefield, Fallout, The Witcher etc. They’re/we’re kinda fine with paying full or almost full price for a season pass or whatever it’s called, because they come with HOURS worth of more playtime and content…
But 60$ extra for retro, some accessories and colors is not gonna fly with the PC crowd.
That is even below the content you get for Call of Duty DLC which is ONLY multiplayer maps…

Now… I’m sorry. I know colors, costumes and accessories is kind of a big deal in our community, and I acknowledge that and agrees, but PC gamers are still gonna be mad that they would have to pay 120$ for a “full content game” like this.

They’ve teased colors or accessories that could only be unlocked via gold, and small stuff like that is fine, since it’s gonna be in smaller scale than the Ultra content.

This game already has a lot of haters purely based on the way it’s sold… we don’t need more anger put in that pile.
KI needs to succeed so we can keep going, no matter if it’s through more seasons, smaller content updates or an entire new installment.

And no… I of course don’t know anything for real yet, but based of logic, they’re not gonna get a 60$ full version, as the Season 3 Ultra is already two thirds of that price… I hope to god I’m wrong though

And frankly, if they didn’t want people to make theories like this and discuss and share them in here… they should have released the pricing.
It’s stupidly close to release date, and we only today figured the price of ONE of the S3 packs, and still has no word of a TON of things for season 3.

I’m generally trying not to be negative in here, but sometimes just a little more transparency would help them a lot.

Mostly I don’t actually care about something missing or whatever, if we just get a decent explanation to why it’s like that… unlike our Ultimates we’ve been waiting for since the announcement of the game, and still have utterly and completely no real explanation to why isn’t there, except that they in season 1 had to focus on combat mechanics with their limited amount of time… what’s the reason now 3 years later?
Anyway, don’t wanna turn this into another Ultimate thread… this is about the PC version.

Personally, I think you’re overreaching with comments like this - you can get the full game for $60 (all 3 seasons at ~$20 a pop) which will include all modes, stages, features, and characters. In other words, it IS a full game. The ONLY thing you’re not getting is the original KI1 and KI2, both of which are completely separate games; as well as access to a few retro and premium costumes, which are “added content” assuming of course every other game with costumed DLC is an example to go by since they set the precedent; and the newly added lifetime double-XP and colors, which is, again, all optional content.

Heh… I get your point, and I personally agree with it… been playing World of Tanks myself, and obviously KI :slight_smile: and a couple of others that I don’t recall…
Free to play games has become a lot better than they were a couple of years ago, but that doesn’t change the fact that many people still hate them, and would automatically expect the game to be of lesser quality because it’s free.

I am undoubtedly gonna buy the S3 Ultra, because I’ve been a fan of KI since the mid 90s like most here… KI is my only real love in the genre… I’ve bought and played a stupid amount of fighters, just to loose interest after not too long, because it just didn’t feel right. And realized when KI2013 was announced, that KI was the reason why I couldn’t really love other fighters… I preordered+imported an Xbox One because I live in Denmark where it waited almost a full year before it came out, SOLELY because KI was there.

It’s because of this love I concerned… I’ll Support it no matter. But we’ll loose a lot of sale on the PC side if the pricing is like I’ve said :-\

And someone said in another thread, PC gamers don’t have the same dedication to try out stuff… many of us have games we’ve only touched for 20-100 min and then they’re just left for good, for one reason or the other… even I who’s on both sides have different way of being from the PC to the console… I have MANY games on Steam I’ve never even touched, but I will never buy a console game I’m not gonna play and spend hours on

It’s perfectly fine.

The additional $60 comes from people who own Xbox One’s who enjoy playing the original Killer Instinct arcade ports as well as early access to characters before other owners. The additional contents goes to creation of a Retro model, that fits the character, 3 accessory packs with no colors added, 6 additional colors, and one premium skin for the current model.

That is what Xbox One owners bought. We also received content through getting the old arcade ports.

So what you’re looking for is more options for purchasing the additional retros. Okay, that’s fine, but saying that these are set up for failure doesn’t add up when these are purely cosmetic and don’t affect gameplay. At all.

Coming from someone who’s been with the game since the start, this is how we’ve been running with it. Some people don’t like it, and I get that, but those who have been here long enough know that the product that comes out, to me at the very least, is worth the cost and the wait.

The devs are currently on a very busy schedule this weekend, with GDC and other important things coming, they do watch these threads very much so.

Oh… actually forgot about KI1 and 2 from the ultra…

Of course we don’t actually know anything in that area yet, but that’s a part of the Ultra price that PC gamers would also feel cheated by… why do they have to pay for content they don’t have access too? (Hope I’m wrong though)

Heh… I know how this goes… I went onto Double Helix’s site and made myself a user as soon as the game was announced.
I’ve been annoyed with their transparency (or lack thereof) many a times, but just the fact that they don’t usually tell anything, doesn’t make it less annoying and right

Edit: maybe I’m wrong… don’t think they mentioned the site before an interview later at E3… anyway, you get my point.

I was even a very active user there… became a little less with the new forums, and even less again with the newer new forums… or 4 forums??? Are of counting the MS one from when we were “homeless”

It can go either way. If people see through the F2P label and realize that the free version is actually just a demo and KI is a B2P game with microtransactions, people might get angry. On the other hand, you can get most costumes for free just by playing the character. The price doesn’t bother me much personally, you can get almost all gameplay content for $60.
MS have already undermined the success of the game on PC by making it a W10 store exclusive, I doubt the price issues will do much damage.
Though it would be prudent to have some sort of sale going on, at least for the first two seasons.

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Yeah… I’m not expecting a full package (although it would be easier “seethrough” than several buys).
Season 1 and 2 on sale so the full experience comes down to a normal price would be fine too.

Just don’t want this to fail, for any of our sakes.

the only other model for console is destiny, as far as a game that releases add ons for 2 years or more. destiny’s model is get everything for 35 bucks. why? cause time deprecates value over time. No ones gonna buy SE1 which came out in 2013 for less than 15 for ultra. Same 20 bucks for ultra SE2. the new stuff? ehh 40 bucks seems fair. but 120 is retarded pricing I’m sorry. 2 years of content again in destiny is 35 bucks. I can see the dudes concern.

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I’m a gamer. Period. Which system a game is on is completely irrelevant to me.
One major flaw KI for PC have is that it’s Windows 10 only. Many people are comfortable with Win 7(or other OS) and a lot of people refuse to upgrade to Win 10.

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I’m rockn win10. it’s locked down but all my stuff works that was working on win7

Don’t have a problem with Win10 either… actually I’m loving it… but I do see people’s concerns though.
And the problem with the Windows Store might also be a big factor… Microsoft should at least have made sure it wasn’t messing stuff up before they decided to only release stuff there.
Even though I’m against the whole exclusively on Origin, uPlay (or a console for that matter), I get it… it’s competition.
But at least make sure it works before you do stuff… many people already now is against Windows Store and won’t use it because Gears of Was and Tomb Raider was complete messes through it, whereas Tomb Raider worked fine on Steam

Edit: oh, forgot to thank you @ShellShock520, it’s nice that some gets it :slight_smile:

I know I sound negative and harsh, but unfortunately that’s just the way I talk (also in real life, many think I’m negative :frowning: , where people who knows me knows I’m just exaggerating to make a point usually) but it’s just a concern out of love for this game

Uh, what? I mean, every Windows is locked down. What do you think is different about 10?

If a person has enough money to even purchase a PC system strong enough to handle KI season 3 should not be an issue.

This is not some random $4.99 mobile device game.

That’s not an argument. You can justify a lot of bs business practices with it.

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well things run in containers or apps but essentially MS can dictate what apps functions on my PC much more efficiently with the latest version. there are already work arounds for driver installs and the like. but with Windows 10 all recommend updates are mandatory without exception.