Pause menus missing options (visually)

Has anyone else had an issue where if you pause the game in some modes, so far its in replays and practice mode. Where the menu background will appear but no options? but you are able to navigate the menus its just blind luck if you get to where you need?

Yes, it happens sometimes. It has happened before and was fixed, so they will fix it again.

Not sure if I should start a new topic or if this fits in here (or if this should just go in the bug reporting thread), but I’ve also noticed the pictures for items gained in shadow lords post match not showing up. Like if you get seven items; astral gems, skeleton key, and then the next five will say below the picture what they are, like shadow particles, etc, but the box where the picture shows up will be blank.

Also, I was playing some local multiplayer over the weekend with a few buddies and wow does the select screen have some issues when two players are selecting characters, accessories and colors at the same time. Cinder would show up as just a few spots of fire on the shoulders, other characters would show up as outlines, etc. In order to get some characters to actually show up, I’d have to exit out of them completely.