Patch Notes 3.9.13



Ah nice! Some good changes to the cost of Shadowlords stuff right there. Good to see. :slight_smile:


Glad to see this. Im happy.


Thank you!! This is the change I’ve been waiting for!


Combo Breaker advantage time for Sabrewulf is 0 (was -7).


:rofl: jk


We are slowly inching to the legendary 4.0

joking aside glad to see this game still being updated.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Downloading now. Cant wait…havent been able to purchase any packs for well over a month now.


@snickerdoodle @KRAKENJIMMY
Thanks guys for the update, but can you please fix “Ready to Body” achievement, it’s the only achievement broken and many people is looking to get the 100% and have waited for months to this achiev to be fixed, please any news about this?

Because with this update is still broken i just try it getting reranked and play the qualifying rounds and still no achiev.

All my post was talking about the Steam Version


@snickerdoodle @KRAKENJIMMY

seconded! I have 463 / 464 achievements on Steam. Finished everything else 2 months ago, please fix this!


Still looking at why this is not working. It is on my list for future patch, sorry it did not make this one.



There’s some genuinely great stuff here in this patch, but in no specific order, here are the three bullet points that really stand out for me:

Sabrewulf buff? Yes, please! :blue_heart::wolf::+1:t2:

A GREATLY reduced price for XP Boosters makes it easier than ever for me to push my last three fighters over the finish line from level 45 to 50. (I’m looking at YOU, Shadow Jago, Hisako, & TJ Combo!) Shut up, and take my 200 gold! :star_struck:

If you enjoy Shadow Lords, and you haven’t checked out Krazy Kan-Ra’s new & improved shop, you’re totally missing out! Gone are the days where you’ll hoard Astral Gems because you’ll keep getting the same few Rams, Vampire Bats, and that weird alien thing whose name escapes me at the moment, when you REALLY wanted an Epic Tiki or Killer Tiger- now you can select any individual Guardian from Kan-Ra’s daily inventory to add exactly what you want or need to your roster.
For example, I really wanted a Tiki that was stronger than the blue version, and after being discouraged by a deluge of duplicates, I was able to finally pick out an Epic-class (magenta) Tiki! That’s such a great improvement, and as a Riptor main who sincerely wants to really take advantage of the heavy-button boost that a Tiki provides, I hope that Not-A-Mummy gets his dehydrated hands on a Crimson Tiki soon!

Thanks for the great patch, and I’m looking forward to whatever comes next for KI! :green_heart::video_game::shark:



Patch note link seems to be down?


Anyone having slowdown issues while playing after the patch?.

Those packs are really killer since they’re dropping killer quality no matter which grade you purchase. I can’t wait to complete my collection, thanks alot.


Me too, I cant connect to the link.


I am still wondering what happened to the Steam Trading cards. I guess they were cancelled ?


I haven’t played since the patch. Is this slowdown issue a problem for others? I really hope not.


My very first match on the new patch was suuuuuper slowed down and laggy, but I just assumed it was because I was watching a SC2 stream when it started. Killed Edge (which didn’t fix that match at all) and all of my subsequent matches were normal high-quality KI.


Oh good. That’s good to hear. I think I’ll jump on tonight and see if I notice any issues.

Thanks, man!


Hey everyone, glad you are liking the new patch! For issues that come up please include what platform X1/win10/Steam


Bought Crimson Ram. Now waiting for Crimson Snake!