Patch Notes 3.9.13


Awesome! Some good stuff in this update. Some of these adjustments were very much needed. :smiley:


I don’t know much about shadow lords. All I play is ranked matches (poorly I might add). I just downloaded the patch on my Xbox One and the ranked multiplayer has been slowed down considerably. It was almost like playing in slow motion. It was so unbearable I think I’ll wait until it’s fixed to try again.



Ok decided to give shadow lords a try since ranked is so slow. Well it looks like shadow lords runs slow as well. This is all on Xbox One by the way.


It must either be your Xbox or your internet connection speed. I have no real problems like that on my end.


My internet is currently 50Mbps and my Xbox One is a Xbox One S less than a year old. Other games are playing fine as was this one until the update.


Fifty megabytes per second could be the issue, my internet speed is 100 mbps and I’ve had no real issues.


What? My Internet is totally below that and it’s pretty good xD


Lol. 50 Mbps wasn’t an issue yesterday…


50mps is PLENTY of speed for a mulitplyaer game. You only need like 5-15 mps as long as nothing else is running or saoking up bandwith.


Guys, I just saw a video someone uploaded. Looks like a bug or something. It was like the game was running slower for real (from ppl I’ve seen the game ran usually smooth) :sweat:


Yeah I played some more rounds and looked at the match timer. It takes about 2-3 seconds for a single second on the clock to tick by. Nasty bug!


Try killing the KI tile and trying to play again. I had a slow match and restarted the game and it cleaned itself up.


Played one ranked. Got matched with a guy from my country. He quit on me xD (told him he shouldn’t do that if he expects to win someday). Then my boyfriend played against another player. Game seemed ok. Local matches ran perfect.
Played like 60 matches, don’t know how some can play so many sets without getting tired.


@STORM179 and I still hold the record of longest set!

100+ matches! Woo!


Yeah, think it was like 130 matches in total or so. Probably won’t be doing that any time again! :joy:


The game just crashed and when I restarted, I realized I just lost my rank. No idea why.
PS: the game is crashing again. :confused:


Hey @liquidcobraxx saw you posts about the game being slow for you and that it is not just online. Can you confirm this is happening in Practice mode as well? Can you try doing the hard restart (look up steps if needed) that should have you playing fresh and go right to single player and see if slowdown is there (suggest practice or vs cpu).
From there if you are seeing it still, please let me know what characters and if there are specific accessories involved (please try default and color 1 if possible to eliminate additional variables). Also what stage(s).

Thanks for letting us know.



Regarding your crash/rank loss. What platform? Please describe the rank loss- like you were killer and now qualifier? Are your stats gone for this month? Past months? Etc.

If there is a service outage sometimes people have their stats (even pro starts) missing, but they come back. Let us know.


I felt a little Lag last night but figured it was due to opponents connection. Only 2 out of 10 had lag so no worries on my end. Games running fine.


I play on Xbox one. I was ranked master. All of the sudden, the game crashed and when I rebooted it, I was on qualifier. No stats anymore. I’ve been experiencing some lag in ranked matches since the new patch was launched, but maybe it’s a connection thing. Today the game worked just fine.