Patch Notes 3.9.13


I tried everything you said and I haven’t experienced the slowdown yet. Yesterday I was playing ranked matches as shadow Jado and didn’t experience any of the slowdown from the other day. Instead of playing in slow motion, the game sort of got choppy instead which is what it used to do before the update. I have no idea why it changed. My internet seems the same.

I hope this helps. Thanks.


Thanks- so sounds like after the hard reboot things are fixed? I will DM you to work through more details.


I will DM you to get more info.


Ever since the update Shadow Lords has been on the fritz for me. I’m on Xbox One. Normal missions against Mimics still work fine, but whenever I attempt to a Shadow Lab mission it gives me the “Error Failed to retrieve Shadow data from Ultratech servers. Would you like to retry?” message every single time.

No matter how many times I click on “Yes” to retry I can never get it to work. Also if I choose “No” and start it up again it still doesn’t work. Normal Survival matches against Shadows won’t work either.

Anyone else having this issue or have any advice? Thanks


The Shadow Data has always been a bit finicky about working. It usually took me a few tries to get it going. There hasn’t been any changes to them so far. I say just keep trying and eventually it will work. For Shadow Lords shadow missions, if it acts up, just back out and try again if it doesn’t go at first.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply but your solutions are things that I’ve already tried & stated in my post above. Fighting Shadows worked fine for me before the update. I shouldn’t have to keep pressing the retry button 20+ times in order to get into a fight. This needs to either be fixed or the amount of Shadow Points it costs to buy Shadow skins needs to be heavily decreased because at this rate I’ll never be able to amass enough points to earn them all.


its been like this for a long time…id say almost a year. @KRAKENJIMMY is working on it but its in the list of priorities if i had to guess. At one time we talked about the more recordings you have on your character the harder it is to get the down load of the opponent as a work around.
Do you have a 2nd shadow with minimal recordings you can try just for testing?


We got it sorted out. Turns out I had to delete my Shadow character, which was fine by me & now I can fight against Shadows again in missions and survival battles. Thanks for pointing @KRAKENJIMMY in my direction so that they could help me out.


Yeeah no problem! His is workin his ■■■ off regardless what ppl out their think. Hes a good dude. I cant delete my shadow though… I did that a long time ago when the first bug came out if you had more than 70 friends that played shadow lords. I had to delete friends and my shadow. It took me a long time to build him back up again. I dont play shadows that much anymore so I guess it doesnt matter much right now for me.


Hi, any news about “Ready to Body Achievement”, also if you can’t fix it, you could remove it from Steam Achievements, many devs have removed achievements for some games they can’t fix so the players can make the 100%.


Nothing yet, will see if this is an option if we cannot get this resolved.


any news about “Ready to body” @KRAKENJIMMY


Please, it’s over a year of the release of the game and this achievement hasn’t been fix.
I have only a couple achievements and then i only have left this broken achievement, please if you can’t fix it, remove the achievement from Steam, many devs do that.