Patch Notes 3/7/18


I plan to play Ki over the weekend. I’ll try to reproduce the situations.


Back to back shadow linkers on Glacius stage or Wulf stage… OFFLINE


Confirmed Shin Hisako selection crashed for me on Xbox


We are so close to patch 4.0.0, when the new season will finally begin. 8 more characters, 12 more stages, ultimates for all and a bug that deletes the game forever. :frowning:


Good patch, and I’m happy to hear that Crimson Guardians will have a regularly scheduled appearance in Kan-Ramart from now on. It’s nice to know that many players who missed out on them the first time will get a chance to adopt the best Guardians in the game to kick the crap out of Gargos at the end of Shadow Lords.

With that said, I can’t help but to wonder- Will brand-new Crimson Guardians (Tiki, Lion, Owl, etc.) appear in the upcoming Limited Time promotional packs? @snickerdoodle (Thanks a bunch! :cookie:)



After this new update, i can’t play shadow survival anymore. The shadows just don’t load anymore. Is there anyone experiencing the same problem? Can you guys look into it? Ps: I play on xbox one s.


Shadow survival has been down for months…thats nothing new. It still works…it just doesnt work consistently. The larger your shadow file is ( how many recordings) the harder it is to load it up.


God, this is happening again? This happened near the end of January and they did have it fixed, but I guess it’s broken again… I’ll test it myself later and report back.


It’s been so long since we’ve had any crimson guardians pop up in the emporium that I’ve actually completely forgotten how much astral gems/ KI gold that they cost. Anyone remember what it was? Wanna make sure I have enough to get them when they come back.


Was there another update today?


Yes. I just downloaded it. Shadow survival still doesn’t work. I’m so frustrated. :confused:


I remember the crimson packs costing something like 2000 KI Gold or 3000 Astral Gems, for 1 crimson + 1 rare or higher, or something like that.

Also confirming Shin Hisako selectable, and Shadow Lab seems to have re-opened for business again! Thanks for the hard work on the updates!


When can we expect Crimson Guardians to start appearing again?


I thought this was the 3rd week of the month as well. All I see made available are limited time TIKI Cards. I don’t see any Crimson Packs being made available anywhere as of yet.


Do anybody know whats the new update announcement going to be??


Still no crimson packs eh?


I still can not select Shin Hisako. Every time I’m going to select her I’m directed to the Microsoft Store.
In addition all daily game prizes and shadow lords are unlocked even without playing.


BRUTAL! Killer live !!


Go to the thread …Still having issues with Eagle? MIght can get some SHinsako help there.


Literally waiting for the Crimson Packs.