Patch Notes 3/7/18



Patch was released today

Optimization nice. :ok_hand:t2:


Appreciate the Xbox one X optimisation. Thanks guys :heart:


Omg I thought there was Ultimates info



Nice to know KI is still getting improvements after all this time! Even if it’s just little stuff it’s good for the heart.


I worked hard on helping solve this 4K mystery :wink: I cant wait to try it out when i get home.


The crimson guardian packs on the 1st and 3rd weeks. Will they include the missing crimsons: owl, tiger, tiki, lion, etc…?


OMG Jago nerfs!?

I’m just joshing… it’s just an optimization patch, for the most part.


I just bought an Xbox One X so the timing of this is perfect. :ok_hand:


Are the updates immediately noticeable?


No clue yet. Won’t be able to play until tonight. Right now I’m just glad they’re addressing the issue.


waiting for sequel :sweat_smile:


Just checked the Steam version. No crashes so far on the leaderboards, so that’s a relief. Also finally we have a timeframe on crimson guardians! If this fixes some of the bugged achievements that would be nice too.

You should post this news on Steam directly. There’s not alot of us there, but it helps show that you guys are still maintaining the game. :smile_cat:

EDIT: Noticed some people were saying Shin Hisako is now bugged, so I went to do a double check. Yup, she crashed my game.


It’s on my list of things to do but it’s been a lil crazy around here. I’ll go do that now, appreciate the reminder. :heart:


Yay Crimson Guardians!

3.9, We are so close!!!


No. They removed him from the game. :smiley:


Fantastic. Also great to hear about Crimson Guardians. I can finally hopefully get that ONE achievement I don’t have for getting a perfect guardian.


I dont have anything to say on the patch notes, But i want to say thank you for ALL the continued work on the game.

I’m patiently awaiting my next chance to support the game and help it move forward. Long live K.I.!


Brb suggesting that for next patch, making sure your name is ALL over the notes!


Will cross-play ever be enabled for Steam and Xbox for Ranked?