Patch Notes 3/7/18


Over 200000 gems accumulated. Crimson cards and other promotional packs? Time to start Shadow Lords again.


I read “New patch”:

After reading it:

Only bugfixes (kinda good but after months of silence…)


Thanks again @FallofSeraphs76 for your hardwork sharing where you were seeing issues! Can’t wait to hear what you (all) think now!


My exact reaction to a T. But its great that they’re still supporting the game even if it is just a few bug fixes.

And I have to say that anytime I see @snickerdoodle post I immediately “Awwww” at the forum icon. If your dog’s name is actually Snicker Doodle that would be terrific. :heart_eyes:


Thanks James…but he true hero here is you my friend! Everyone…James is DA MAN!!! lol
This dude works his butt off on this game guys… respect!


Same exact reaction I had. It just feels good knowing that work is still going on with this game.

Absolutely!! Can’t thank you enough for all the work you do on this game @TotalJimkata


Can’t choose Shin Hisako on Ranked or Exhibition without the game completely freezing now.


Game runs almost flawlessly on the Xbox one x now . Well done


His name’s Titan! He is the best doggo ever.


Yes. Known issue that we’re looking into. No ETA on a fix tho.


Lol. Get a room guys.

Seriously, it’s good to know that these fixes are still being made.


I knew I wasnt crazy when this started happeneing when the 4K patch dropped! Most assumed it was lag…but I just couldnt accept that. Glad its fixed…Im testing it out now!


I tried shadow survival and is still buggy for me. it won’t let me play. I finally erased my shadow,the one with many recordings. But it’s was for nothing, survival still bugged. Such a shame :(:pensive:


I played a good bit last night and I had zero issues. Frame rates were perfect and no bugs or crashes. I did not try shadows though…will do that tonight.


Finally! The X1X patch we needed!


I played a bit last night as well, but I did experience a few issues. @khronosix can attest, during one of our matches the game almost crashed due to all the particle effects.


Read up.


I guess slightly pertinent to the Shin Hisako bug, does anyone know how to delete save data without it resyncing? I ask because I was able to play her on a guest account so i presume if I were to restart with lvl 1 everything I could play SK. I know this is a less than ideal fix and everyone shouldn’t do this but im a crazy person and I believe I can live with the consequences. Thank you in advance

EDIT: I found out how on a youtube video and SK was selectable. Time to grind back to lvl50 again


AWESOME!! :laughing::+1::heart:


Until you can reproduce, that’s just likely lag.
I actually attempted the actual moves that caused the frame rate to drop. There were specific sequences that would cause this… that is no longer the case.