Patch Notes 3/7/18


They said that my problem was different and that I should look at the specific thread.
I’ll have to search the entire forum.


who said that? You cant use the search bar and type “still having issues with eagle?”


Me. I said so.

The Shin Hisako thing rn is different than the Eagle thing. :slight_smile:


What thread is he supposed to look for then? Can you direct him to it or is he just misunderstanding?


Okay what’s wrong with the servers right now. I tried all week to get into matches, but I can’t find any matches. Tried ranked and exhibition.

Thought maybe it was because I tried at the wrong time. I live in Europe and maybe the game isn’t played around here as much anymore, so I have to try at night. Didn’t help either.
Also asked around and a bunch of Americans have the same issues. They told me it’s since this update. Took a lil brake so I didn’t notice earlier.

Is this a known issue?


No issues for me online… match making takes litterally seconds. The only issue in game for me right now is shadow survival…its hard as hell to get the Ultra tech servers to down load the next opponent.
Thats it.


Same here.


Seems like only xbox insiders have the match making issues. Couldn’t test yet, but a lot of people have confirmed that switching to a lower ring or opting out of the program fixes the match making issues.
I am currently in the beta ring and match making is horrible here. Gonna switch to delta later today.


Still. Waiting. On. Crimson. Guardians.


Actually, the Crimson Exemplar was live on Kan Ra’s shop in Shadow Lords earlier this week- I hope it’s still available if you needed it!





I’m waiting on crimsons I don’t already have. The last half of the deck.