Patch Notes 2.12

You want Patch Notes? We got em.

Check out the full Patch Notes here:


Great! We get Shadow Shadow Jago! This is very GREAT!

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So Shago comes out a day early? The hype will never end!


yes and no :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean he comes out 12/4… UTC time though!



Thanks for the opener/ender fixes, y’all!

“*Fixed a bug that allowed the version of High Vengeance that you cancel into to also catch lows.”

Awwww man and we were being so quiet too… :smiling_imp:


I’d assume that but it’s probably best to wait till tomorrow anyway.

“Fixed a bug where gravity could misbehave”

Go to your room, gravity! You’re grounded!


My Omen & Shago army is ready Lord Gargos! Waiting intensifies

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So 4pm pst and 7pm est?

Nothing for Omen ? Well, I can deal we that (but I hope he will be buffed a little with season 3, I like how he is now and I know he has potential but I think IG can do something for him)

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YUSS!! Can’t wait to play him!! Those HUD updates look really nice. You guys did an awesome job here.

Okay, I know I’m being derpy about this, but what is UTC? Ultra Tech Central? :smile:

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I don’t know about before, but IT IS NOW! :smiling_imp:

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UTC is universal time.

I’m in the North America, in the Eastern time zone…that is minus 5 hours from the UTC time.

@rukizzel So if Shago drops at 12 am UTC on Friday, that means he should be available around 7pm NA Eastern time on Thursday?

That’s what it should mean.


Aaaaaaand this is why I should google things lol. Or look them up on Wikipedia, as you did. I’m normally not that lazy, I swear! :smile:

Probably the dumbest moment I’ve ever had on the internet… lol

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So if I live in Brooklyn New York do I get the update 7pm?

Yeah “rivaled” achievement is getting fixed. Awesome guys. Thanks.

I read the first sentence as “2.12 will be trolling out later today.”

Pretty normal considering all the trolling that has come our direction this week from a certain person. You know who you are, mister!

I do not blame you

Has the update rolled out for anyone yet? Well past 4pm PST and still no update for me.