Patch Notes 2.11

The latest update to Killer Instinct Season 2 will start rolling out on November 3rd after 4pm PST/7pm EST and be an automatic update around 8pm PST/11pm EST.

New Features

*You can new purchase the long-awaited XP Boosters from the Store!
*Shadow Lab – Added ability to watch Shadow Match replays in Shadow Activity!
*Shadow Lab – Added Cinder and ARIA Shadows
*Added HUD Meter Volume slider to Audio Options

Shadow Lab Fixes

*Fixed an issue where Bounties were not deleted when the list reached its limit
*Fixed an issue where signing out during Shadow Activity rewards process caused a softlock
*Fixed an issue where Command Throws impacted the “Throw Tech” stat in Shadow Brain
*Fixed an issue where loading into a 100 SP tier Shadow Survival match actually loaded into a 50 SP tier match
*Various other system intelligence and performance improvements

Miscellaneous Fixes

*Renamed Kyle difficulty to “Ultimate (Kyle)”
*Fixed an issue that caused Alchemical Lab to appear washed out after playing in Crash Site
*Fixed an issue where Spinal’s Viking Boots appeared overly dark
*Fixed an issue where Riptor clip through her Dino Armor accessories
*Fixed an issue where Riptor’s Feathered Limbs had missing pieces
*Fixed an issue where Jago’s intro can be heard during Omen’s intro when vs Jago

System Changes:

*Fixed a bug that would eat a player’s special cancel input if their opponent performed a Shadow Counter during the blockstop from the attack.
*Fixed an issue that allowed several characters to perform Auto Doubles and Linkers after Instinct Activation following a Wall Splat. All characters must now perform a manual in order to combo after a Wall Splat.
*Fixed an issue preventing certain Shadow moves that were breakable after a Wall Splat from being Counter Breakable.
*Fixed a bug where some Enders could become counter breakable on whiff. Enders now only become breakable if the opponent is in a hit reaction.


*Fixed a bug that could cause two crouching light kicks to come out in one button press if performed late after a standing light kick.
*Fixed a bug that caused Shadow Tiger Fury to be Counter Breakable on block.


*Fixed a bug that could cause Linker Shadow Leaping Slash to be bluffable and blocked after certain attacks.


*Fixed a bug that could cause Linker Shadow Ankle Slicer and Linker Shadow Triplax to be bluffable and blocked after certain attacks.


*Fixed a bug that could cause Linker Shadow Blade Demon and Linker Shadow Widow’s Bite to be bluffable and blocked after certain attacks or jump cancels.


*Fixed a bug preventing Orchid’s Firecats in instinct from being destroyable by normals that destroy projectiles.

TJ Combo:

*Fixed a bug that could cause Linker Shadow Flying Knee to be bluffable and blocked after certain attacks.

Kan Ra:

*Fixed a bug that could cause Antilion to teleport Kan-Ra as if the hit was successful even if it missed, so long as the opponent was in hitstun from a swarm or another move.
*Fixed a very rare issue that could cause his Ultra Combo to drop the opponent.


*Fix a bug that would cause Primal Linkers to come out on Heavy Buttons instead of Heavy Auto Doubles if you performed an opener special move right after a flame attack.


*Fixed a bug we accidentally introduced in 2.10 that prevented Omen from canceling the later half of his throw into Instinct.


*Fixed a bug causing Peacemaker Command Grab to whiff if the opponent was armored.
*Fixed a bug causing Aganos to be throwable during the ground ‘face slam’ version of recapture.
*Fixed a bug that allowed Aganos to get a fresh Peacemaker in certain Grab->WallCrash situations even though it should have been destroyed.
*Fixed a bug where an opponent would still impact an Aganos wall after successfully performing a Combo Breaker.


*Fixed an issue causing the recapture stun to be much shorter on the Medium and Heavy versions of Air On Ryo Zan.
*Fixed a bug that could cause Linker Shadow On Ryo Zan to be bluffable and blocked after certain attacks.
*Fixed a bug preventing Possession from grabbing characters who were performing attacks labeled Unblockable (such as Glacius Shatter).


*Fixed a bug causing Heavy Fission to be very negative instead of very positive.
*Redid the bugged Inferno frame data to make it more useful in combat.
*Fixed a bug where Fission Linker hitboxes could be retriggered after a blowout.


*Fixed a bug that caused Explosive Arc to turn on projectile hitstop while a drone was hitting the opponent.

No changes for Spinal, Glacius, Fulgore, & Maya.


Just left home and went off to work. It’s gonna be a looong day :crying_cat_face:

Does this also imply we can change the volume of the KV sound effect? Or is this just for the shadow meter one?

… That’s the whole roster in Shadow Lab now, eh?


I dislike changing the name of Kyle difficulty


Finally, micro-transactions I actually agree on! I wonder, does this mean that double xp events will no longer happen or if they do continue, do our purchased xp stack to make it four times the xp?


I actually think it suits the theme of KI. Kyle was a nice touch because of its context to the original devs but after a while, the context became cloudy and more players questioned the significance of the name Kyle. Ultimate fits rather nicely to the idea of extremely threatening.

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insert its happening meme here.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that they will continue, and that the word “stack” will be used.


Oooh, experience boosters! Curious to learn how they work. Will there be separate boosters for each character? Season 1/Season 2 boosters? Will there be boosters of different strengths/“multipliers”? I might dabble and buy a few and use that to motivate myself to level up some other characters to 50…

Give me a few minutes and you will find out!

When can we expect Aria to switch between body types before the start of a round? I remember a comment that it was planned but didn’t work as intended (and was therefore removed).

That was added about two patches ago.

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Awesome stuff, still a little disappointed that Halloween is past and Shago isn’t’ done yet.

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Still no fix to the Aria bug where her drones can be combo broken during shadow moves??

Still no fix about the glitched rivaled achievement. Are you serious guys ?


For real, that one is just being swept under the rug 'eh?

Nice!! Looking to boost my XP a little bit. This is definitely a micro transaction I can get behind.

Some might wonder if the grind was put in with the purpose of adding boosters, but given how many wanted a longer grind and that double XP weekends already exist, I see this as an above board move for people that want to hasten their climb and maybe can’t play as much as they’d like. Many thanks, MS / IG!

Thanks for the rest of the patch as well. Still kinda curious when real boy Shago will be showing up. We’re in to November and still no date. Something tells me he’ll be more stocking stuffer than turkey side dish. It’s cool though. Take your time and get him exactly how you want him. I’ll try and be patient, I swear! :smile:

Finally a new update!! Was hoping for Shago…but o well… this will do! Glad Shadows has some new elements! Glad the Omen bug was fixed as well with the Jago audio! Thanks!

I was just about to ask lol I feel like we’ve been waiting for boosters a while so it would be weird not to have an introduction for them or something. Looking forward to getting the update!