Orchid's Ultimate

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I am not quite sure about Orchid’s potential Ultimate. I do not see the point in asking for specific ultimates, because it will have little influence on what would potentially be made. Just for the sake of discussion though, I guess all I have to say is that I’d like it to be cool. It would probably keep in line with the current ultimates. Incorporating her shadow Ichi Ni San move might be interesting.

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@snugglybunhead Now I decide as well as wish to ask you these particular questions and at the same time please excuse me for asking you these questions:

  1. I thought Orchid was AND still is known to be the “butt/big butt” while Kim Wu was known to be the “breasts/big breasts” particularly back in KI2, am I correct? :confused:
  2. Do you find/think Orchid STILL has that “butt/big butt” along with her shorts even in the new KI reboot by any chance?
  3. Do you think Sadira has thick hips AND a big butt too? And do you find her overall visual character design to be rather somewhat sexy as well as seductive even by any chance?
  4. Maya was known to be the “legs/thick legs” particularly back in KI2, am I correct?
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Hmmm I’m not really a KI expert, my bf got me into it but I can give my opinion.

  1. Orchid definitely has strong legs and a big healthy bum lol But her breasts are big too, not big I guess in video game standards. But she is definitely over a D cup and that’s big aha I haven’t played Ki2 too much but I think that’s an easy thing to say about all girl characters. The same as saying the guy characters have huge arms, and big bulging abs. I don’t think I would say Jago is the bicep guy vs glacius being the muscular leg guy. I think what people notice in a girl or a guy is very subjective. I totally notice Orchid’s ■■■■■, but I love big ■■■■■ Aha

  2. I do know from personal experience that to have a nice bum and legs like Orchid, you definitely need to be doing lots of good exercises and some weight training. A healthy lifestyle I’d say : ) And yes I totally luv how she rocks the green shorts in the new reboot, she’s my favourite.

  3. Sadira’s costume definitely makes you notice her hips a lot more. She is beautiful but not my type of sexy, Orchid is more my type of sexy personally.

  4. I have no idea, but Maya definitely has strong legs in the reboot. She’s my second favourite character. But to be honest, all these girls have strong awesome legs just like the guy characters have bulging biceps - minus some of the monster characters lols

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They didn’t remove it because of sexism. Microsoft made the decision to not have her flash finsiher because they wanted to keep a t-rating.

However some of the ultimates do have their funny moments, like Riptor’s starts off funny.

So far, Orchid isn’t in the upcomming pack. But you know what I say to that?


It’s not just the rating. They seem to be making a point to not engage in social politics, and make it very clear that they are trying to be respectful of any group they represent, whether it be women, native Americans, or other game franchises.

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i dont think flashing her ■■■■■ would kill anyone hahah.

Agree time has moved on! id LOVE to see some amazing SAS though! Orchids taunt is SO wonderfully animated and its SUPER sassy.

we need more of that!


That makes sense.

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I know that’s what you really meant to say. :wink:

I’m not trying to be funny. That’s today’s reality.

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not to jump in here (but I totally am) everything can be taken as sexist. there’s currently a movement to stop labeling breastfeeding as “natural”. as it implies it’s a mothers role to breastfeed.

women usually grocery shop, sexist? men can do this as well but typically don’t.

is it sexist that I have to take the trash out? women can do that as well.

you guys can sum it up all how u wish but at the end of the day, when people talk about these things it is in a general “probability” kind of way. yes all things don’t apply in all situations. but when I say the grass is green I’m not counting the dead spots.

unless it’s totally vulgar or offensive, let people think the way they want. it’s really no skin off of anyone.


I’m pretty sure the KI team didn’t go through the trouble of contacting Nez Perce representatives to help craft Thunder’s design, and not only that but went back to them to help design his “legend” outfit 2 seasons later as well, simply to avoid getting sued.
I meant to say in my previous post exactly what I said.


Don’t be so naive man. It may look well intentioned, but when organizations, companies, etc. do things like that, they’re trying to avoid getting sued.

Trust me. I work in government. It’s like walking on eggshells with every single thing you do nowadays.

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I hate walking on egg shells ; s But you’re right, that’s what it’s like nowadays a lot of the time and it stinks. Everyone is being offended all the time and it just gets ridiculous. Stops cool things from happening or slows them down at least.

Here’s to hoping Orchid’s Ultimate will be awesome and not too “safe”


*sigh *
I’m not saying I disagree with you, but the steps the KI team have taken towards respecting the groups they are representing clearly show that they are going well above and beyond simply avoiding getting sued.

As far as Orchid’s Ultimate, I sincerely doubt they will go anywhere near being hyper sexualized, not just because it’s not in the new Orchid’s character, but also because they have been mostly reusing assets from already existing moves, and Orchid really doesn’t have anything that could swing in that direction. So the chances of having anything close to her OG flash Ultimate/No Mercy is beyond slim.

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Some people will always find a reason to be offended, not because it’s 2017 or because millennials are snow flakes or because liberal this / conservative that, but because technology brings us all together in ways that it never did in the past.

So you have a far greater number of people actively interacting in a far greater variety of ways and in many cases doing so anonymously or at a distance, thus reducing inhibitions dramatically.

So yeah, the odds increase of finding people that will dislike something or be offended by it. I don’t think that necessarily means we live in a snowflake culture. I think it just means, if anything, that people are more willing to give their opinion, even if it results in a disagreement.

Of course, the response by the internet over the years has become more extreme, as people become angrier on both sides. Some people really want to offend others and take enjoyment in it and some people really want to be offended. I’ve seen people cry “censorship” or insult the KI devs because they decided to take certain views with the characters they make, as if it’s not their choice.

Of course, the same could be said for Street Fighter V’s female character designs. Some have bagged on the devs and looked down on how over the top the designs are and how those images contribute to a culture that tells women they’re objects and tells men to objectify them.

So who’s right? Well, no one, obviously. We all just have our opinions. It’d be awesome if we could all have discussions about these things without labels, assumptions or being offended by how offended someone is at our offensive opinions and that whole cycle of hypocrisy.

It’d be nice if we could leave the narrative that “everyone’s offended” out of the conversation and just talk about stuff, even if we don’t agree or come to an agreement. But that doesn’t seem to be the way of things. People have a hard time dealing with the opinions of others, and that knows no era or political ideology. It’s human nature. The more we accept the fact that we’re around more people then we ever have been and what that means, the better off we’ll be, I think. But that probably won’t happen.

As for Orchid, I’d like to see her get a badass ultimate. Something with style and cool camera work. I’d love it if they could involve the helicopter from her background, like she calls in an airstrike and missiles fly in from all over the place, but that might not be overly practical and it might look a bit weird in a black background.

PS: Nice conversations here, OP! Both the one about Orchid’s ultimate and the one about sexism.


Those are some good points there.


This is exactly the nail on the coffin on why I keep my distance from these particular issues.


Yes, that is SO VERY true as we are now living in an era of political correctness and at the same time where oversensitivity is increasingly becoming rampant too. Overall we are currently living in a PC culture where EVERYTHING nowadays is considered offensive and politically incorrect :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


They had a good south park episode about it *giggling


Not to get too off topic, but isn’t every episode of South Park about someone getting offended over something??

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I’m offended you would even say that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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