Orchid's Ultimate

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I’m actually glad orchid doesn’t have an ultimate yet. Was pretty surprised the original main protagonist didn’t get her ultimate, but now kinda don’t mind. Maybe after all the feedback IG gets they can make a really awesome Orchid ultimate. Besides orchid is just one woman she doesn’t speak for all, so I don’t see why she can’t be sexual. Not like all the girls are sexualized. I mean Orchid still has a sexual side even if it’s not as prevalent as the old games.

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Yeah but they do the same to the guys, all the guys have huge bulging muscles. I’m sure all the guys playing KI don’t all look like Jago lol Same with the girl characters. They just accentuate what makes a woman feminine and what makes a guy look more masculine (in the case of a fighting game). And as a girl I don’t mind at all. I can personally say I don’t like bulging muscles like that lol Some muscle is okay, but KI muscle is definitely big aha But none of it offends me or bothers me and I find Orchid very sexy!

I workout a lot though and love big bums and ■■■■■, I’m very girl when it comes to that stuff and my preference. So Orchid to me feels right at home and her spin leg kick moves are awesome aha

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Ultimates represent the character and expands an important part of the character. Jago for instance has the tiger spirit as a major characteristic. The tiger spirit allows Jago to do Endodukens. Exaggerating this makes a huge giant fireball. If you ask me one thing about Fulgore that identifies him, I would say the hype beam and that is exactly what his ultimate is. How would Orchid flashing represent her character at all?

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No one said that flashing would represent her. I just said I found the original one awesome and funny and it would be great if they did something tongue and cheek again. That’s all

I liked someone’s firecat idea here, that one was fun !

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@snugglybunhead Okay, I am curious now: What exactly makes Kim Wu look like a magician in the new KI? How exactly does she look like one? :confused:


It’s just my opinion lol But I think she would look a lot cooler like this. I like the sleek and tight look personally, that’s why I like Orchid’s outfit a lot too. I really would love a new girl character who is like a hacker, and can hack machines and is sort of this rouge girl. I like rebellious bad asses lol

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@snugglybunhead I can certainly imagine now that Orchid’s new theme is one of your favorite KI character themes to listen to for the new KI, yes? Would you even say Orchid’s new theme would definitely make a cool, awesome, and excellent dance and party as well as (in your case) workout music? :smile: :grin: :sunglasses:

P.S. What about TJ Combo’s new theme? Another great track music to work out to also, yes? :wink:


The music in Ki is awesome, but it also changes with the game lol So it’s not something I usually listen to during a workout. Oddly enough my favourite music in Ki is that main guitar melody track and the VS menu track. But when it comes to workouts I’ll usually listen to something like this

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I think a nice nod to the original Ultimate from the first KI, but staying in confines of the T rating, would be:

Orchid faces her opponent, back facing the screen. She unzips her front, there is a look of shock from her opponent. The camera pans to her chest and reveals a bunch of grenades. Orchid tosses all the grenades at her opponent, does a quick leap (cat leap perhaps) away and you see a big white explosion.