Orchid's Ultimate

I did a search on this forum to see if there was any progress on Orchid’s Ultimate move (my favourite character so far) and I was surprised at how many people were talking about sexism and other issues that I just don’t feel have anything to do with anything.

I play KI with my boyfriend and I love it’s over the top style. I don’t like orchid just because I am a girl but because I love the firecat and all of her moves. The lighting and style is very cool and I love how she looks in her shorts when she’s kicking butt.

My bf showed me the old arcade video of orchid flashing and I totally luved it!! It made me giggle and laugh so much. There’s nothing sexist about it, it’s very tongue and cheek and funny. I find it hilarious when a strong guy faints at the sight of a pretty girl. I find that to be the opposite of sexism, I actually find it empowering as a girl. We girls have ■■■■■ and we like having ■■■■■, and we like being distracting when we want to be. This is something I don’t think guys will ever understand fully. BUT I really hope they keep Orchid sexy and tough, because I don’t relate to the other girls on KI other than Maya.

Maya is very cool but Orchids’ body and style are closer to me and I totally luv her bad ass attitude of not giving a f***. I’m not judging what anyone prefers here BUT I did want to say that Orchid’s Ultimate should be sexy and fiery, just like she is. It’s so much cooler than a lame ‘actual’ fire cat. She’s beautiful and deadly, I luv it and she’s the perfect character for me : ) Thanks so much for not making her look too manly. And please introduce more girl characters!

A girl character like Junko from Desert Punk would be awesome, she’s a bad ass and one of my favourites : ) KI needs more girls, and not creepy ones! Just my thoughts. Thanks for listening.

p.s - And if you don’t want to make Orchid’s ultimate sexy and fun like it should be, than you should introduce “Killer” finishing moves which are sexy or funny. Being too serious is never good and I would love to see some more humour in some of the finishing moves : ) mortal kombat is much too serious and violent for me ; S


So now what are your thoughts on the other female KI characters? How do you feel about the other female characters in Killer Instinct?

Kim Wu?
Shin Hisako?

I do, but Orchid is my favourite and I want her to have a really great Ultimate : )

I don’t really have much of an opinion on the other girl characters because I don’t play with them too much but from a visual perspective. I find Hisako & Shin Hasako so similar that I was a little dissapointed they didn’t release a bad ■■■ girl with a big bazooka or something cool instead. A bad ■■■ girl technician who could be fulgore’s worst nightmare because she has the ability of programming machines or something else cool!

I personally wish Mira had more costume choices, but that goes with all the girl characters. I think Aria is pretty cool (but like Orchid more for myself) and Kim Wu would look a lot cooler in something that doesn’t make her look like a magician lol These are my opinions though and I’m picky about clothes and love choice.

But I would definitely love another girl character who was closer to Orchid or Maya, than another Hisako if I had to give my opinion on it.


One reason she may not get her original ultimate is because it may not fly for the game’s T rating. Maybe if it were an M, it would probably not matter, but both the developers and Microsoft have made the decision to keep the game T rated. Honestly, I think it’s just as well, as the T rating allows them to sell to a wider audience with less restriction, and when you have an M rating like Mortal Kombat’s, the violence can grow a little out of control. I like this game’s artistic balance, and how it handles character and stage design. I’m not a fan of all the designs (I really feel like ARIA’s design is underwhelming), but I like the overall look of the game.


I agree and love the look of the game as well and like that it’s not too violent. But let’s be honest, what teen doesn’t know about ■■■■■? lols That’s why I find it so funny and rather sexist to be told something with lots of blood and violence is okay BUT oh no, Orchid has ■■■■■ that are big or can be used for breast feeding! Watch out everyone lol Lets hide what woman are made of because it’s offensive (doesn’t make any sense)

I think this is something we need to get past already. Sexy and fun should count under teen, because it’s not ■■■■. You can’t even see any side boob in the arcade version, it’s very tame. (and side boob is fine!)

My little brother who is 6 screams ■■■■■ at me all the time when we’re playing minecraft or something. Boys know what ■■■■■ are lol We need to be mature about this issue already.

■■■■■ should not be higher rated than violence when it comes to messing little kids up because we all know that ■■■■■ don’t cause anyone any harm. BUT they do if Orchid is doing a special ultimate aha Which is awesome, I luv it lol

edit - I didn’t realize I wasn’t allowed to say that word, that’s too funny to me *giggling. Sorry for anyone offended

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Well, tell that to the ESRB.

Another reason they may have no tangible desire to use the old ultimate is because the older versions of KI were a lot more silly and campy, and while the current version IG develops still has those silly and campy moments, Double Helix worked to make the game slightly more serious and more developed as a game and as a story. They elected to do away with the awful time travel story stuff in the old games, and they really wanted to give the old characters new life and new designs to reflect the game’s revival, to which IG has kept this tradition going with the returning cast they helped develop.

So any ultimate Orchid receives will probably be a reflection of her new design and personality. My guess, she’s probably gonna call in an airstrike on her enemy CoD style. Her intro does have her remotely talking to someone through a walkie talkie, probably could call that in and get out of Dodge before the fire reigns down on her opponent. Something like that.

You’re guess is as good as mine.

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I hear ya but I wasn’t saying to bring back the original Ultimate in the exact way. But saying that anything similar to that would be cool and as a fan of the character, I would personally luv that. And that the original one is very funny lol

Maybe KI should have friendship type endings like in mk. Even mk gets silly and it would be sad to see KI get too serious for it’s own good. But Orchid is still my fav to play : )

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Edit: I have been thinking about what I had posted below every now and then, since the time that I posted it. And I really regret the way that I had responded. While I will mention that I was not factually incorrect on all of my points, the way that I phrased most of what I posted was a poor decision. It makes me appear to be someone that I am not, (a jerk) and most importantly, I think it might have ruined someone’s time on the forums.

I took a rude approach, basically. Rather than calmly mentioning the issue in a non accusatory “maybe it’s not best to generalize about men/women inaccurately,” sort of way, I decided to go the “OMG THAT WAS SEXIST YOU ARE BAD” route. Not only is that a really ineffective and rude way of convincing someone, it can instantly and easily move people into the defensive route, since understandably most people would not want to agree with someone that phrases their arguments that way.

To you snugglybunhead, I am very sorry.

My blurred, but unedited old post is down below. I don’t want to remove any context, so I won’t delete anything. Keep in mind It very much does not align my current viewpoint! (Even back then it didn’t fully)

Yes, there is nothing sexist about Orchid’s old Ultimate. It certainly is sexual, though. I personally dislike it.

It is absolutely not the opposite of sexism, or misogyny. I think you meant misogyny. Sexism can be about males or females. Misandry is towards males only, while misogyny is only towards females.

This sentence actually is sexist. Speaking on behalf of women/girls as a whole… You know that different women have different viewpoints on things right? Not every one of them think this way. And guys will never understand that fully? You do know that there are males that also want to have distracting bodies right?

Let me type a similar sentence, but with some word changes.

“We black people like beige carpets. That is something that I don’t think Asian people will completely understand.”

Most people will instantly recognize how incredibly racist that is.

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Aha no, you’re completely misreading and putting your own words in there.

I said that women being distracting is something men won’t fully understand because they don’t distract us in the same ways. I didn’t say we had to look a certain way. But society allows us to get away with a lot more things than men do when it comes to being appealing or fashion.

Please don’t be angry with me just because you’re angry yourself. I have nothing but love to give and I’m sorry you took me so out of context rather than focusing on what I was talking about. And that is that I would love a cute and sexy tongue and cheek Ultimate for Orchid, my opinion and I know that. But please don’t label me or assume I’m a certain way because of how you want to interpret things.


Kim Wu magician lol

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My idea of a playful but kick a** orchid ultimate:
Orchid round house kick her opponent into the air, and shoots a stream of electricity at her opponent.
Orchid launches into the air turning into a huge fire-cat head then eating her opponent before driving the head back into the ground causing an explosion. Orchid jumps out of the explosion with smoke everywhere. The camera is positioned in a way that the audience sees her shoulders and the top of her chest, leaving her breast out of screen of course. Orchid realizing her clothes are gone looks surprised she then covers her breast and looks back at her opponent, mad that she had to go all out on them to the point she burned off her clothes.


For me, I’ve always thought her helicopter kick sums up unique & ultimate totality.

I kinda hope they don’t give her one though- I’m severely scared

Edit: My current views do not fully align with this post. For an explanation, please read my post above. (Number 8)

So, you claim that I label you and assume you are a certain way, right after you labeled me and assumed I am a certain way?

I am not angry at all. I did not call you sexist or misread anything. I just said that that one sentence is sexist.

No… You said this.

Like I said before, that sentence is sexist. So, saying that “girls” think a certain way, or that “guys won’t understand” is fine?

What would happen if someone went and talked to “guys” to see why they do not understand “girls” desire to have distracting bodies? Or if someone tried to find out why “girls” want that in that first place? I guarantee that you will have different answers. “Guys” or “Girls” are types of people. Desiring to have a distracting body is not a requirement of being a woman or girl. Not understanding that desire is not a requirement of being a man or boy.

Saying broad statements about things like “wanting to have a distracting body” based on the sex of a person, literally is sexist.

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Now I don’t seem to understand what exactly you’re saying there :confused:

Lol Oh my gosh, if you think me saying that yes we women have breasts (small or big) and yes when we choose to be distracting (like when with loved ones or other situations as we choose) is sexist, than I just don’t know what to tell you! lols I’m very sorry. You must have a very evolved way of having a relationship that doesn’t use the body (including vocal chords). Maybe it’s telepathic? Anyway, I am totally envious of you : )

And yes you come off as very aggressive when you compare my comments to that of a racist person *giggles

Anyway, I’m not here to pick a fight with anyone. If you honestly think I’m sexist or an alien or whatever, I can’t stop you from thinking that. It’s totally creative! But… unfortunately totally off topic. I already said I’m not here to offend anyone and apologized if I did, you are just trying to paint a picture of me that does not exist. But that’s your business

I totally just want to talk about Orchids’ Ultimate move, that’s what I’m excited about ! : )

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Orchid’s ultimate should be similar to strider hiryu’s super move, legion, but with flaming cats. :-).


Her ki2 helicopter super move that could be extended on her ultra so that she propels the loser up in the sky away from the screen

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Edit: My current views do not fully align with this post. For an explanation, please read my post above. (Number 8)

When did I say that? Perhaps you should read the posts again.

This is not even close to a fight. It is just a discussion. I have not verbally attacked you even once. I hope you don’t misunderstand my point of view; I am extremely against sexism/racism. Explaining what is and isn’t sexist is not an attack, and I am not spiteful towards you. I apologize if that is what it came off as, but it simply was not.

Hm… That is honestly hypocritical. You have “painted a picture” of me that does not exist. I have not said anything assumptive about you as a person, and I certainly do not think that you are an alien. (Or are you…?)

Your whole post is incredibly sarcastic and arrogant. I have already explained the sexism of the original post twice. I don’t “think” that this is sexist… it literally is. It is possible to say sexist things without being a sexist person.

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You’re right, I am a very sarcastic person but I’m not arrogant, I just like to poke fun and be silly. I’m not very politically correct because I love humour, so you will probably find me very offensive and spend time labeling things I am saying as this or that because that’s your deal, that’s how your brain sees things and wants to spend it’s time doing. I’m not making you compare me to racist people or anything else you’re trying to convey to me here *giggling

You say you’re a big believer in calling out sexist comments and that I am arrogant. But you claim for a fact that you ‘know’ that what I said was sexist. But I know that what I said was just a silly remark and shouldn’t be taken that seriously. So gosh where does I leave us? Totally no where.

I am curious what your thoughts on Orchids’ Ultimate move would be though? You’ve established yourself as the fighter of the sexes, I’m sure you’d come up with an interesting move. Care to share? : )

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Anyway, if the developers are reading this. Please make Orchid’s Ultimate fun!! I’m putting my vote towards that : ) Thank you

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