Orchid alternate costume


i decided to design and alternate costume for orchid like i did with jago,for that idea i was inspired more of the work of spy of orchid than the military costume she actually has, a special leather suit with little touches of sexiness that remember her personality,if you have an idea for alternate costume for orchid,please post here!

Alternate costume ideas

Cool design :+1:


I love the jacket.

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yeah i think in variations on her back logo instead of (HOT) maybe (KI) or xbox logo


Wish it was in the game she looks more like a spy in this concept art.


Neato, very nice, and not bad at all man :slight_smile: :grin: :+1:

Kan-Ra alternate costume

That is very nice.

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Instead of giving us guests they should give guest costumes/accessories. Based on your designs I could easily see Orchid dressed as Joanna dark for example.


So Nina Williams with batons.

I can get behind that. It’s a cool look.


Especially if they gave it some color.



This looks super Joanna Dark to me.

I still can’t understand why MS hasn’t given us cross promotional outfits or colors. Joanna dark orchid, Lara Croft orchid. There’s so much they could do.

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Yeah, pretty much that. :+1:


I wanna see all characters drawn!

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@rukizzel pretty please

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Imagine orchid with injustice2 type gear options.

Wonder if orchid will ever rise again…


Give Kim Wu K-Pop attire than the accessories. Something like Girls’ Generation or Black Pink.


do you made that ? cause im really impressed,but instead the green outfit i was thinkin totally black with a little variations on her green patterns


that’s the idea making justice to all characters that doesn’t have an alternate costume like thunder

for the moment i have elements to make an alternate costume for kan ra , hisako also eagle i continue to collect every day ideas for the rest of the cast i don’t want to make a forced costume if i don’t have exactly the vision of what i want to draw


I actually have no idea of Kim but thanks for the proposal, I will keep it in mind when I work on it