Orchid alternate costume

in the future I will contemplate buying a digital tablet and update these concept arts with full color


EXCELLENT WORK! your outfit idea is godlike!!!

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It’s a photoshop job of some existing official artwork with Orchid and Black Widow.


color version soon


So who’s next?

  • TJ Combo: Perhaps he can have Jax’s MKDA alt
  • Kim Wu: Real K-Pop outfit from various girl groups: SNSD (Girls’ Generation), BlackPink, Girl’s Day, APink, Lovelyz, Red Velvet, etc.
  • Mira: Anything from Underworld’s Kate Beckinsale
  • Tusk: Modern Thor-like outfit?

next ? ok i want to draw kan ra emperor of babylon, he defeated the king and now he is the true master of ancient magic i have almost all the elements for draw he’s alternate design

Tj combo ; it’s little difficult to imagine but my idea is basically Tj involved with ultratech,betraying the night guard

Kim ; as i say i have no minimal idea,she’s half korean half chinese,since her design is all chinese,i think that’s a great idea She is intelligent,funny,loud,silly i want to draw something funny,a modern korean style outfit

Mira: For her i only think on carmilla from castlevania thats my vague idea i need to explore more elements for a solid idea

Tusk : tusk,its interesting to think … norse mitologic warrior ? yes something similar to Thor

Well for Kim, research kpop girl groups. There’s more to just PSY.

For Korea, Maybe something like Hwoarang and Juri.j

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i uploaded the color version for her design,this is my interpretation of the main color of course i think in another version like thunder with red/blue/ instead of these two orchid can change the green patterns for yellow patterns ,its been a pain in the ■■■ trying to coloured this on photoshop,i really need that digital tablet lolol …so NEXT i need to do the same with jago before starting a new costume

Something to help for Kim Wu (as a girl):

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Your welcome!

Added another vid to help.

update lol finally

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Zipper makes ■■■■■-flashing-finisher more convenient =__O

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hahahhaha maybe lol

Cool costume idea, but I wonder why I keep seeing artists on the internet making Orchid’s skin 3 shades lighter than her actual skin color.

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Same with Jade in Mortal Kombat. It saddens me…

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Especially Jade. Well if we really wanted to go deep into this rabbit hole, the explanation (outside of possible artistic liberty) is quite clear. This reminds of the controversy behind Vanessa from Virtua Fighter.

Which also reminds me:
Have you seen the images of Orchid’s Ultimate Source figure and how they also significantly lightened her skin color?

I mean, just look:


At least Jade had her dark skintone in-game in MK9, but that’s no excuse for that official render of her…

Oh, I remember this all too well…

It’s just disgusting…

I have not, no.
But I know Syco did the same with Jade:


the original concept art of orchid has lighter skin than in game :

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And yet your creation as well as other people’s creations depicts her with skin even lighter than her original concept art. There’s a reason why the developers decided to make her skin color the way it is in game. Your artistic interpretation basically made her skin color the same as Sadira/Mira.