Open Suggestion to Microsoft for QnA

Without a doubt I’m sure many community members and players surely have questions about Killer Instinct. We haven’t received any kind of information about KI from the developers for quite some now regarding the current game or its future.

Perhaps we squared this privilege away some time ago but keeping people in the dark for this long can’t be any better. This is an open suggestion to Microsoft to start some sort of question and answer and give the loyal community some answers on a few things. For example there are still people I speak with on a daily basis that think this game is still in development especially with the influx of new players coming in trying out the game because of all the sales that just happened.

Even at the very least if a QnA style isn’t possible perhaps maybe just an official blog post to to give a general update about the game.

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While I love the idea. I think we know what they would say. “We can’t say anything just yet”

Microsoft thinks that if people know active development has stoped, then people will stop buying it. So the are not gonna say anything until they release a sequel. And if they never make a sequel, then they’ll never say anything.


Yes Please! Id love to hear something, even if its bad news. If I had to guess the Guys are ready and trying to get the green light. Maybe they just arent being given the green light to move forward or maybe they have to finish something else first? WHo knows but it would be nice to know something.

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Honestly LCD at this point what’s the difference…we all know dev on KI 2013 is over, and like it or not MS silence on the matter pretty much confirms that. Most we’ll get is a patch for a bug here and there…if that.

I actually take their silence on KI as a good thing overall…why? Because Phil has stated he believes they have announced games way too early in the past and it’s burned them. If KI4 is in development we won’t here ■■■■ about it till probably at the earliest a year ahead of release. If MS was talking now it would mean either more content for KI 2013 which I think at this point is not a smart use of resources and have to be done by MS themselves since IG has moved on…or be a rushed KI4 that’s handicapped by current gen hardware which I think we can agree at this stage in the gen would be an AWFUL idea. Xbox Two is not coming in 2019.

Worst case scenario is KI is over and done as a franchise and MS no longer cares…I don’t believe that at all.

Best case (and IMO very likely) scenario is an all new KI4 for next gen hardware, possibly a 2020 launch window title, and if that was the case guess what…we wouldn’t hear anything from them till next E3 at the absolute earliest…probably not even then if Xbox Two launches in Fall 2020 (or even later) like most people believe.

Well, I think that’s kinda LCD’s point. There are still people out there that don’t know this game is complete or that IG hasn’t touched this game in over a year. Might not be the worst idea to tell the new players in some way, shape or form, whether it’s a Q&A, a blog post, a mention on the Week in Xbox show, etc that the game is complete.

That said, I’m not sure what else you want them to say, LCD. If they say the game is complete, what other questions would they realistically need to answer in a Q&A that they could actually talk about? You know they wouldn’t say anything KI4 related. So yeah, I’m just curious what else you had in mind.

I’m curious how far in to development Battletoads is given that they literally just announced its existence at E3 and that was about it. But I think for the most part, you’re absolutely right here. I doubt KI4 gets announced anytime soon and if it does, it’ll likely be rather far along in development. Something tells me that’s not the case.

I think it’s possible. As much as I’ve enjoyed all three generations of Xbox and the games they bring out, for every Halo, Gears, Fable and Forza that has several iterations, there are other great games that only got one bite at the proverbial apple, maybe two, before withering on the vine of history.

Sorry, that was needlessly melodramatic lol. But think about how many games that have reviewed well and played well, maybe even sold relatively well, have been left in the dust. Even with KI not getting a Halo type budget, part of me still kinda worries that MS will just keep throwing more darts out there to make good games, and KI has been tried, and can now be abandoned, even if the game turned out well.

Who knows. I hope that’s not the case, as I sincerely believe that this is one of the best fighting games I’ve ever played. I just worry that this alone isn’t enough. Crimson Skies was a great game. Lost Odyssey is one of the best JRPGs I’ve ever played. Sunset Overdrive was a phenomenal game, yet when it came time, if I’m not mistaken, MS basically turned it down Sunset Overdrive 2. I could be wrong, but I could swear I saw that somewhere.

That would be a great scenario. Part of me really wishes that MS had purchased IG during their studio buying frenzy to make them their Killer Instinct developer (along with some other stuff). Still, any new KI game, I’d have to think, will be heading to the next gen system. My gut tells me that the games announced at this year’s E3 are probably the last generation of big titles coming to XB1.


I mean, what if they have nothing to say?

History, with this game and others, makes it pretty clear that “fans” will hyper analyze even a meaningless generic statement, sprinkle on a huge spoonful of wishful thinking and then two years from now accuse the devs of “lying to them” when their dreams don’t come true. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from them making a statement right now and lots to be lost. If they made a statement right now it would just tell me they have terrible PR people.

Just imagine a zero content, feel good statement like the following (completely fictional statement):

“We here at MS have been amazed at the fan response to Killer Instinct and are grateful that the game has been able to rekindle the passion of such a dedicated community. We are not able to announce anything about the future of the franchise right now, but as always we are listening to our fans and communities and if or when we have something to announce you will find it here in the KI forums website.”

Imagine people losing their ■■■■ about the above - arguing that it PROVES KI 4 is under development or that it PROVES the franchise is dead. Now imagine a QnA session where they have to answer every question with “we don’t have anything to say about that at this time.”

@itzLCD, I don’t begrudge you any attempt to capture some attention for your streams/social media or whatever. But do you honestly think this is a useful suggestion? Also, could you point me to a real live person who thinks active development is underway for KI 2013? I have a bridge I’d like to sell them…


Wow. It didn’t take long for the cynics to show up hear. Drink a mellow yellow. Calm down and stop being such an ■■■■■■■. Sure, the game isn’t being developed. And we all know this. The point is, that when people ask if it is or isn’t, and they don’t give a straight yes or no, it comes across as lying to the consumer, making them believe that their might be something more coming when there very clearly isn’t so that the game doesn’t stop selling. That’s what I take issue with. And that’s why I want them to make a statement. Nothing like the fluff post example you gave either. I just want someone to ask “is KI in active development” and a simple response “no”. Then everything is on the table and we can all move on with our lives and this discussion doesn’t need to keep happening.

We have discussed this many times, and I completely disagree with you that MS providing a statement would do anything and I’m not going to argue with you (again) about it. But I would appreciate you not calling me an ■■■■■■■. It’s completely unwarranted. People who disagree with you are not ■■■■■■■■ just because they disagree with you.


I wouldn’t if you didn’t sound so aggressive when you wrote things. There is no need for that. I admit, I escalated when I shouldn’t have. But I felt provoked. Not because of what you said, but how you said it.

Take it for what you will but from what I know (through anonymous sources) no development on a new KI has yet to start at all, not even concepts. I’m sure we all want a new next gen KI but I’m in no rush personally.

Microsoft and IG use to do a lot of question and answer stuff during those textural streams put on by @BlitzedKraig. Obviously those who frequented these forums and those in the loop would know KI is pretty much done on the development side but it would still be a great opportunity to ask other questions such getting to know the devs better or what their favorite moment was working on the game etc etc. Clearly we’re not entitled to anything but getting some kind of closing for the community would be nice; one final textural stream!

What gave you the impression that I suggested this to get attention to my stream/twitter? I haven’t been in good graces with those folks at MS for a while now so if the thought that this would be something that took place on my stream then you would be mistaken. This was just an open suggestion to them to operate and handle on their own time if they wanted as they use to have them frequently during active development.

Furthermore the evidence that people believe KI is still being worked on is all around you: Twitter, Reddit, Twitch Streams, these forums etc. There are still threads with people suggesting S4 and new characters or finishing the ultimates because they just don’t have a clue. Hell I just saw someone thank IG for fixing the recent server issues plaguing the game not knowing it was 100% fixed on Microsoft’s side.

Perhaps I should of stated things differently in the original post but honestly the main goal of the idea is to just give the community one final way to ask some cool questions to Microsoft and it wouldn’t have to been about a new KI at all but some fun ones perhaps. For example I would love to ask them about why Joanna Dark never made it in over ShinSako or Kilgore despite being most voted in that summer survey a couple years back. How about a more technical one as to why they can’t or won’t turn on ranked cross-play with steam.


Next time read it in a kindler, gentler voice. I’m not going to apologize for your interpretation of what I said - all of which I completely stand behind and would say again. Anyway, moving on…

I didn’t mean it as an insult - you have a tendency to show up every couple of months and make one of these comments, and you did link to your twitter account. Otherwise I just can’t really understand why you think this will work out. I think it would be lovely if we could count on everybody to behave the way they should and not grill the developers or overreact to things and we could have a lovely, frank, conversation with the developers about their work in this game and completely noncommittal musings about future work. But I feel like you have enough experience to know that people will not allow that to happen. A subset of the community will “weaponize” everything that gets said and it creates a huge downside for the developers to participate in this kind of discussion. And the only upside is just that it would be cool. But I wouldn’t approve an activity for my employees not would my boss approve an activity for me that had such a potential downside just because it would be cool and fun.

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While I don’t necessarily think the idea is an objectively good decision from MS’s standpoint, I think it has merit. Inside looking out, it may give off a feeling of solidarity in regards to love of the game, franchise, and community. They may not value that anymore following the S2 - early S3 hate that persisted in tournament and regular player streams. Outside looking in, it may just bring those doomsayers back with "I told you so"s and more hate, as you already expressed.

At the end of the day, the only way they do this sort of thing is if they already have some sort of comfort in regards to a future project regarding the series. Even then, I doubt they’d do it without some sort of nod toward a new release, which means it’d have to be further in development than the air seems to give off.

Either way, I’m down for a new KI on a “Next Gen” system, whatever that means in regards to MS saying they don’t want to do Generations anymore.

I’m not ready for the next generation. I just bought a PS4 last year. And while I’ve had my XBONE sense 2015 (i think) my library still isn’t very extensive. I don’t want to shill out another 600+ dollars for whichever of the next two systems grabs me first, then spend the same amount 5 years later when I can finally justify the other one.

MS has stated that their “Next Gen” system will be within the same ecosystem as Win10/Xbone/XBS/XBX. So you won’t lose anything, theoretically. Or at least that’s what they want.

PC gaming my friend. I got into back in 2006 and never looked back. I still have to deal eith consoles occasionally though for console exlusives like KH or in this game KI until it finnally came to PC.

Good luck playing the newest Super Smash Bros or God of War on PC.

But seriously, you can all enjoy being up in the heavens surrounded by your fellow PC arians. Just leave me in the dank and smelly underbelly enjoying my Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Atari VCS.

Really? Thats…Good. How much longer can they keep that up without forcing the consumer to upgrade? You know what, you should just be able to upgrade your original Xbox One if it’s like that. Something like the SEGA 32X. For people who want to keep up, can’t necessarily afford the new system, but may be able to afford an add on.

What they may do is just slowly increase the power range of each release and people will eventually pick up a new system like people upgrade GPUs, CPUs, and RAM to increase the fidelity of their games.

Or it comes off as a major corporation giving a stereotypically major corporation non-response? :thinking:

I’m genuinely surprised the amount of people who seem to take it personally if their exact expectations for a product or answer are not met. If it’s “very clear” that no further development is happening, then I’m not sure what the impetus for announcing it is. The people who play the game regularly largely know, and the people who are new and don’t can figure it out with a quickish Google search.

If all you want is a simple “no” response, then I submit that it’s not worth the beauracracy needed to clear their internal hurdles about announcing current and future work. You can intuit that “no” on your own. If it’s more than that, then you run exactly the risk (one that has been actualized multiple times throughout KI’s life) that @BigBadAndy talked about.


I think the benefits for community solidarity are a good point, but these would be better met through other things - like the KI tournament fund and KI World Cup.

I don’t have any problem with MS’s lack of announcements etc but I do think they are not taking full advantage of the opportunities they have made for building community support. Instead of being a flagship sort of thing, the community fund support for this year feels like a long, drawn out, secretive “in the dead of night” kind of thing and just little things like hosting a few more tournaments at the MS store in NY etc would go a long way in showing love to the community. More, I think, than a statement saying development is finished.