Open Suggestion to Microsoft for QnA


Im with @BigBadAndy and @STORM179. There are way too many trolls like VladK that would weaponize anything they say. Its tiresome to read those comments and then see blind followers just gobble it up and spread it like a virus.

The only thing that should be announced, when the time is right, is that they are done and releasing the sequel. talking to the team would be cool…but it just seems like a dream scenario that would never happen anyway. How many games out there do this anyway? None that Im aware of.


You hate to see it.
Post dated 3 days ago of someone wondering if we’re still getting more ultimates in reddit.


And that’s a question that has been specifically answered in exactly the type of Q&A you are requesting. You are inadvertently making the point that even with such an unambiguous answer already out there, people will still be uninformed and thus still ask. A “one last hurrah” Q&A will not fix that.


Is there any way we can get per character leaderboards for Steam players working? Is there an update coming for recent players for Steam to Steam? Also, can Steam players get the Steam logo by their gamertags instead of a generic blue globe?



Andy wanted to be shown evidence of people still in the dark so I gave it to him, it’s all over. This wasn’t some sad attempt to make a point. I agree like you said these questions will always arise especially with new players and ones coming in from sales etc, but it helps if said answers are coming from official sources and not random people on twitter or a forum.

I do recall Adam saying that there wouldn’t be any additional ultimates past the planned 15 which I believe was a post on these forums as in which you already know very few visit or read; but that had to of been quite some time ago. Someone send me a link if they find it.

Honestly I think the idea just stemmed from their overall lack of communication for quite some time now. Not so much about having “one last hurrah” but rather just getting them back into the swing of things with talking about the game. Seems they are getting ready to break that silence on the 24th however.

Good question Charlie, perhaps we could get an answer to ranked cross-play as well. lcdCry-28px


Hey everyone!

I’ve got some excellent news that perfectly ties in to this post:

BAM. Before we got the (sad) tagline that the current iteration of Killer Instinct is “complete,” I had all kinds of theories about where our ultra-expandable game could go next*, and this is the perfect chance to share your love of the game with the Microsoft Game Studios team, and to toss some important questions their way.

Make sure that you direct your burning questions about KI at Microsoft Game Studios by using the hashtag “#AskMSL” on Twitter, and keep your eyes open for the fun that’s coming on the 24th.

Until then, grab a limited-edition Watcher Guardian Pack from Kan-Ra’s if you don’t already have one, and FIGHT ON! :skull::+1:t2:


*I’ve written tea leaf-reading posts like this not too long ago, so obviously I’d LOVE to toss a question or two in the ring this Tuesday!


This has to be a mere coincidence haha but cool nonetheless.

EDIT: Haha reading though that thread on twitter of people sending in questions most of it just asking whens season4, ultimates, and KI4? :rofl:


Yeah, I wasn’t trying to “gotcha” you or anything, just more making the point that those questions will always be out there.

I think it would be cool to have the MS team engage with the community more again. For that to happen though, there needs to be something to legitimately engage with us about, you know? Otherwise there is very little upside to their effort and engagement, alongside a bunch of downsides and potential tail risks.

We’ll see what next week’s stream holds. Hopefully it’s something super awesome and incredible, but in general I think it’s best to manage expectations. People always react with extreme hype at the smallest inkling of news, and then get sulky when their irrationally high expectations aren’t met with the big announcement they were hoping for. :confused:


Just quoting this because it deserves to be said twice.

@itzLCD fair enough - you have provided an example as requested. But I guess I don’t see this as general confusion and right away someone answered the post with a pretty accurate description. Besides being “official” I really don’t see what a response from MS would add to that thread.

I will be interested to see what the stream is about. I’m not expecting anything more than a “hey, let’s play KI and talk about our favorite character.”


This is more or less what I’m expecting as well. Maybe there will be some inside baseball talk about how something was done or how difficult it was to do something else, etc. Any and all of that sounds appealing to me.

Of course, the fact that they’re including a Q&A makes me wonder a bit, if only because I know the twitter responses to the #AskMSL were thoroughly dominated by “Whens KI4” and “Whens Season 4” questions. Mainly the former, but a few still asking about the latter.

So if they don’t plan to talk about the future of KI at all, and I’m kinda doubting they will, then they might want to get out in front of that well before the stream. Even if most people don’t expect anything in this regard, not saying anything at all will still leave some people that expected to hear about KI’s future angry.

I can already expect see the “why stream KI if you’re not going to talk about what’s coming up? They’ve been radio silent for over a year and all we get is THIS!?” posts and tweets and what not.

For my part, I asked if we’ll find anything out about the future using that hashtag, but I also asked a few more questions about the current game; just stuff I was genuinely curious about. Either way, I hope it’s a fun stream worth tuning in for! :slight_smile:




I’ve just sent my questions to Microsoft on Twitter with the #AskMSL hashtag, and I’ll be listening in on Tuesday!



Hoping we hear from Ken Lobb and Keits etc. Seeing as it looks like this iteration of KI has wrapped, it would be nice hearing from a couple of the double helix guys. Forever grateful for what they gave us with KI 2013.

Please don’t go in expecting any announcements. It’s just going to be a fun stream that fans can appreciate, Playing some KI and answer some questions. I think whatever is next for the franchise is a long way off. I’m not even sure it’s even in anyone’s plans at the minute to do a sequel. Let’s just say it is in the pipeline though, gamescom is coming up at that’ll be a perfect place to show something new off. Not a mixer stream watched by a few hundred people… season 3 was announced at gamescom after all.

Either way I appreciate the stream and look forward to tuning in. It’ll just be nice to see some of the team talking about KI again.


Well, they had the stream. Turns out they are releasing yet another patch for KI with a few relatively minor fixes and balance adjustments. Which is one more patch than many games ever get so I applaud them.

Response to the event has been predictable and I don’t want to get into it again here, but I will just point out that even “small” things like continuing to work on bug fixes provide a good reason to not simply announce “we are finished with this game.”


Right, a lot of people reacted exactly how we said they would. Sarcasm, negativity and disdain.
And this is exactly why we will not get an announcement as requested. I just dont understand the attitudes of today’s online generation. Its odd and sad to me.


I don’t want to dwell too much, because probably the worst thing about the “internet” era is how easy it is to see a small number of people and think their views are somehow representing the views of others, but at some point these posts matter in and of themselves. We have one dude IN THIS THREAD looking at the stream where they talk about an upcoming patch and somehow concluding “KI is dying.”

Forgetting the twisted logic, it’s pretty simple math for MS (or others) to look at an event like this and just tally the amount of negative/destructive responses compared to positive ones. I’m sure they will consider that in making decisions about future streams, events and announcements.


Yes yes yes yes yes! Did I say YES? I know for a fact that’s how most businesses operate. If they get negative feed back then they are going to move on to something positive. be it a simple stream, announcement, game, ect…
Stay off the internet kids! lol


Can we close this thread. It’s devolved into @FallofSeraphs76 and @BigBadAndy ‘s I told you so negativity fest.


LOL…awww… No one said “we told you so”. No one here should have expected anything more than the balance patch that James said was coming weeks ago when the Bug patch went out.
I feel this thread has plenty more to discuss…positively


I see no reason to close this thread. However, please do not vilify them for sharing their opinion.

We all want KI information. However, they have a point. Some people always expect something greater, even when specifically stated otherwise. People have to learn to manage their expectations, instead of having them crushed, then spewing negative comments “because it wasn’t what we wanted.”