Official New KI comic series


Shhh… It’s a secret to everyone


Considering how long it takes to go from script to pencils to inks to colors to finally layout, delays are pretty typical.

For a 22 page standard comic, it takes the penciler roughly one month to do (1 page per day). It frustrating for sure, but better to let the artist get it right than have someone come in to try an finish on time. The shift in art can be… jarring to say the least.


Good news! Killer Instinct #2 is slated to release this Wednesday, (11/15), and we finally get to see where the story goes.

I don’t know about you guys, but if the Wendigo creatures that are serving the Vampire Coven are as cool in issue #2 as they looked in #1, I’d love to see some kind of “Alpha Wendigo” beast in Season 4. Now only would this Wendigo serve to expand the lore, cement the pressing danger of Mira’s adopted vampire clan, and showcase a bloodthirsty and brilliantly-designed beast that is the baddest of the Wendigo beasts, I’d personally appreciate it if an all-new smashing-biting-goring creature joined the cast. (Fighter #30 would be nice, @developers!)

Looking forward to it, but I wonder if we’ll ever see Riptor, Sabrewulf, & Spinal in the comic series anytime soon…?



I would wish more creatures in the Coven. Not just Wendigo. Something to give us Darkstalkers vibes!


The wait is killing me!


you its killing US!


Issue 2 isn’t out yet? from checking the site I figgured issue 3 was coming out tomorrow.


It’s out now.


Great chapter It was definitely worth the wait. I guess the people who wanted a castlevania-esque male vampire will be quite happy, I just hope they make those wendigos playable they look badass.


I would love to see Tsar playable in KI Season 4 or sequel! :slight_smile:


I like to see all kinds of supernatural creatures join KI in season 4. Perhaps season 5 will introduce aliens.


Are the KI comics gonna be on iTunes’ book stores?


Have you read my post?


I kinda want Mira’s costume in-game. Also, 4 years later, and we still don’t have a straight answer about Shadow Jago’s placement in the timeline. When did he split? Was that Shago the same one who participated in Gargo’s invasion? It didn’t help that all Shago’s Shadow Lords missions seemed to imply that he was still Omen possessing Jago, rather than the remnants of said possession unchained. Add in the fact that ‘husk’ Shago was dealt with in the novella, prior to Shadow Lords, and it becomes even harder to reconcile.

TL;DR Shadow Jago. Giving me headaches since 2013.

Seriously. Everytime the story is expanded upon, I desperately hope it clears this up. And everytime, it just gets more and more confusing.


We were way off, ARIA got absolutely demolised in this issue. It was an amazing fight scene, having Glacius and Eagle speak in their native tongue during the fight was an awesome little detail. I am loving how action packed these comics are.


When will KI comic 3 coming out?


@KevBones10 December 13! I REALLY want to get my hands on the Kan-Ra cover!

Oh, one more thing! Psst- Hey, @snickerdoodle! (The official blog post that just went live notes “With some appearances by Jago, Glacius, and Gargos, this is a story you won’t want to miss!” but SPOILERS!!! Gargos is super dead. END SPOILERS Cinder & ARIA aren’t spoilers though- you can see 'em right on the cover variant I was able to grab, even though I was hoping for the Wendigo vs. Jago version.)

This cover was easily my 2nd choice, so I’m a happy camper though! Besides, Glacius steals the show in his half of the book, and Mira’s Wendigos made for such a fun fight against Jago. Seriously, i wish more comics packed as much story, entertaining characters, and great action scenes as Killer Instinct!

I can’t help but to wonder if/when Riptor, Sabrewult, Eyedol, or Kilgore will show up in the book… I’d love to see Kilgore make his comic debut; he’s such a creative character with a ton of personality and an excellent design.

Until next issue, READ ON! :orange_book:



A new one came out yesterday didnt it?


Yeah issue #2.


Really enjoyed this issue, better than the first for me. I like that they’re giving a bunch of characters moments to shine, including Cinder. I love that he doesn’t even care about what’s going on, he just sits back and watches ARIA get bodied. I’m looking forward to reading more, just wish they would release closer to one another. Does anyone know how many issues there’s supposed to be?